Without a tooth, the online seller taught you to install it yourself? It is really too unreliable!

Over the past few days, my circle of friends has been screened by this news. Within one month, two patients have bought materials from the online store to prepare DIY dental implants.

However, unfortunately, the wrong material was used in the process, causing the plaster to solidify in the mouth and not to be taken out. After a whole night of tossing and turning, I went to the stomatology department to find a doctor, and only the plaster was sawed open before taking it off.

It looks like a [model-like] dental inlay suit.

In a treasure search [DIY model set], found that the sales volume is really good, [like a model] have a full set of guys, have impression materials, gypsum powder, upper and lower trays, blending knife bowl and so on. Although it looks like you can grind your teeth and take the model, but in fact there are many problems inside.

First of all, packaging impression materials and gypsum powder such as the one shown in the figure will not only make the materials affected with damp, but also easily confuse and make mistakes, which will inevitably lead to the scene at the beginning of the article. In the process of adding water and mixing, if the proportion of adding water is not strictly followed, too fine or too thick will affect the accuracy of the model.

Secondly, there is also a tooth tray during the tooth making process, Since each person’s tooth arrangement is different, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size model according to the shape of the dental arch, and to modify it when put into the oral cavity. However, what is sold online is a pair of trays suitable for everyone, so it is definitely not allowed. Can you imagine a buck tooth and a flat mouth, which are the same?

Finally, returning to the news, it is precisely because of this irresponsible process of teaching patients to make their own dentures that patients suffered more serious injuries during the whole process of making dentures:

1. Gypsum will absorb water and release heat during solidification, scalding gums and mucous membrane in mouth;

2. If brute force is used to remove the plaster, some teeth may also be pulled out together.

3. You can’t close your mouth when you open your mouth wide all night. The muscles around your mouth are always tense and very sore.

What does a regular dentist do?

If you are going to make a set of removable dentures, the name of which is [removable partial denture], you need to go through the following steps:

1. Preparation stage, perfect oral examination

Doctors will properly arrange the fate of each remaining tooth in the oral cavity. Some teeth may have loosened, but they still have reserved value, so they need to be treated and let it recover slowly. Some decayed teeth need to be mended. There are also some teeth that may be too loose or too badly eaten and have to be pulled out.

Usually such preparations take an average of 2-3 months.

Step 2: Design dental implants

Doctors will let those relatively strong teeth bear more strength and bear more burden during eating. However, the relatively weak teeth will bear less force.

In this way, dentures and teeth in our own oral cavity can jointly complete the great cause of [eating].

3. Take a tooth model

Select the most suitable impression material for patients to ensure the accuracy of tooth model.

This accuracy means not only that the model can accurately describe what the teeth look like, but also that the positional relationship between the upper and lower tooth models cannot deviate from each other before, after, left and right.

Step 4 Make dentures

The denture processing factory will make dentures according to the doctor’s design.

Step 5 Final debugging

The dentures finally made still need the doctor to further carefully check and adjust the details. Can they be put into the mouth smoothly? Can the upper and lower teeth be aligned when biting? Is there any tooth meat stuck to the edge?

Therefore, every time the doctor returns to the clinic, the doctor will ask a few more questions [whether the dentures can’t fall off when eating, whether it hurts or not] [whether it went smoothly when taking off and wearing the dentures] [whether he brushed his teeth well], which seems nonsense, but in fact [everything is scheming]!

These steps are closely related to oral health. The real technical content of dentures lies in the operation of clinicians. It is really impossible to make a pair of dentures smoothly just through remote guidance from online sellers.

Please treat the convenience brought by the Internet objectively.

The emergence of the Internet has indeed brought convenience to our life. At the same time, I also fully understand that people often want to save trouble because of the reasons such as ugly registration and expensive teeth.

However, for the purpose of making profits, the online store merchants do not consider the health problems of patients at all, so it is still suggested that everyone should consider more from a long-term perspective, think more of themselves, and take time to see doctors in regular hospitals.

Of course, we also want to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet. Some commodities are indeed suitable for purchase through e-commerce, including oral care products, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, etc. However, those commodities with therapeutic effects should not be easily tempted by sellers or temporary convenience.

Now people can understand more and more how important a good tooth is, so spend more time taking good care of the teeth, and the teeth can accompany them for a longer time.