Why is there less and less hair? It may be caused by these four habits,

Hair is getting less and less, whose fault is it?

In the past, we always blamed hair follicles and thought it was alopecia, but sometimes, if everything was normal, we would accidentally [pull out] it.

Today, Dr. Clove will tell you which behaviors have lost their hair unconsciously.

Braid one’s hair

If you pull a rope hard, the rope will break. The same is true of hair, which will fall off if you pull it hard for a long time.

This kind of alopecia caused by external force pulling is called pulling alopecia.

In life, the most common situation of pulling hair is to wear ponytails and fine braids. In addition, curling hair, combing hair, coiling head and using too tight hairpins may all cause pulling alopecia.

How to avoid traction alopecia? It’s very simple. Do 3 things well:

    Braids can be tied less, and braids can be tied less, and braids can be tied less. Use conditioner to reduce hair entanglement. Comb your hair lightly and slowly to reduce unnecessary pulling.

Wear a hat

Some people have large heads and like to wear hats that press the scalp tightly. Such long-term squeezing of hair roots is also a kind of pulling, which will also cause pulling alopecia.

In particular, some people like to tie their hair into ponytails and then put on their hats backwards to press back the hair on their foreheads … This is really [double pulling], and the hair will definitely not stand it for a long time.

(Wearing a wig that is too tight is similar.)

If the hat can be looser and not worn for a long time, it will have no effect on hair.

Straighten one’s hair

There are two ways to straighten hair, one is chemical straightening and the other is blanching straightening.

    Chemical straightening method is to use some special ingredients to reshape the hair, so that it can be straightened from curls and the effect is lasting. Hot blanching straightening method is to make the hair shaped and straightened through high heat, but the effect is easy to rebound and needs repeated ironing.

No matter which method, although it has little effect on hair follicles and will not cause alopecia, it will make hair shaft (hair) fragile and easy to break.

Broken hair will not grow back for a while, so on the whole, there will be less hair.

However, who let everyone have the heart to love beauty? If you want your hair straight, you have to pay a price.

Fortunately, it will return to its original shape after a period of time, as long as you don’t straighten, perm and irritate your hair…

Use the wrong hair dryer

There are many reasons for less hair. The hair dryer may be wrong, but it is only an accomplice.

Possible problems caused by hair dryers include:

    The wind is too strong and the water loses too fast. The temperature is too high, close to the blow, and the hair is dry and hot.

As you can see, the damage of hair dryer to hair is mainly related to usage.

Therefore, the hair dryer can be used, but Dr. Clove suggests that everyone should do three things: lower gear, lower temperature and distance.

In addition, it is best for everyone to apply conditioner after washing their hair, and do not comb their hair with too dense a comb. Our goal is two words: smooth, which can reduce the pressure on their hair and will not fall off easily.