Yellow teeth, sensitivity, tooth decay, 3 major oral problems, experts to help you solve!

Some time ago, Dr. Clove and 3M jointly conducted a small dental health survey.

After analysis, we found some interesting phenomena. I didn’t expect everyone to brush their teeth so differently!

After investigation, we found that there are many perplexities about dental problems and the choice of oral cleaning products.

Dr. Clove invited Dr. He Jianliang, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, to answer the problems of yellow teeth, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity one by one.

Trouble TOP 1: Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is often caused by inadequate cleaning!

You should ask yourself, have you carefully brushed your teeth for 2-3 minutes?

Of course, besides enough time, it is also important to choose effective cleaning products. It is recommended that everyone use fluoride toothpaste.

Many people are very concerned about fluoride in toothpaste, and others misunderstand that it will [fluorosis].

Fluoride actually has a very good anti-caries effect. It can not only make tooth calcification stronger, but also inhibit bacterial growth.

In terms of safety, regardless of dose, talking about toxicity is hooliganism!

The way most people use toothpaste and the fluorine content in toothpaste are very safe.

Disturbing TOP 2: Tooth Sensitivity and Oral Odor

Many people’s tooth sensitivity is caused by periodontitis.

Some periodontitis patients are often accompanied by a large number of dental calculi attached to the tooth surface. More bacteria and food residues will accumulate around the dental calculi, releasing an unpleasant smell and causing social embarrassment.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to wash the teeth and remove dental calculus to stop gingival recession. Then desensitize sensitive teeth that have already experienced gingival recession.

For some slight sensitivities, you can achieve good results by using toothpaste with desensitization function.

Disturbance TOP 3: Yellowing Teeth

1. Are healthy teeth of what color?

In fact, everyone’s own teeth are different in color, and Chinese teeth are slightly yellow. However, the yellowing of a large number of people’s teeth is often caused by external factors.

2. Who is the culprit of yellow teeth?

There are many reasons for yellowing teeth!

Dyeing of food pigment, dental calculus, dental diseases encountered during congenital development, such as dental fluorosis, and acquired dental diseases or treatments, such as dental pulp necrosis, yellowing of teeth after root canal treatment, etc.

3. How to save rhubarb teeth?

First of all, teeth should be washed, polished, and dental calculus, pigment and other [dirty things] from the outside world should be removed.

Then, the teeth can be bleached, and the well-known “cold light whitening” is one of them.

When the coloring of teeth is serious, the teeth can also be beautifully decorated by making all-ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers and other methods.