Why is this father so close to the child? It turns out that he spends 15 minutes doing it every day.

Many fathers may have such a feeling that the baby does not kiss himself. If the baby is allowed to arrange the family members in his heart, his status may not be as good as that of the dog in the family. Every time I see the baby resisting his close eyes, fathers still feel somewhat injured.

Although fathers also know that they have too little time to accompany the baby, so the baby does not kiss themselves, but they have to work during the day and come back at night and do not know how to accompany the baby to do what. How can they improve their status in the baby’s heart?

Dr. Clove has also said before that companionship is not in quantity. Even though the daily work is very busy, as long as he can regularly spare some time to interact with the child and do what he wants to do, he can establish close ties with the child.

For example, the following father is also very busy with his work, but he is very close to his baby. Let’s see how he does it.

No matter how busy you are, you must accompany your children.

Every night, one of the things the child hopes for most is that his father will go home and nest in his arms to listen to his good stories.

The husband is very busy at work, but no matter how busy he is, he will try his best to go home before the children go to bed in order to hug and kiss them and spend 15 minutes telling them two stories.

He tells stories that are truly vivid and full of emotion. He can also simulate different voices for role-playing. The children are sometimes amused and sometimes screamed with fear. I often recognize them having a wonderful father-son time as far away as the kitchen.

Gradually, he became the children’s [story king].

If you think about it carefully, the husband is busy with his work at all, and the total amount of time he can get along with his children from Monday to Friday is not much at all, but the children are still very close to his father, and the 15-minute story time every day is absolutely important.

The Effect of Accompanying and Setting an Example

Not only that, the husband told the children stories, but also taught them how to get along with their brothers and sisters in a quiet and beautiful way, which cannot be realized by the mobile phone story-telling app.

Like our family, Dabao will tell stories to Erbao, and Erbao also likes to tell stories to Sanbao. This is the power of the example brought by Dad.

From an early age, I listened to my father’s story. After the children grew up, they gradually developed the habit of loving reading.

For example, Erbao will be obsessed with the series of stories of Emil and Lulu, and 6-year-old Dabao has long been a real bookworm.

Babies no longer rely too much on their parents. They can make themselves feel happy by reading when they are not accompanied by their parents. Over time, they also have their own unique way of thinking.

Last weekend, such a thing happened. Dabao and his father discussed what. The husband said: “That’s because he doesn’t like reading.” Dabao seriously told his father not to joke. He also said: “Of course everyone likes reading.” It turns out that different people have different opinions, and wise people have different opinions. Bookworms only have bookworms in their eyes!

The correct company of parents will guide children to discover their own interests and hobbies, and will also follow the advantages of their parents.

There are many advantages in reading stories.

Earlier this year, an article published on the website of the Atlantic Monthly in the United States [Telling Children Stories Impacts Them Profoundly] also talked about the benefits of storytelling to children. Apart from helping children to enlighten literature and popularize science, it will also have other profound impacts on them.

1. Stories help children develop empathy, imagination and divergent thinking.

Children will learn to understand the different characters in the story by bringing themselves into the story and imagining themselves as part of the story. The unconstrained story will also enrich the children’s imagination and make them think beyond their own life experience.

Some scholars have cooperated with non-governmental organizations to let children read stories about child labor and children suffering from hunger. They have found that even young children will be moved by the plot and hope to contribute to change the status quo.

2. Stories help children understand people living in other cultural backgrounds.

In daily life, children can come into contact with very limited people or things, and it is always not easy to understand people, things and things that have not been experienced or contacted.

However, the story is different. The depiction of plot, environment and characters can help children better understand people living in other cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, nowadays more and more people come from other cultural backgrounds and speak different languages around us. It is becoming more and more important to help children understand and integrate into other cultures in today’s social environment.

In fact, it is not only the father, but also the stay-at-home mother/busy stay-at-home parent. If you can spare 15 minutes every day to spend time with your child, I believe it is difficult for your child not to kiss you. Instead of wasting time on brushing his cell phone, it is better to tell a story to your child earnestly. Your 15 minutes may affect his life.