That year, I infiltrated a [cheat hospital]

This is my personal experience of working in a [swindler hospital] a few years ago because of my work needs.

A few years ago, in order to reveal the true face of these [cheat hospitals], I disguised myself as a student looking for a job and went to work in a chain hospital in F City. There are many types of this chain hospital, including breast enhancement and face repair, yin protection and nesting, son Guanyin, and men’s foundation. This is a special treatment for anorectal diseases, hereinafter referred to as [Chrysanthemum Hospital].

Apply for a job

It is not difficult to enter F City Chrysanthemum Hospital. I received an interview invitation the day after I submitted my resume on the recruitment website. I printed several space logs from my high school days, and then told the interviewer that this was what I wrote recently. The other party nodded with satisfaction and asked me to come to work the next day to do network planning, earning 1800 a month.

F city chrysanthemum hospital is a chain brand, branches all over the country. Also not big, a 7-storey single building. Floor function is clear, roughly is the first floor fee consultation, the second floor consultation, the third and fourth floor surgery, the fifth floor hospitalization, the sixth floor office, the seventh floor dining hall and accommodation.

I am in the planning department on the sixth floor. There are not many people in the department, but it is the marketing core except the general manager’s office. Two network backstage, one designer, one planner, one editor, one bidder and several customer service, are led by a supervisor.

First Meeting Supervisor

The supervisor’s name is Qiang Ge. As the name implies, he is really strong. Website backstage, customer service system, planning and design, marketing and promotion all need to be able to do.

The hospital has just been established, the publicity materials are blank, and Qiang Ge’s philosophy of doing things is rough and effective: copying.

From the website structure, to the article content, to the propaganda slogan, you can copy as you want.

For example, the website has many similar competitors and many official websites can be used as reference templates. He forcefully wants to spell out a bumblebee in the second-hand car market.

Once, customer service feedback has a Shanghai account login website, the other party just click on the dialog box and said: [hello, we are Shanghai x chrysanthemum hospital, please transfer to the person in charge of your planning department.] Not long ago, we just finished copying the other party’s two major topics. Although it is not the same city, after all, the headquarters is a competitive relationship, and everyone is worried for a while.

However, after Qiang Ge received the offer, he made a few polite remarks and showed his identity to each other. The other said, “Your website has done a good job and is worth learning!” It’s a strange thing to surprise me.

Division of labor

The division of labor in our planning department is still very clear.

The editor is responsible for finding suitable articles through searching keywords, copying and pasting them to the background of the website, and publishing the information such as place names and hospital names after localization.

Designing and beautifying the environment and doctors’ photos are only common. Advertisements are at most not moral. The most courageous thing is to put pictures that should only appear in medical teaching materials on the website in different ways. After all, they are still Zhang Juhua.

Backstage, which is said to be a structured website, is actually copying other people’s websites according to the opinions of the supervisor.

Bidding is an important type of work. It’s about search ranking. Before, I didn’t quite understand this kind of bidding business that makes search engine companies rich. Simply put, The so-called bidding means that an enterprise buys a keyword from a certain degree. When people search for the keyword, the front of the jump page is all promotion links. The highest bid is above, the lower bid is below, and the rest is the natural search results.

Bidding to improve the ranking, ranking to attract clicks, clicks to promote purchases. Kind and simple people often believe that the best is the best. Hospitals use money to buy search rankings to obtain marketing opportunities; Users can make a little money by clicking once. It is very mutually beneficial, market-oriented and thrilling.

Customer service, also called a doctor, shift day and night. Whenever someone clicks into the hospital website, they constantly send the dialog box of consulting experts to each other in the customer service system, playing the role of authoritative doctors. The system has included some common questions, calling shortcut keys can be quickly answered. Some novice, is to search the Internet while answering.

It is more an answer than a threat with a smile. Even if it is a minor problem, it will constantly hypnotize the other party in words. If you don’t look at it, your life will be in danger. [what, hemorrhoids will die if they are not cured? ] The patient on the other side of the network asked. Yes, the customer service immediately responded and immediately sent thriller pictures to bomb each other.

There are many means, pretending to be professional, intimidating, sympathizing, and giving false concessions… The job of customer service is to induce medical inquiries to come to see a doctor, with a commission of more than ten dollars per number.

My job

My job is to do direct mail advertising (DM) content, design preferential schemes, optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other planning related chores, no matter which one is stupid.

The stupidest thing to say is [SEO] in their mouth. I am required to register hundreds of Baidu accounts, write a large number of Baidu entries and doctor entries containing the keywords of F City Chrysanthemum Hospital, and use different ways to know how to ask and answer questions in Baidu. I skillfully convey such a core idea: to see where hemorrhoids are good, go out and turn right to find F City Chrysanthemum Hospital!

If only Jackie Chan were our spokesperson, he felt particularly credible in speaking this slogan.

Almost all the public question-and-answer platforms have been used up in this way. The QQ group of mutual comments and answers keeps flashing every day, and there are people from all walks of life in it. Later, IP suspected of advertising was blocked one after another. Qiang Ge bought a VPN that can change IP to solve the problem.

The Eternal Theme-Falsification

I soon discovered that fraud is the best thing this cheat hospital or perhaps most cheat hospitals are good at, involving almost all aspects.

Qualifications can be falsified, such as those hospitals designated by the so-and-so Medical Association and units recommended by the so-and-so Association, which all make their own brands and give them to hang on their own doorsteps.

Technology and equipment must be fake, in order to rightfully say to patients: our equipment technology is more advanced than that of regular public hospitals, so it is normal that the price is expensive. I have tried to use cartoon Gao Da model to name the equipment, and no one found anything unusual.

Media publicity is more likely to be falsified. For the first time, major mainstream media have removed the front page of news about visits by state dignitaries. It is good to happily publicize such and such hospitals.

How packaging doctors fake is even more knowledge. Paralyzed patients are grateful on foot for thousands of miles. The story of the US President coming to whiten by special plane needs to be compiled more. With the picture of the pennant presented by drawing software, the words “Hua Tuo Rebirth” need to be vigorous, powerful and sparkling.

If it is too rough, it can also save the nation by curve. For example, there is a doctor in the hospital, whose name is the president of the Hong Kong Chrysanthemum Association. He went to Hong Kong specially to register a society. He also holds more than 300 posts as the president of the association, the secretary general and the board member. Doctor, this is no longer chrysanthemum, this is sunflower.

This is a working environment called idealist despair. There is always an unbearable smell in the corridor.

Patients come and go and get pocketed. Everyone around smiles but lies abound.

Later, Brother Qiang left office.

Supervisor strong elder brother year-round job-hopping. Jumping from a cheater hospital to another cheater hospital, salary is the only baton. In his eyes, hospital marketing is always the same, but it is all exaggerated, campaign, intimidation, care means, with the help of different hardware to play. To a certain extent, his professional manager accomplishment is extremely high, ability compound, love their posts and work hard.

On one occasion, he cheerfully told us how magical and interesting the pathological knowledge he came into contact with in order to advance vitiligo hospital was, just like a middle school student who loves biological knowledge. However, when teaching customer service pit patients to come to their homes, they were ruthless. Clearly, they could not use the medical insurance card and had to say that they could use it, [when they came, they would say it again]; He thought of the publicity idea of free inspection fees on holidays: inspection is free, but if you want to see the results, you have to pay the money obediently.

Brother Qiang often lets me and customer service people communicate with doctors more. More shrewd customer service is willing to contact doctors, Convenient to form interest relations. Hospital departments, the corresponding diseases are also many, some projects are more profitable, some projects market is clear, relatively real. If customer service often recommends specific doctors with patients, or focuses on inducing patients of some large projects, the doctor’s income will increase accordingly.

Each department has its own business indicators. At first, the number of patients was taken as the standard, and gradually the quality of patients was changed. How much did the patients spend, and doctors got a commission from it.

The doctors here are psychologists, who do not promise to cure them, but also make the patients willing to pay until they empty out. Their language skills are better than those of constellation books.

When I asked them where they graduated and majored in what, most of them were vague. In fact, I was very afraid to go to the doctors’ offices. Perhaps the four gold characters [medical ethics model] on the banner hanging on the inside wall were too dazzling-of course, they were also designed by colleagues.

More than a month later, I completed the [latent] mission and submitted my resignation.

I have never contacted F City Chrysanthemum Hospital again. However, I have formed a strange habit of searching for the name of the hospital when I am bored, clicking on the link of bidding promotion, opening and closing, opening and closing.

Summarize the operation [magic tricks] I have seen.

1. Falsification of qualifications: all kinds of signs hanging at the door are printed by themselves, and all kinds of associations break them off by themselves;

2. Doctors’ fraud: those who have experienced fake, honor fake, title fake, and some of them are not majoring in this field;

3. Website fraud: The content is copied in large quantities, the structure is removed directly, and the links below must not be believed.

4. Falsification of consultation: Automatic frame consultation is all young people in their teens, pretending to be [famous doctors] backstage, threatening and inducing patients; The customer service backstage is very advanced, and the default reply can be quickly called up according to diseases, common problems, etc. to improve the consultation efficiency.

5. Falsification of activities: free examination (money is required for reading the report), free blood test (money is required for testing, and blood has been drawn, what do you think), and medical insurance cards are generally not used to cheat.

6. Falsification of public relations: fabricating touching or curious cases, fabricating media reports, academic conferences and pictures of PS patients thanking doctors, and making spokesmen of other specialized hospitals into their own, the pennants of departments are basically made by themselves;

7. Technical fraud: The same thing as the public hospital has a new name, and it changes from gold, drill, minimally invasive, nano, ion to space…

I can’t finish it for three days and three nights.

I am not sure how chaotic or not chaotic the specific medical treatment is at all, but there is one thing for reference: in order to avoid the comparison between patients and the prices of public hospitals, basically all have several sets of treatment plans. Even packages with different prices (space technology is definitely more expensive, and doctors have more kickbacks) are given to patients [for their own choice].

If there is a patient who cannot be persuaded and has to undergo a low-cost operation, the doctor agreed. Later, the doctor was still unwilling. Just in the middle of the operation, he suddenly asked the patient directly if he wanted to add money and use good technology to do it. He said that the low price did not guarantee the effect. The patient was on the operating table and the knife was on the edge of the chrysanthemum. The patient must increase the size obediently. Afraid? This is a true thing. They say that the beautiful name is that one cannot give up.

A long sigh.

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