Why is the white coat white and the surgical suit blue?

When talking about the image of doctors, people immediately think back to white coats. If the doctor goes in and out of the operating room, he is dressed in blue or green. It seems that the doctor’s dress is ordinary. But after careful consideration, the question arises: How does the white coat wear to the doctor? Why do doctors on the operating table wear blue surgical clothes?

Grey Robe to White Coat: From Protecting Doctors to Protecting Patients

Before the 20th century, European and American doctors are dressed like gentlemen. Wearing towering hats, Doctors in grey robes, Walking through the early hospitals. At that time, The concepts of modern microbiology and disinfection have not yet been established, The doctor’s dress is entirely to [protect himself]-to prevent blood, dust, etc. from polluting the clothes under the robe. Gray robes, As much as possible to make the stain less obvious. In medieval Europe, Doctors also wear beak masks, A long grey or black robe from head to toe, Although it looks scary, It is a historical witness to the struggle between mankind and the plague. White coats are worn on doctors, It’s just over a hundred years old, It is regarded as a symbol of cleanliness and tidiness. There is a saying that, British surgeon Joseph Liszt, He was the first to promote surgical disinfection. Starting with him, White coats have gradually become popular. Now, Many medical schools in the United States graduate from school, There will be a “white coat awarding ceremony”. This ceremony is very solemn, It symbolizes the beginning of the medical career. About 50% of patients believe that The doctor put on a white coat outside his daily clothes. Just like a doctor. Obviously, White is the most easily soiled color. As long as there is a little blood stain or dust, Pure white looks ugly. This promotes the cleaning and disinfection of white coats. To some extent, it plays a role in [protecting patients]. If you have the opportunity, you may as well pay attention to the white coat on the doctor’s body. See if the neckline and cuffs are black and dirty. Is the texture quite scratched? Of course, Some doctors also complained: [White coats don’t look good now, all of the same pattern, There is no characteristic.] The hospital is full of people in white coats. Even big-name professors, Many hospitals or departments in the details of white coats, It’s done a lot of work. Embroidered the hospital icon on the pocket, Mark clearly the department, name, Let a white light appear [tall] up. People rely on clothes and horses to rely on saddles. Weaving or printing names on white coats is convenient for patients to know and increase trust, which may help doctors and patients to communicate. Surgical clothing: relieving doctors’ visual fatigue can go to the operating room, but doctors have changed a set of clothes, the color is not white, why is this? First of all, after the doctor entered the operating room, They will change into a set of hand-brushing clothes or hand-washing clothes, It is called scrubs in English. This suit counts as [pajamas] in the operating room. Loose and comfortable, Easy to wear. If you like watching medical TV series, The doctors in Grey’s Anatomy, Inside is a navy blue brush suit, A white coat on the outside. As the name implies, Brush hand clothes or hand washing clothes are clothes that doctors wash and disinfect their hands before going to the operating table. For a long time, Brush the hand clothing to maintain its own unique simple style. Short sleeves V-neck jacket, Loose easy to untie trousers, easy to wash wear-resistant, good air permeability, feel comfortable. Outside the brush hand clothing, wear another surgical gown, this is the standard image of the surgeon on stage. The color of the surgical gown and brush hand clothing is similar, mostly concentrated in light blue, green and other colors. Since white represents cleanliness, why is a blue-green body during surgery? Before I explain to you, Please look at the picture below. Please stare at the black dot on the left for at least 30 seconds. Then quickly move your eyes to the black spot in the white area on the right. At this time, You will [see] a circle of different colors-turquoise. If you close your eyes quickly after looking at the picture on the left, This phenomenon will also occur. Psychologically, This is called “posterior visual effect”. In other words, If you look at a color for a long time, When you divert your eyes to other places, You will see complementary colors to the color just now. For example, Red versus green, Blue versus orange, Yellow and purple. When the doctor was operating, They will focus on blood-red tissues or organs, In order to alleviate the green perplexity caused by [post-image visual effect], As long as you use the same color, you can ease it immediately. Therefore, Use light blue or green gown, It is not easy to cause visual fatigue. If you have a chance to enter the operating room, Pay attention to the color of the wall of the operating room. If nothing happens, Most of them are light blue or green. This is also for the purpose of relieving doctors’ visual fatigue. Another reason is that When looking at red or pink organs for a long time, The brain is prone to fatigue, And then produce a [blurred] vision of red, Can’t see clearly. From time to time, I turn my eyes to green. It can maintain the brain’s sensitivity to red, It can also ensure the accurate movement of the scalpel. At this point in writing, Say gossip. A surgeon once wrote on Weibo, [There is another school in surgery: The operation only wears surgical clothes and trousers, not underpants. For this kind of practice, I have a mental disorder. During my internship, I saw with my own eyes that the professor’s operating pants fell loose to the ground and I couldn’t carry them. Begging the old nurse for help, being praised for his white buttocks]. This microblog, which is very similar to jokes, is not gossip either. After all, doctors and nurses who enter the operating room are mostly outside their underwear and wearing brush clothes. Sometimes they are afraid of cold feet and wear a pair of socks. In addition, they have no long things. If you think about it carefully, the picture is too beautiful for me to look at.