A doctor who does not worry about finding a job is a good doctor.

Editor’s Note:

In February 2006, the first issue of < < Reading Library > > < < 0601 > > was officially published and distributed. Zhang Lixian, known as [Lao Liu] in the Jianghu, had another title-Editor-in-Chief of < < Reading Library > >.

This reader, nicknamed the “socialite” in the Beijing cultural circle, likes calling friends to save meals and talk about life and ideals. He has unique views on employing people and getting along with others.

Hospitals are in the workplace, and doctors are also in the workplace. How to become high-quality professionals and make more perfect career plans for themselves is also the professional wisdom that doctors should have.

At the time of stung, the fields began to plough and the eagles began to fly. We started a new round of recruitment.

Every time I recruit, someone will ask me: What kind of employees do you need? Let me try to summarize it.

Common Characteristics of Excellent Employees

In fact, some solidified parameters, such as elite schools, returnees, professional and technical titles, and English major Grade 8, do not play a decisive role.

The trait we value most is that he must be an adult.

This kind of adulthood is not physical age, but mental maturity. A person can really get rid of the economic, emotional and spiritual dependence on others. Without external assistance and recognition, he can live well. He can be responsible for his own choices, for his own actions, and understand the discretion of doing things and his own behavior standards.

On the contrary, those psychological giant babies who are shiny in appearance and weak in interior and cannot be separated from others’ coaxing and praise cannot really afford to serve them.

He has the courage to stick to his original intention, the wisdom to adjust his direction, the patience to resist setbacks, and the soberness to face success. He thinks about how to relieve the pressure of the people around him instead of becoming a burden on others. A person with such qualities, even if he is still a student, has already grown up.

In a word, what we want is [management talents].

Yes, even if he is only a trainee editor at present and works as a warehouse worker for the time being, he needs to become a management talent-he needs to have the ability to manage himself.

And such [management talents] must have the following six characteristics:

1. He can do his own target management well.

Have a clear plan for your future, have the courage and ability to realize your dreams, and have practical steps and methods.

2. He can manage his time well.

Make a reasonable allocation of your energy and intelligence, and enjoy the phased results from time to time, without being helpless to your delay and waste.

3. He can manage his behavior well.

Knowing what you should be as an adult and a person in the workplace is what. He is both a problem discoverer and a problem solver, not a situation complainer.

4. He needs to have [group quotient]

It is said that besides IQ and EQ, there is also a word called “group quotient”. Excellent employees should be able to manage their emotions well, control the spread and devastating consequences of negative and bad emotions, and have the ability to get along happily with colleagues, face differences openly and deal with contradictions.

5. He can maintain his knowledge update

Knowledge and thought are in an open and active state. They have the diligence to absorb new things and the tolerance to review their own defects. They will not rest on their laurels, stagnate their minds, become complacent or complain about others.

6. He can clear the boundaries of things.

Among all living beings, he should be able to distinguish goodwill from malice, which are careless mistakes, which are intentional actions, which are hopeless stupidity, and which are ridiculous and honorable mistakes.

I wrote a little article before, It is called [spacious]. The main idea of the article is to hope that we are not rich. But it can be spacious, The job requirements for employees are wide, The time given to everyone to grow up is wide. Similarly, We hope that the candidate will also have a broad and bright heart. We can take our time to face some ups and downs and trade-offs. To our great comfort, only a few of the hundreds of applicants last year were selected, while those who did not become colleagues with us also showed their willingness to get together and see each other again when notified. Goodbye is also a friend (of course, they may also be secretly glad to have escaped the disaster).

This kind of person who does not worry about finding a job is the person we want to work with.

Always slack off, always plausible; Always incompetent, always flustered and frustrated. We should have the respect of hiding from such people. We should always be alert to ourselves and never become such a person.

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