Will you do it as soon as you wake up? 10 Bad Habits Easily Overlooked

Many seemingly casual small actions in daily life, such as bad eating habits, wrong exercise methods, inappropriate living behaviors, etc., will inadvertently affect the body’s health.

Dr. Clove has sorted out the 10 most common bad habits in daily life. Do you have any?

If so, correct it quickly.

Get out of bed immediately after waking up.

Wake up and get out of bed immediately, prone to dizziness, or soft legs.

After waking up, you can lie still for about 5 minutes, stretch yourself several times, move your hands and feet in bed, make your joints fully stretch and move, wait for your body to fully [wake up], and then slowly get up and get out of bed.

In addition, systolic and diastolic blood pressure during awakening usually increases by 10% ~ 20% compared with sleep. Therefore, early morning becomes a dangerous period for myocardial infarction and stroke.

It is recommended that you know your blood pressure within one hour after getting up. If your blood pressure increases after getting up in the morning, you can ask your doctor to see if you need to change drugs or adjust the medication time.

Insufficient rest time

Sleep too late, or sleep shallow, sleep quality is not good, the body will not get enough rest.

In the long run, it will not only grow bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes, but also make the skin look gaunt and old, which is not conducive to the control of chronic diseases and mental condition.

If there are situations such as listlessness, slow thinking and inattention during the day, think about it, do you not sleep enough?

Remember to leave enough sleep time. If you don’t sleep well all the time, you can go to neurology, psychiatry or special sleep department and ask your doctor for a good what method.


Many studies have confirmed that sedentary sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and kidney diseases, not to mention obesity.

Many middle-aged and elderly friends sit in front of the TV for most of the day, or once they play mahjong, they do not stand up and move for three or four hours in a row. This is a very bad habit.

Ensuring regular and moderate exercise is very important to keep healthy. After sitting for more than half an hour, you should get up and have some activities.

Bend over to carry heavy objects with inclined shoulders.

Although the hands are used to lift heavy objects, the waist also bears a large part of the weight.

If you carry heavy objects with one hand, while weighing light, and if the stress is uneven for a long time, there will definitely be one side of the waist that will be more tired and easier to be [flashed].

A more common mistake to use the waist is to bend over without bending your legs when carrying heavy objects. You know, if you bend over directly to carry heavy objects, the pressure on your waist will be very great.

Assuming that the pressure on the lumbar spine is 100 when standing, the pressure will increase to 220 when bending down.

Therefore, no matter lifting heavy objects or picking up a piece of paper on the ground, don’t bend down directly. It is best to squat down and raise it straight up.

Climbing stairs and running hurt knee

Climbing stairs will compress and wear knee cartilage.

And because there is no blood supply to the articular cartilage surface, it is difficult to recover. If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to degenerate the knee joint, cause pain and osteoarthritis.

In addition to climbing stairs, excessive or incorrect running and brisk walking may also cause knee injury.

Admittedly, the exercise mentioned above is very good for improving heart and lung function. However, it is necessary to balance its benefits with the knee burden.

For friends who are heavy in weight or have knee joint injuries, it is not recommended to exercise by climbing stairs and mountains.

When running and walking, one should also pay attention to adopting the correct posture and prepare a pair of stable sneakers with good cushioning.

Wolf down the stomach and stomach, heavy burden

He devoured it and ate it. He was addicted to his mouth, but his intestines and stomach suffered.

On the one hand, because you eat too fast, the full signal cannot be transmitted to the brain. When the brain receives the full signal, it often has already eaten.

On the other hand, food that has not been fully ground by teeth will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion.

People who are accustomed to wolf down can force themselves to chew a few more times before swallowing, and slowly form the habit of chewing slowly.

Salt, heavy sugar and heavy oil diet

It is almost common sense that high-salt diet increases hypertension. In addition, high-salt diet is also related to the occurrence of kidney diseases, osteoporosis, gastric cancer and other diseases.

A high-sugar diet will not only lead to excess energy and obesity, but also lead to abnormal metabolism of sugar in the body.

Heavy oil food may taste delicious, but blood lipid also rises. Appropriate amount of fat is necessary, and it is recommended to take these necessary fatty acids from vegetable oil, nuts and fish.

In a word, remember not to be too sweet with less salt and oil, to have a bite offering occasionally, and not to always eat and drink with heavy taste.

Too hard to defecate

Constipation itself does not pose a fatal risk. If you are older and suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it becomes a risk factor.

Forced defecation will increase hypertension, which is easy to induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc., and may also cause anal fissure, etc.

Reasonable diet, regular exercise and scientific use of some laxative drugs can help people improve constipation and get rid of defecation force.

Do not follow the doctor’s advice, add or subtract the dosage by yourself.

Some people think that [drugs are divided into three parts], and they will reduce the dosage or even stop taking drugs as soon as their condition improves.

Some people are eager to cure diseases and take drugs in excess of the doctor’s advice.

Or there is a situation where I forgot to take medicine yesterday and took two portions at a time today.

This is very bad for your health. Take the most common antihypertensive and hypoglycemic drugs as an example. Not taking them according to the doctor’s advice can easily cause blood pressure fluctuations or hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous.

Take medicine as you like, which is responsible for your health.

Indulge in loneliness and paranoia

Changes in working conditions, families [empty nests], etc., similar to changes in family and social positions and identities, will make people anxious and lost.

Can’t get stuck in it.

We need to remain enthusiastic about life, enrich life, meet new friends, consolidate friendship with friends, find fun, chess and cards, sports, travel and learn new skills.

Realize that getting old is not a downhill road. If you go well, you can always hope for something, enjoy something and get something.

How many of the above 10 bad habits have you won?

Starting today, consciously correct them. Be responsible for your health!