A Mother’s True Test Tube Story (8): Learn to Inject Yourself to Make Test Tube Baby Smooth

The longest project in IVF is injection. From lowering regulation, ovulation induction to transplantation, drug support is needed, and most of these drugs need injection.

If you dare not fight by yourself, you have to find a community hospital or a medical friend to do it on your behalf, and they may not be able to inject you with drugs from the outer hospital.

More importantly, the injection process should last for several weeks, so to speak, every day, and preferably at the same time. In this way, instead of going to great lengths to find others, it is better to learn to give injections yourself.

The hero chose a long plan, which is suitable for patients with better ovarian function.

The long-term plan should be carried out for about 2 weeks before the start of the IVF cycle, and drugs such as Dabijia should be injected to promote follicular development and ovulation, so as to prepare for the subsequent egg retrieval.

You asked me if I was afraid? Of course, I am afraid. It can be said that I am the kind of [child] who must be accompanied by someone for an injection. I must be helped to divert my attention.

I believe you can’t be worse than me, can you? So congratulations, you will certainly succeed in learning to give your own injections. Because I also learned after that and played well.

Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the following injection steps:

Step 1: Prepare

Take the needle (the medicine is pre-filled in the syringe) out of the refrigerator and put it for a minute or two. At the same time, take iodine and cotton swabs to expose your stomach.

Tip: Needles that are too cold may hurt. You can put them for a while but don’t wait too long, because the best storage temperature for drugs is 2 ~ 8 ℃.

Step 2: Measure

If you are hitting half (1.75 cm) or one third (1.3 cm) of Dabijia, measure with a ruler and draw a mark on the syringe with a pen.

Tip: The needle insertion site is usually 3 fingers away from the belly button.

Step 3: Insert needles

Disinfect the needle insertion site with iodophor or alcohol, and apply it from inside to outside from the needle insertion site. The left hand pinches the belly, the right hand takes the needle like a pen, and the heart silently recites 123. At the time of [3], it quickly plunges into the skin.

Tip: Be sure to prick and pull out needles [quickly]! In fact, this needle is very small, so it won’t hurt when it is inserted quickly.

Step 4: Push the needle

At this time, the needle has completely entered the skin, leaving only the syringe outside. The left hand pinching the belly is released, and the index finger of the thumb pinches the top of the syringe for fixing. In order not to let the needle be pulled out, the index finger of the right hand presses the syringe to start pushing until it reaches the mark.

Tip: It doesn’t hurt to prick the needle, but it occasionally hurts a little when pushing the needle. At this time, it shows the benefits of your beating and stops when it hurts. If it still hurts, gently transfer the skin with your left finger, which will be much better.

Step 5: Pull out the needle

In his left hand, he took a cotton swab stained with iodine and leaned gently against the needle. In his right hand, he quickly pulled out the needle. In his left hand, he took the cotton swab and quickly held down the pinhole.

Step 6: Disinfection

If the needle continues to be used tomorrow, disinfect the needle with cotton swabs and alcohol, cover it and put it back in the refrigerator.

In fact, I also teach a lesson, because most of the sisters who do test tubes give injections by themselves, and they may play better than me.

In addition, my experience is for reference only. If what does not understand it, he must find a professional medical staff to ask clearly.

I hope everyone can get through this difficult period smoothly.