Your old man’s how?

In 2001, the World Health Organization listed oral health as one of the ten standards of human health, and put forward the concept of oral health [8020], that is, at the age of 80, there should be 20 teeth available.

In 2010, a survey on the oral conditions of nearly 20,000 people over 60 years old in 31 provinces of our country found that the average number of teeth lost was 10.7 for people over 60 years old and 18.8 for people over 80 years old. Only 18.4% of people over 80 years old who could keep 20 real teeth were old and lost teeth? On one occasion, I solemnly introduced the 8020 concept to my elders. After hearing this, the old man burst out laughing and his dentures were almost spraying on my face. [Silly child, how can your teeth not fall off when you are old? ] Alas, [old] this fallacy, pit how many generations. In fact, age and tooth loss is not necessarily related. However, due to our weak oral health awareness, let a bite of periodontal disease and rotten teeth not to treat, this and tooth loss has a lot to do. People may be familiar with blood pressure, blood sugar, will also attach importance to treatment; But oral health, Even young people may not understand it, Not to mention the old people of grandparents and parents. They still follow the principle of “old teeth fall off, The idea of “taking it for granted”, Endured toothache silently, Or incomplete chewing ability, But if thou wouldest, Let the old man in the family open his mouth and give you a look. Perhaps, even those who do not understand dentistry will be shocked. For us who have been working hard outside all the year round, It is actually quite a luxury to be with one’s elders often. But if there is anything within one’s power, Can really improve their lives, The concern about the lack of teeth in the elderly must be one of them. There was an old man who ate porridge every day in my family. In 2013, I noticed that my grandfather was extremely thin. I was very worried that he had something bad, so I went through his medical examination report and found that there was no obvious reason except a pile of senile diseases. Out of professional habits, I asked him to open his mouth to show me. Oh, my God! Severe periodontal disease, almost 1/3 of the teeth have fallen off, the rest is also baggy touch pain, can only put on a facade, actually can’t bite things. The reason for emaciation is obvious, severe malnutrition. Grandpa has seldom eaten meat at ordinary times, because he can’t bite, and a few teeth hurt when he bites. Even white rice and vegetarian dishes have to be cooked to a pulp before they can be eaten. He didn’t chew very much and swallowed it directly. In this way, if there is no malnutrition, there will be ghosts. Grandpa did not take it seriously. Feeling old, This is a natural law. I am determined to let Grandpa eat well. However, the oral problems accumulated by the old man for decades cannot be solved so quickly. I can only do it step by step. Examine him when I come home from vacation. Make a treatment plan, When I was in what, I wrote clearly where I went and what I did. First, I explained to my stubborn grandfather the reason why good teeth can make good food. Then assign the retask to the family. In order to prepare for the treatment in the future, It took me less than half a year, Let him take drugs to stabilize his blood pressure, Then he pulled out all the loose and painful teeth one by one. At this time, Grandpa had only seven or eight barely healthy teeth left in his mouth. But it’s not a pair of teeth, It’s all a tooth-to-meat state. The pain is relieved, But I know this is still a long way from recovering basic chewing function. Grandpa is already very happy. He felt that it was no longer painful and did not affect his eating. He said that what would not go to the hospital again. During the Spring Festival in 2014, Although the preparation before dental implantation is not perfect, But I don’t think it can be delayed any longer, So he dragged his grandfather to an oral hospital with coaxing and cheating. Complete the last step-make removable dentures. At first Grandpa didn’t want to wear them anyway, Mainly for fear of making a fool of oneself and not getting used to it, Blame me for wasting money. I can only continue to coax, It is said that money spent cannot be wasted (Grandpa is stingy, I like this very much), Praise your dentures well done, Boast of youth in clothing, Anyway, it’s just boasting. Six months later, Mom told me on the phone, Grandpa can’t live without those dentures now, Quack, quack, what can chew, Sometimes I will whisper proudly [dentures can be used]. I will go back to watch this Spring Festival. After Grandpa can eat normally, Nutrition keeps up, As expected, people have gained a circle of weight, It looks much healthier. When chatting, He kept eating melon seeds all the time. Grandma smiled and said that he used to eat melon seeds best. Just a few years ago, my front teeth fell off, so I stopped eating them. At the New Year’s Eve dinner, my grandfather even ate crabs… I wanted to tell him that my dentures could not withstand such use, but on second thought, if he used them with a bang, I could make a better one for him. At that time, I must no longer need to coax and cheat me, right? Grandpa was finally able to eat happily, Eat what if you like what. I’m glad, I feel that this was one of the most fulfilling things last year. When it is time to install dentures, one has to pretend to be lonely and difficult to sing. Solitary teeth are hard to bite, The teeth have to bite down and up, To be able to chew, Ensure normal eating. Many loose, painful, rotten teeth, In fact, it already exists in name only, Not only does it fail to perform its due chewing function, On the contrary, it will also bring trouble to this piece of teeth, which cannot bite food normally. For these teeth, What can be treated and preserved, do your best, Otherwise, it is still recommended to pull it out as soon as possible and prepare for repair. In view of the problem of missing teeth in the elderly, Dentists have come up with all kinds of fantastic ideas. The essence of these restoration schemes is to fill the gap after losing teeth with dentures. Restore a certain chewing function by relying on bones or teeth. From the most familiar movable dentures, fixed dentures (commonly known as [bypass]), With the rapid development of dental implants in recent years, Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, The application varies. For the elderly, Sometimes it is not necessary to blindly pursue the most advanced and advanced programs, What suits him is good. It may be a technical job to persuade the elderly to go to see their teeth. The elderly in the family do not want to go to see their teeth. I think there are many reasons: Most of them don’t have this health awareness, I have never tasted the benefits of dental observation. Before, due to the limitation of medical technology, The impression left by looking at teeth is mostly pain or fear. Therefore, I always try to start with the operation of pulling out painful teeth and loose teeth, which is low in threshold and profitable. Let Grandpa feel the real benefits first, A little bit more to guide him. Besides, As we get older, The old man’s head, legs and feet are not very flexible, When you go out, you are afraid of this and that. At this time, someone must accompany and take care of them. The older generation lived a hard and thrifty life. Not willing to spend money, Sometimes stubborn, we need to coax, persuade and be patient. As an stomatologist, I only chose a 60-point treatment plan instead of a better one, because for my grandfather, who has been unable to eat normally, the meaning of this 60-point treatment is obviously greater than that of the distant [perfect plan]. Is it the same for the elderly in the family? Perhaps what they need most is not to return to their hometown after success, but just a simple phone call and a photo. Ordinary little joy in daily life is enough to make them smile and warm their hearts. I wish everyone the old people in the family good health and enjoy their old age.