With [Young White], what should I do?

A head of black, soft hair is a sign of youth, health and charm. White hair gives people a feeling of aging and disease.

Young people should have black hair, but some young people in their 20s and 30s can find traces of silver in their black hair. There are many such young people who see white hair in daily clinics:

Doctor, do you see my white hair here? Yes, look at Picco first. Hair is a skin accessory.

Is this a disease? Not necessarily, but as long as you are worried about your health, you can find a doctor.

Then why do I have white hair when I am so young? What should I do?

Why do you have white hair when you are young?

The causes of white hair are very complicated, and different types of white hair have different causes. In young age, white hair can be roughly divided into the following two aspects:

1. Symptomatic white hair is only a manifestation of other diseases, often accompanied by other symptoms and signs.

(1) Albinism with systemic hair whitening;

(2) vitiligo with localized whitening of hair;

(3) Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome (encephalitis, ophthalmopathy, leukoplakia syndrome, obvious ocular and nervous system abnormalities with white hair and leukoplakia);

(4) Alezzandrini syndrome (eye, skin and ear syndrome, also known as unilateral retinitis vitiligo syndrome).

Most of these diseases are family hereditary and may be related to genes, but the pathogenic genes are not yet clear. In addition, mental trauma, emotional excitement, pessimism, depression and malnutrition are important inducing factors.

In addition, sometimes certain diseases, such as:

(1) adrenocortical insufficiency;

(2) Dysfunction of autonomic nerve;

(3) hyperthyroidism;

(4) Tuberculosis;

(5) Endocrine disorders.

Because it damages or interferes with the growth and development of hair papilla and hair bulb pigment cells, it loses its ability to synthesize melanin, hinders the formation of melanin particles, and white hair will also appear.

2. Young white head refers to the premature whitening of hair in adolescence. There are no serious health problems except white hair, which generally does not include typical symptomatic white hair. It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) It is manifested as the onset of the disease in adolescence or youth;

(2) At first, there are a few white hairs scattered in the hair, most of which first appear at the back or top of the scalp, mixed with black hair in a gray shape;

(3) White hair can gradually or suddenly increase, but it will not turn white completely;

(4) After the inducing factors are eliminated, the white hair of some patients unconsciously decreases or even disappears.

Excluding family genetic factors, there are many causes, such as bad eating habits, malnutrition, tense emotions, environmental pollution, etc.

In recent years, scientists have found that the pigment particles of hair contain a mixture of copper and iron. When the nickel content of black hair increases, the hair will turn grayish white, so it is not difficult to understand the correlation between heavy metal pollution and white hair.

Some young people’s hair turns white in a large amount in a short period of time, which is related to severe mental trauma such as excessive anxiety and sadness or mental fatigue.

What if you have white hair when you are young?

White hair is not terrible, but it must also attract corresponding attention:

1. Symptomatic white hair

Symptomatic white hair should not be taken lightly. It is the best time to delay treatment because it is a small matter. Otherwise, delaying the disease may cause a vicious circle and strive for early diagnosis and treatment.

Step 2: Little White Head

(1) Regular life and proper aerobic exercise can relax the mood and relieve mental pressure, which can prevent negative emotions from causing dermal papilla vasospasm and aggravating hypobaldness;

(2) Balanced nutrition is required, because the vitality of hair follicles requires local nutrition, while systematic systemic nutrition helps hair to obtain local nutrition.

Modern medicine believes that protein and trace elements are closely related to hair color. In order to prevent the premature appearance of young white head, the following substances should be supplemented in diet:

    Protein; Foods containing iron and copper. Foods containing more iron include animal liver, eggs, black fungus, kelp, soybean, sesame paste, etc. Foods containing more copper include animal liver, kidney, shrimp and crab, hard fruit, dried apricot and dried beans.

Can young white hair turn into black hair?

Practice has proved that white hair is not irreversible. As long as the hair mother cells in the hair papilla exist normally and remove some obstacles or pathogenic factors, the hair can still turn black. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about some white hair for yourself, otherwise it may cause a vicious circle and only produce more white hair.

In short:

Don’t worry about white hair, look for a doctor to ask why;

Reasonable expectation is the most important thing for treatment in different categories.