A new guide to summer picnics will take you together in science.

As the weather gets hotter, the sales of barbecue stalls are also on fire. At the same time, more and more people choose about 3 to 5 friends to go outdoors for self-service barbecue.

However, while eating meat, many people will feel a little guilty and worried, such as: “oh my god… getting fat again!” [Is it healthy to eat? ]

Don’t worry! Dr. Clove today presents you with a delicious and nutritious outdoor book.

Before departure: shopping, storing and handling

1. Choose fresh meat to roll the string well.

There must be meat in the string!

Be sure to choose regular supermarkets for purchasing. Pay attention to the color and smell of meat when purchasing. If there is a package, it depends on the date of production and shelf life, and whether the package is complete.

2. Nutrition should be balanced and fruits and vegetables are indispensable.

Meat is a well-deserved leading role, but if you only eat meat, you will not only be full after a few mouthfuls, but also your stomach will not be able to stand it. Therefore, you can bring more vegetables, fruits and staple food according to your personal preferences. It is greasy, nutritious and good-looking, and achieves three goals at one stroke.

Vegetables can choose eggplant, various mushrooms, pepper of various colors, corn, small tomatoes, etc. Pick [hard] fruits that are not easy to rot, such as apples, pears, pineapples, etc. The staple food is mainly steamed bread slices, bread slices, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.

3. Enter the refrigerator in time and open the raw and cooked separately.

Food (meat, fruits and vegetables) bought in advance should be put into the refrigerator as soon as possible, and the refrigeration temperature should be below 4 C and the freezing temperature should be at least-18 C or below. Raw and cooked food are separated and follow the principle of “cooked on top and raw on bottom”.

When thawing meat, avoid thawing directly at room temperature. It is best to put the frozen meat in the lower layer of the refrigerating chamber or thaw it with tap water.

4. Is meat pickled or not?

As to whether the barbecued meat is pickled or not, most people may think that it is not pickled ≈ healthy ≈ not very delicious, pickled ≈ not very healthy ≈ delicious.

In fact, the barbecue method and temperature have a greater impact on health. If you have the pursuit of pickling taste, you can also pickle meat according to your personal taste before going out, but the pickling time should not be too long, such as going out in the afternoon and pickling again in the morning. Secondly, pickled meat is best packed in sealed containers.

Continuous: Wash hands, bake, control oil and salt

1. Washing hands is a small matter, but health is a big matter.

When barbecuing outdoors, people often do not stick to small measures and eat directly. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and prepare enough water, hand sanitizer, paper towels (especially wet paper towels) and so on when going out.

2. More barbecue ways to make healthy food

At present, charcoal baking and electric baking are basically used when going out for barbecue. Because the pursuit of natural charcoal fragrance in food, many people will choose charcoal baking, but compared with electric baking, it is also more harmful to health. However, whether charcoal baking or electric baking, it is necessary to avoid burning, smoke and other high temperatures.

Some people say that I like charcoal baking. What should I do?

Tin foil!

BBQ with tin foil will reduce the probability of carcinogens. Fat is not easy to drip out, and the taste is more tender and smooth. However, the disadvantage is that tin foil barbecue cooks slowly.

Step 3 Bake before eating

Don’t think eating raw meat is a very foreign-style and angry thing. If the little friends don’t have a strong enough stomach (genes determine that we don’t have one), they will sit tight and bake the food before eating it, especially the meat, to prevent diarrhea after eating the uncooked food.

4. Choose a low-salt, low-oil sauce

As for the choice of sauce, whether it is ready-made or made by oneself, it is generally recommended that people with low salt, less oil and no spicy or unhappy can add more mashed garlic and chili. What the body can accept is the best, and don’t get carried away for the temporary enjoyment of taste buds.

Safety Tip: Science Avoids Danger of [Playing with Fire Outdoor]

1. Don’t overdo it. Be careful of burns and scalds.

Sometimes when the interest comes, what’s arms and legs begin to become disobedient. At this time, we must pay attention to safety, especially parents who take their children out of the house. Don’t let them run around near the barbecue oven. In case they burn and hurt … (Burn Emergency Manual: What should I do if my child is burned? )

2. Good ventilation and no accumulation of carbon monoxide

Four people were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning during indoor barbecue.

Four people fainted and two people became incontinent after eating barbecue carbon monoxide poisoning.

News like this is common. This is because barbecue is easy to produce colorless and tasteless toxic gas carbon monoxide, while barbecue activities in closed or poorly ventilated places are easy to cause carbon monoxide accumulation and lead to human poisoning.

However, the general self-service barbecue will choose an outdoor and well-ventilated place. If you are in a smoky room, it must be difficult to enjoy delicious food.

3. Contact lenses, do you want to take them off or not?

Wearing contact lenses to barbecue may lead to blindness.

The above words are indeed rumors, but it should be noted that if you are too close to the fire source, problems such as dry glasses and contact lens deformation will occur.

Therefore, when barbecuing, pay attention to keep a distance from the barbecue grill to avoid intimate contact with it.

4. Sun protection is not just a matter for goddesses.

The sun in summer is so poisonous that no matter men or women, old or young, you must do a good job of sun protection when you go out, such as applying sunscreen and wearing hats. (Specific sun protection methods: scientific sun protection, not afraid of flames and scorching sun). If conditions permit, try to find a shade place for barbecue.

Ultimate question: Is barbecue carcinogenic?

Many people are worried about the carcinogenesis of barbecued food. The fact is that when barbecued, smoked and roasted meat products are affected by high temperature, the fat in them will produce some carcinogenic substance (scientific name [benzopyrene]). If you eat barbecued food regularly and in large quantities, it will indeed cause potential harm to your health.

However, it should be noted that general [regular, large] intake will bring bad consequences. In the occasional barbecue, tin foil can be used for barbecue. Avoid baking when there is open flame or smoke; Avoid direct contact of food with flames or oil drops on charcoal; Avoid bursting, turn the food at the right time to make all parts evenly heated, if it is really burnt, throw it away and don’t eat it.

As a result, cancer is also out of reach.

Perhaps many of us just have a heart to eat but not a stomach to eat. We should not only show our feelings, but also be healthy. When going out for barbecue, we must pay attention to the problem of balanced nutrition and safe barbecue, so we can choose a good day. You can take the barbecue, I will take you, and I will take the barbecue with a little bit, and have a good drink for another ten years.