Afraid of looking fat in long Johns? If you don’t wear cold, you may be fatter!

Let me ask you a question, are you wearing long Johns?

The weather is getting colder and colder, but many people around us are [killed and don’t wear long Johns]. They say they are not cold, but their bodies are honest. Their hands and feet are cold and they will shiver unconsciously.

Many of these are fashionable young people who only need to be graceful and not warm, and many fat friends have small calculations in their hearts: I was frozen to shake off my fat… OK?

Can you lose weight without wearing long Johns and freezing?

When our bodies are in a relatively cold [stress state], we will unconsciously shake (cold) and tremble. Trembling can increase the metabolic rate by up to five times, and it does produce additional calorie consumption.


The energy consumption of trembling is very limited.

If it is really cold enough to shiver all the time, there is actually a problem. The body will be very uncomfortable and will not last long, and the increased energy consumption will be very limited. Where can it be compared with activities? Exercise consumes more?

Even if it is not so extreme, there is still a problem:

It is easy to eat much when frozen.

As soon as one feels cold, one instinctively wants to eat more to provide heat for mass production.

Therefore, you cannot lose weight by shaking with cold.

However, many studies have shown that a moderate low temperature environment is beneficial to health.

  1. Long-term expectation is that in an environment that is too warm, comfortable and has no temperature difference change (such as air-conditioned room and heating room), the human body’s ability to adjust the temperature will deteriorate and the whole body will be prone to obesity.

  2. If you come out of a warm room and go to a low temperature environment that you can bear (your body will not tremble at this time), your temperature adjustment ability is better, which is conducive to keeping healthy, and your body will still increase heat consumption.

If you want to lose weight, either don’t let yourself be too cold, or you should control yourself and not eat more because of the cold.

[Skinny Leg Socks] Can I Skinny Leg?

Other friends who don’t want to wear long Johns, most of them just don’t want their legs to look thicker and stay out of them. At this time, an artifact appeared: elastic socks with thin legs.

No matter in advertisement or in real life, some people do look thinner after wearing [elastic socks]!

But actually?

Elastic socks were originally a medical device used to assist in the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases such as varicose veins. However, after being packaged by online sellers, they have become thin leg socks.

Feeling hot? This is just a little faster blood flow, not fat burning.

The legs are getting thinner? This is just that the volume of leg muscles has been compressed, and the fat is still there, not increasing or decreasing.

Leg shape changes? As long as you take off this pair of socks, the meat on your legs will return to its original state and will not change your leg shape at all.

The more muscular the legs are [athlete’s legs], the better the effect of thinning the legs after wearing them, and the vast majority of [fat thick legs] are useless.

If you are willing to wear autumn pants during the day, there is nothing wrong with it. But when you sleep for a long time at night, you must take it off, otherwise you may aggravate the problem of varicose veins in your legs.

After exercise, you can wear long Johns or not.

There is also a common refusal not to wear autumn pants: I am fat thick, I am not cold (atchoo)… I am really not cold (atchoo atchoo)…

In fact, both fat and thin people are afraid of the cold.

This is mainly determined by natural genes. The thickness of body fat does not have much difference in the effect on heat preservation as thought. On the contrary, people with high body muscle mass produce more heat and are less afraid of cold.

Both fat and thin people can practice without fear of cold.

If you get used to not wearing long Johns in cold days, your cold resistance will be cultivated the day after tomorrow. You can really break through genetic differences. Unlike your parents, you don’t need to wear long Johns.

In addition to gradually adapting to low temperature, insisting on physical exercise can obviously improve cold tolerance.

The body’s ability to regulate body temperature has been enhanced, which can not only be more resistant to cold, but also more resistant to heat. Generally, within a few months, you will find that the cold-resistant [small universe] will erupt in full swing, and it will no longer be the [angel with broken wings in the previous life] with cold hands and feet.

The combination of the previous points is:

Insisting on doing outdoor sports in a suitable low temperature environment (such as outdoor) can not only reduce fat (but also thin legs), but also enhance cold resistance.

When the time comes, it is your freedom to wear long Johns or not.

Not to wear, because it is not cold; Even if it is really cold, you don’t need your mother to say you are cold, you will take the initiative to put on long Johns-this is really a sign of growth (reduction), growth (fat) and maturity (achievement).