Worried about buying fake eggs? Some Facts about Fake Eggs

[Fake Eggs] is a legend that has been widely circulated for many years. Training in making fake eggs is often seen online and in small advertisements.

Recently, there was a hot video in the circle of friends. The cooked egg yolk can play on the table, just like table tennis.

In fact, this phenomenon of “rubber eggs” has been reported a lot for a long time. People all say that this is fake eggs, but in the end, the test results of relevant departments all say that they are real eggs without exception.

What the hell is going on here? Do fake eggs really exist?

[Rubber Egg] What’s going on?

Normal eggs are all similar, and abnormal eggs have their own abnormalities. [Rubber egg] is an important type of abnormality, and there are several possibilities for its occurrence.

1. Low temperature storage time is too long

If normal eggs are stored at low temperature for too long, the yolk may harden and become [rubber egg].

The eggs in the moving picture at the beginning of the article are frozen and boiled [rubber eggs], which are actually real eggs laid by chickens and have only been frozen.

2. That gossypol content in chicken feed is too high

Cottonseed cake is the residue after cottonseed oil is extracted. It is rich in protein and cheap. It is often used as a protein source in chicken feed.

Cottonseed cake contains a pigment called gossypol. Low gossypol content has no adverse effect on the growth and egg production of chickens. If the gossypol content in cottonseed cake is not sure, too high gossypol content will lead to [rubber eggs].

In addition, cottonseed cakes and many other plants also contain a kind of substance called [cyclopropenoid fatty acid]. If hens eat more of these plants, they will also lead to the appearance of [rubber eggs].

Do fake eggs exist? Can it be artificial?

To prove the existence of a fake egg, only one fake egg needs to be produced. However, to prove a thing [does not exist], it is logically impossible to do so, only to say [cannot prove its existence].

However, no matter from the technical point of view or from the point of view of making money, we can still say [it is unrealistic to produce fake eggs].

It is technically unrealistic to produce [fake eggs].

The legendary fake egg protein is sodium alginate, Egg yolk is sodium alginate, pigment and alkali. These products can only look like eggs at most and show their true colors when heated. Egg white is a colorless viscous solution at normal temperature, which starts to solidify at more than 60 ℃ and completely solidifies into a white elastic solid at less than 70 ℃. This characteristic is not possessed by sodium alginate.

To get a seamless and smooth eggshell, You can’t make eggshells first and then put the white yolk in it. It can only form precipitates on the [protein surface]. It is technically too difficult to keep the [fake protein] (sodium alginate aqueous solution) in the shape of eggs until the precipitates form eggshells. Even if it can be realized, the operation time and cost will not be low. In fact, all [fake egg production technologies] are also secretive about this, and some reporters have not learned it by spending money undercover.

It is difficult to make money by producing [fake eggs].

Eggs are a low-cost daily ingredient, can ‘t rely on [a one-shot deal], You have to have repeat customers. As has been analyzed before, even if you can make fake eggs that can look [confusing], they will show up as long as they are cooked. The legendary reason why [fake eggs] want to make yolk and whites is that you also want to [pretend to the end], otherwise you can decorate what in the eggshell casually, and you don’t intend to sell it for the second time anyway.

On the other hand, although the raw materials for making [fake eggs] are very cheap, there is no machine to make them, especially eggshells, which will take a lot of effort even if they can be produced. The price of eggs themselves is not high, but the cost of making fake eggs is extremely high.

In addition, CCTV reporters have also reported that [making fake eggs is only a fraud that makes profits through training], which should be the truth of the legend of fake eggs.

Almost all the [fake eggs] people say are real eggs.

Eggs are laid by chickens, and abnormal feed and body may lead to abnormal eggs. For example, excessive gossypol, drugs, insecticides, long storage time under high temperature, calcium deficiency, too much tannic acid in feed, etc. These abnormalities may cause uneven yolk color and dark or light color [patches].

The [cyclopropene-like fatty acid] in cottonseed cakes or weeds may not only cause rubber eggs and variegated yolk, but also cause white redness.

These eggs, which are regarded as “fake eggs”, are all real eggs laid by chickens, but it is hard to say whether they are “qualified” and whether they pose health risks.

It is up to you to weigh whether to throw them away for [conservative caution] or to take a little health risk for [thrift].

Besides, are the results of the testing department reliable?

Simply put, it is reliable. There are two reasons:

1. The detection of real and fake eggs is very simple,

For example, the real egg white is about 12% protein aqueous solution, while the legendary [fake egg] [protein] is mainly sodium alginate. Do the simplest qualitative protein experiment in any biochemical laboratory, and you can distinguish the two. Some tests compare the nutritional composition of the tested eggs, and the results are consistent with the real eggs.

2. The relevant departments have no motive to cheat.

If someone really produces fake eggs, it must also be some small workshops. They cannot have the strength [to buy] all the testing departments all over the country to cover it up. Moreover, this kind of testing is so simple that no testing organization dares to reverse black and white against the will of the world.