Are you willing to donate blood and give a gift to save other people’s lives?

Every year, June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. The establishment of this day aims to encourage healthy people around the world to donate blood without compensation.

The theme of 2016 is “Blood Connects You and Me”. The slogan of “Sharing Life, Donating Blood” also emphasizes the relationship between blood donors and patients.

There is no harm to oneself in what, and it can effectively help others. In any case, blood donation is a good thing worth doing.

Blood donation process

Blood donation can go to the blood center of the city or the designated blood donation point.

At present, many cities are equipped with mobile blood donation vehicles in various urban areas, and there are often activities for blood donation vehicles to enter schools and communities, which is convenient for everyone to donate blood.

Dr. Clove came to Zhejiang Blood Center today to give a bag of blood.

Fill in a form

Before donating blood, you need to show your ID card and other valid certificates, fill in the registration form, and choose whether to donate whole blood or blood component.

Physical examination

The staff will carry out simple physical examinations on the blood donor’s body, including weighing, measuring blood pressure, detecting pulse times, and simple physical examinations, and will also ask about the past physical condition.

Primary screening

Blood is taken by pricking fingers to detect hemoglobin, hepatitis B surface antibody, transaminase level and ABO blood type. Component blood donation will also increase platelet count and other items.

Blood donation

Blood donation, can choose 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml three specifications.

In addition to the needle pain, the whole blood donation process will not have what special feeling. If there is discomfort, tell the staff in time.

The process of donating blood takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Blood component takes longer, about one to one and a half hours.

Complete Blood Donation

During blood donation, the staff will take three tubes of blood for further blood quality screening.


Press a cotton ball against the eye of the needle, and the considerate staff will pour you a cup of sugar water. If what is not uncomfortable, sit and rest for about 10 minutes, and the blood donation will be completed ~

Get a license

Don’t forget to take the blood donation card without compensation. This is a record, an honor, and a certificate of preferential benefits for yourself or your relatives when using blood later.

Receive notification

A few days later, the blood center will inform the follow-up blood test by text message. If it passes, your blood will be used clinically to help other patients in need.

Before donating blood

    Ensure adequate rest, don’t donate blood with an empty stomach, eat light diet, don’t eat fat, fried food, carbonated drinks and other high-fat and high-sugar foods, understand the basic blood donation attempt, and eliminate nervousness.

In blood donation

    Maintain emotional stability, don’t be nervous and cooperate with the staff during the operation, choose a comfortable posture to sit well, clench and relax your fist rhythmically.

After donating blood

How to protect the eye of a needle?

Cover the puncture hole with the sterilized cotton ball given to you by the nurse, fix it with adhesive tape, press it with your hands for 5 minutes, and do not rub it. After 5 minutes, check for bleeding or bleeding. If so, raise your arm and continue to press with your other hand. It is recommended not to remove the adhesive tape within 4 hours. The eye of the needle should not touch water as much as possible within 1-2 days. Waterproof Band-Aids can be used when bathing.

Should what be paid attention to in diet after blood donation?

Drink plenty of water, you can choose light salt water or sugar water.

Eat more protein, iron (meat, animal liver, etc.) and vitamins (fresh fruits and vegetables).

However, it is not recommended to overeat and supplement, which will lead to excess nutrition and is not conducive to health.

Can I go to exercise after donating blood?

General activities are not restricted, but should be moderate.

Do not engage in aerial work, high temperature work, strenuous exercise, all-night entertainment and other activities on that day, and pay attention to rest.

In addition, if there are high-risk behaviors that may affect blood safety that are not truthfully informed before blood donation, or if you feel obvious discomfort or abnormality after blood donation, please contact the staff in time.

Would you like to donate blood?

Blood is really a gift that can save lives.

Infusion of blood and blood products, It helps save millions of lives every year, helps people with life-threatening illnesses to prolong their lives and improve their quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures. Timely blood transfusion also plays an important role in saving lives in maternal and child first aid and natural and man-made disasters.

At present, there is still no way to artificially produce substitutes with blood function, so the blood used for clinical treatment can only come from human body, which means that enough blood donors need to donate blood regularly to ensure sufficient blood supply.

Are you willing to give this life-saving gift? Let’s offer blood on this day ~