Knee pain, take some health medicine to supplement the knee is OK?

Knee pain is one of the common problems in the elderly, and vitamin (also called [vitamin]) is a famous health product for joint maintenance.

However, one of the most famous vendors, Rexall Sundown, a US company that sells vitamin, was prosecuted in 2013 for false propaganda.

They announced through the media that the company had paid 7.5 million US dollars for the refund. Consumers who bought the company’s Vitamin C between 2005 and 2013 can ask for a refund of 8 yuan per bottle and no more than 13 bottles per person.

The reason why they were accused was: false propaganda.

Now, if they do not want to be accused, they must immediately revise the original propaganda language.

The right and wrong of the lawsuit is mainly the lawyer’s words, but for consumers, the core problem is:

Is Visualin [maintaining joints] [relieving joint pain] true or false?

Visualin is what?

Glucosamine (also known as glucosamine, glucosamine, or glucosamine), an amino sugar produced in humans and other animals, is found in cartilage and other connective tissues.

As the human body ages, the cartilage of bone joints is worn and degenerated, resulting in osteoarthritis, which is characterized by pain and mobility difficulties. Osteoarthritis is a common senile disease, with a higher incidence rate among women and obese people.

Since this glucosamine is an important component in cartilage, people naturally think: Is it good for osteoarthritis if it is supplemented?

Can this thing really [mend knees]?

Many research institutions have conducted studies on maintaining joints and relieving joint pain with results [no different from placebo] or [seemingly effective]. Because it also shows no serious side effects, some doctors will recommend it to consumers.

Faced with this situation, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiated and organized a large-scale randomized double-blind controlled trial. They conducted a large-scale randomized double-blind controlled trial in 16 different test centers. 1584 patients with knee arthritis were recruited to participate. These volunteers were all over 40 years old. X-ray diagnosis of knee arthritis, often have knee pain, of which 1229 symptoms are mild, the other 354 symptoms from moderate to severe. Within 6 months, take three times a day, take five things possible: viritin, chondroitin sulfate, viritin plus chondroitin sulfate, celebrex and placebo.

Among them, chondroitin sulfate is a natural carbohydrate in cartilage, which helps cartilage maintain moisture. It is another famous [joint maintenance] supplement, which is often taken together with viritin. Celebrex is a prescription drug that can relieve joint pain. Placebo is a confusing [fake] drug that contains no effective ingredients.

After spending 12.5 million US dollars, the results of the study came out:

In fact, the vitamin has no effect. People who take it feel the pain relief simply because they believe they are taking medicine. No matter taking what, as long as they believe they are taking medicine and treatment, they will feel their physical condition has improved. In medicine, this is called the placebo effect.

What do authoritative organizations think of viritin?

NIH is considered to be one of the most authoritative institutions in the medical field. The research experiment organized by NIH is rigorous in design, standardized in operation and convincing.

Based on this study and other information, they expressed the following attitude towards maintaining bone marrow:

Osteoarthritis patients should cooperate with their doctors, Formulate a comprehensive plan to deal with joint pain, such as reasonable diet, exercise, loss of excess weight, and taking mature analgesic drugs. If it is moderate to severe joint pain, you should communicate with your doctor, who will decide whether to use vitamin and chondroitin sulfate as part of the treatment plan.

In short, the authoritative NIH does not recommend the use of vitamin to maintain joints and relieve pain!

Natural, but not absolutely safe

Visualin and chondroitin sulfate are both [natural products], and no serious side effects have been found in use. If you feel improved after eating them, we have no objection, but we should pay special attention to the following problems:

1. Friends who are taking warfarin, an anticoagulant drug, should pay attention: because they are prone to drug reactions when eating together;

2. Diabetics need to be vigilant: viritin may affect the metabolism of sugar, such as interfering with insulin resistance and blood sugar, so be cautious when having diabetes;

3. Friends with kidney problems should pay attention: In animal tests, long-term and large-dose administration of martensil has caused damage to the kidney of rats. The results of animal tests may not occur in human bodies, but they need everyone’s attention.

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