Caesarean section or natural delivery? Five points will stop you from struggling.

There is a sweet and salty dispute between the south and the north. Is bean curd sweet or salty? There was a great noise and so far no conclusion has been reached.

Mothers-to-be have a dispute between caesarean section and natural labor, especially there are many horrible rumors about natural labor. How to choose?

Dr. Clove came to help end the debate.

It hurts too much and is terrible?

The biggest reason why many expectant mothers are afraid of natural childbirth is [I am afraid of pain! ]

But in fact, many expectant mothers’ hearsay, coupled with their brain holes, exaggerated the pain of natural childbirth.

There are individual differences in the feeling of pain. A few mothers were born without obvious pain. There are also a small number of mothers who feel very painful. The vast majority of people feel pain, but they can still bear it.

You will regret choosing Caesarean section because you heard that natural labor is too painful…

Caesarean section brings no less pain than normal delivery.

The anesthetic won’t hurt when dissecting, but after the anesthesia subsides and the analgesic pump is pulled out, the incision pain is enough for you to receive a pot. This is not over yet, uterine contraction pain, urethral pain stimulated by inserting a catheter during the operation, stomachache caused by fasting and hunger before and after the operation…

It also hurts, even Caesarean section is more painful, and one more knife is needed. Which is the cost-effective?

Is it easy to loosen under natural labor?

Don’t think that such a big baby will enlarge the bottom and then become relaxed. This is everyone’s wishful thinking.

It is wrong to say that vaginal relaxation will not occur without vaginal delivery.

Vaginal relaxation begins in the late pregnancy. No matter where it comes from, hormones will be prepared in advance, pelvic sutures will widen and vagina will expand to facilitate the passage of the fetus.

However, vaginal dilatation is very strong, and can basically return to its original elasticity three months after delivery.

At the same time, pay more attention to the exercise of pelvic floor muscles and stick to Kegel’s exercise. The tightness of vagina can be restored. You don’t believe in your vagina, but also believe in Dr. Clove! (I feel something is not quite right…)

Afraid of smooth labor, still have to cut?

Many expectant mothers have this idea:

    In case Shun can’t come down, he will have to turn to dissection again. He will simply take one step to dissection. Save trouble, anyway, the first dissection of the second child will have to be dissected.

The whole process of natural childbirth is relatively long, and the situation of the fetus and the mother may change at any time. Many mothers who are in labor are worried that they will have a situation in the process of natural childbirth and may be subjected to the crime of two crops of natural childbirth and caesarean section.

This worry is a bit superfluous. As long as there is no problem with prenatal examination and the weight is well controlled during pregnancy, the probability of sequential dissection is still very low.

With the release of the second child, many mothers who have their first caesarean section directly choose to give up the trial delivery because they consider that they are scar uterus.

In fact, uterine scar tissue healing is generally about 20 months. If you say that you are pregnant again at this time, and when you are in labor, the doctor evaluates that there is no indication for caesarean section, you can also try to give birth smoothly.

Is it horrible to cut the following when giving birth smoothly?

The following is medically called lateral episiotomy. It is to use scissors to cut the opening where the fetus comes out to enlarge the opening so that the fetus can come out and protect the perineum.

Cut the following wound, compared with caesarean section wound, is a small wound healing is faster.

Moreover, the fetus is not too big, and the delivery of the fetal head is relatively smooth. Generally, there is no need to cut the following.

It is not that natural labor means cutting the following, which is only needed in a few cases. This kind of worry is a bit too much.

Having said so much, how do you choose?

Caesarean section or natural delivery? The ultimate answer is…

On the premise that doctors do not recommend caesarean section, natural labor is the best choice for mothers in labor.

Compared with caesarean section, natural delivery has the following two main advantages:

1. Less harm to the body and quick recovery,

The mother who gave birth naturally did not need to get a knife and there was no big wound.

After giving birth, you can resume eating immediately or get out of bed for activities. Compared with Caesarean section mothers who have catheters, suffer hunger and are difficult to turn over due to anesthesia, it is simply not too cool.

2. It is beneficial to the development of the baby.

After the extrusion of the delivery channel, the baby’s lung function is exercised and the nerves and sensory organs are stimulated, which is helpful to the baby’s development.

Caesarean section, as an operation, does not reduce the pain, but also brings anesthesia accidents and risks. Moreover, not only does the recovery slow after the operation, but also it will leave ugly big scars. Bikini and navel-baring clothes are basically out of your reach.

Therefore, as long as the doctor does not have indications for caesarean section after evaluation, he will not hesitate to choose a natural delivery.