Why can’t I stop talking about crisp food? Because…

People are always fascinated by crisp things.

For example, knocking melon seeds can listen to other people talking all day, chewing popcorn in the cinema can pass two hours before you know it… it is better to chew a what in your mouth.

So, crisp things, why do you fascinate people so much…

Is crisp food nutritious?

Crisp, split is the meat word next to a dangerous word, everyone is estimated to understand half of it.

Most of the crisp food we eat is high in energy and fat, and it is addictive to eat, so we will eat a lot.

First of all, if the calories exceed the standard, it is easy to make people become half a month. Second, because you eat more crisp food, you will eat less other relatively nutritious food, which will easily lead to unbalanced nutrition.

So, is crisp food no good? No, after all, it is really delicious.

So, why is it so addictive?

Not only do we like to eat

In fact, as early as a long time ago, our ancestors also liked to eat crisp things. They did not chew potato chips or eat melon seeds to watch other creatures fight.

There are two main sources of food that attract them to crunch: insects and certain parts of plants (roots, stems, leaves, etc.)

But after all, it is very difficult to survive if you only eat worms.

As a result, scheming fruits, in order to attract animals to eat themselves to spread seeds, try to make themselves evolve better.

However, in order not to be eaten by animals, the unintelligent vegetables try their best to become toxic and have relatively low nutritional content.

Slowly, fruits became their staple food, while vegetables and insects became their snacks, which were only favored when food reserves were insufficient.

Although the taste of reserve food is not as good as that of staple food such as fruits, slowly, the crisp nature of reserve food began to be favored by ancestors…

True Technology Changes Life

Crisp taste can make ordinary food, even bad food, more acceptable.

Perhaps it is also for this reason that human beings gradually like the crisp taste, plus the catalysis of a dose of combustion improver…

With the passage of time, human beings have evolved a preference for sweet taste, salty taste, delicate taste and grease, the most typical of which is meat.

Because of the use of fire, people began to find that the taste of barbecue, baking and frying is really very good, which is mainly due to the Maillard reaction.

Maillard reaction reacts carbohydrates with amino acids, thus producing burnt flavor and odor, including attractive burnt yellow.

Therefore, food with crisp taste will not taste too bad.

If you think that human beings are only satisfied with taste, then you are wrong…

Listen, the crunchy sound

According to common sense, when eating, it is good to mobilize taste, smell and touch. In fact, hearing is also very important…

When people chew, there will always be sound, just because this stimulation is single, and the lasting feeling will make people ignore it because of numbness.

For example, wearing clothes all the time, but not feeling the existence of clothes in particular, this behavior is called [reaction weakening].

The stronger the sensory stimulation we receive, the more lasting the [weakening of response] will be. For example, when eating a big meal, we are vulnerable to continuous stimulation of delicious food, and you will ignore the behavior of eating, thus unconsciously eating more…

The greater advantage of crisp food over non-crisp food is that it can not only stimulate taste and smell, but also stimulate hearing.

The constant click will bring stronger sensory signals to people and make people feel that eating crisp food is a more lasting enjoyment.

This lasting enjoyment, coupled with the good taste of crisp food, and when the word crisp is mentioned later, will make people instantly fill up the picture of biscuits being broken and the sound of potato chips being crushed…

Crisp food is fun and exciting.

Eating crisp food mobilizes our sense of smell, taste, vision and hearing, and when it comes to eating, it will instantly blow away all boredom and can eat for a whole day.

In addition, Dr. Clove also said that almost all the crisp foods we often eat now are easy to change into half a month.

But most of the time, stealing forbidden fruits is a certain pleasure.

So, after knowing the enemy’s tactics, did you learn how to cleverly avoid them?