About quitting smoking-will too many nicotine patches kill you?

First of all, popularize science, what’s name is nicotine patch. Apart from giving up smoking with iron will, There are two main types of supplementary methods. One is nicotine replacement therapy, Including nicotine chewing glue, nicotine transdermal patches (commonly known as nicotine chewing gum and patches) and various other preparations of nicotine, such as nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes, sublingual buccal tablets, oral spray, etc. Second, non-nicotine drugs are prescription drugs in China, such as Varniklan, etc. Why do you choose nicotine replacement therapy? Why quit smoking when nicotine is used for treatment? When cigarettes burn, there are thousands of chemicals in the smoke. including tar, carbon monoxide and irritant oxidizing gases, There are 9 categories and 40 carcinogens. Although nicotine is an addictive substance, Excessive amounts can also cause death, but they are not carcinogenic. Moreover, cigarettes release a large dose of nicotine, which spreads rapidly in the body, so they are highly addictive. Nicotine in alternative therapy is medicinal pure nicotine, and its released dose is significantly lower than that of cigarettes, which is enough to relieve withdrawal symptoms without addiction. Will too many patches cause death? There is a movie called “Thank You for Smoking”, The hero is the tobacco [spokesperson], Smoking has killed countless people and provoked public anger. Finally, He’s got a nicotine patch all over his minivan, Then he was put on the lap of Lincoln’s statue for public display. Later, The doctor told him, If you are a non-smoker, such a large concentration of nicotine must have died, but fortunately you have tolerated it. Therefore, he began to boast that nicotine patches kill people. Doctors said smoking saves lives… Assuming that he is 180 cm tall and weighs 80 kg, he has a proper surface area of 2 m 2. The size of the 21 mg/24 h slow-release nicotine patches commonly used in the US market is about 18 cm 2, and 1111 patches can be pasted at full capacity. Remove the head and private parts, There are also nooks and crannies that cannot be pasted, Even if we can paste 700 copies. If we release them at a constant speed, 0.875 mg per tablet per hour, 700, 612.5 mg per hour was release, For the average person, Don’t say dead, It’s enough to die a few times… Theory belongs to theory, Watching screenshots of the movie, The patch in the figure is obviously round, And it is very sparse, On a rough estimate, Probably only 50 copies were posted. According to 50 copies, About 43.75 mg of nicotine was released per hour, The half-life of nicotine in the blood is about 2 hours, In other words, non-smokers are basically dead. Smokers can tolerate some nicotine, but such a high concentration is estimated to be struggling on the line of death. Therefore, the plot in the movie is basically reasonable. Why do you say this movie and seriously calculate the amount of nicotine absorbed? The main purpose is to remind friends who use substitution therapy: If the dose is not well controlled, It can also cause harm. I advise you, You can either choose a regular nicotine product with a clear dose, Or go to the doctor to prescribe other drugs, Never buy smoking cessation products that claim to be [pure plant extraction has no side effects]. As far as I know, There’s either nicotine in it, Or it won’t work. It’s hidden, It is not easy to control the amount of nicotine, It’s not good to get too much. Back to the formal smoking cessation aid. If you want to quit smoking, First of all, it is suggested that everyone go to the smoking cessation clinic, which is available in many large hospitals. Especially for patients with cardiovascular diseases or other medical history, doctors will judge what method more suitable for you according to your situation. Smoking is harmful to health, and wrong smoking cessation methods may also endanger health!