With so many gimmicks, do you want to drink what water?

Because drinking water is very important, various [health preserving] statements about drinking water have also been very popular. Magnetized water, mineral water, weakly alkaline water… It seems that there are many [exquisite] drinking water. However, is this really the case? Pure water is not good for health? Some [experts and scholars] put forward their views in TV programs: The purer the water is, The more unhealthy it is, Please avoid drinking pure water. The reason is that, Pure water lacks minerals needed by human body, Long-term drinking, It will cause the body to lack minerals. Hearing this, I smiled. I have been doing basic research in the laboratory for a long time. Too lazy to go out to fetch water, For convenience, Drinking distilled water from the laboratory all the time, For two consecutive years, It is still very strong to this day. Of course, I’m just an example. In theory, The human body’s demand for minerals, It is not supplemented by water. Because food contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, In contrast, the mineral content in the water you drink every day is very small. If you just drink water to supplement minerals, you may not be able to drink enough water from a swimming pool a day. Similarly, there is no basis for boasting that mineral water is good for health. Is the more minerals, the better? As mention earlier, Trace elements and minerals contained in drinking water, The concentration is very low, The impact on people is actually very small, It’s almost negligible. But you know, If the mineral content in the water is too high, It may also cause harm to human body. After drinking, Minerals dissolved and carried in water are usually absorbed into blood. But when water evaporates from the body surface and dissolves with respiration, Minerals are rarely brought out, These minerals will remain in the human body. If the mineral content in drinking water is too high, The accumulation of minerals in the body exceeds the amount normally required. The human body will expel minerals from the body through various ways. The most important way to expel minerals is through the kidney, forming urine. If you drink water with high mineral content for a long time, it will increase the burden on the kidney and more easily lead to kidney stones and other diseases, causing harm to the body. How Drinks Water Scientifically? Choose the right water, the water in nature, Generally, it cannot be drunk directly. The salt content of seawater, Is much higher than the salt contained in the human body, Osmotic pressure is higher than blood. Drinking seawater, Not only can it not replenish water, Instead, it is necessary to mobilize water from tissues into the blood to dilute the seawater. Instead, it makes the water content in the body lower. Fresh water in the natural environment does not have the problem of [osmotic pressure is higher than blood]. But it may contain a lot of bacteria and parasites. Drink it at will, They are susceptible to infection and illness. In order to find a safe drinking water source, Man has invented various methods. Precipitation, filtration, boiling, They are all methods to purify natural water. Boil the water (commonly known as [plain boiled water]), Not only can it kill all kinds of microorganisms, It can also condense and precipitate excessive minerals, It is the most economical and safe purification method. Some people worry that there is too much nitrite in the boiled water repeatedly, which is actually unnecessary. After the general tap water is boiled, the nitrite content will not exceed 0.02 mg/L. According to the minimum amount of nitrite poisoning calculated at 0.2 g, drinking about 10 tons of water at a time can reach this dose. I’m afraid no one has such [volume]? A person who drinks enough water is emitting water on his body surface at any time. There is also a series of normal losses and discharges such as sweating and urination. Generally speaking, Adults should supplement at least 1.5 L to 2 L of water every day, To meet the normal needs of the body. This amount, It is often mentioned on the Internet [8 glasses of water per day]. Others specifically listed the drinking time and amount, In fact, there is no need to be so strict. Just remember: Starting from getting up, drink water every 2 ~ 3 hours, instead of waiting for thirst to drink water, the total amount of drinking water in a day reaches 1.5 ~ 2 L. Summing up scientific drinking water is crucial to health. However, the so-called [magic water] [health preserving water] is mostly a gimmick of merchants. Drinking water is actually not too much attention, sufficient, clean, good. It’s as simple as that. Responsible editor: Ni Jiahua