After sticking the mask, he became the Green Lantern? Let’s talk about fluorescent agent in cosmetics

Online hot news: After a woman used a facial mask, her face appeared blue-green fluorescence, joking as “Green Lantern”. At that time, beauty lovers once again attracted everyone’s attention.

Is the fluorescent agent in the facial mask what? Why should fluorescent agents be added to cosmetics? How toxic and harmful are fluorescent agents?

Today, Dr. Clove will talk to you about fluorescent agents to uncover their mysterious veil so that girls who love beauty can use them scientifically and safely.

Is fluorescence the one that will light in the dark?

No, it’s just fluorescence!

Fluorescence refers to the blue or blue-white fluorescence of substances under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength. For example, fireflies, some fish and shrimps in the sea, jellyfish, etc. These organisms emit fluorescence through biochemical reactions of cells in the body, which is used to convey information or courtship.

There is also the [tonic] we often drink, which contains a substance that can emit special fluorescence. Therefore, in bars, it is often used as an important ingredient to make cocktails to increase the atmosphere.

There are more drugs with fluorescence, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, etc.

If you feel that you have doubts, you can turn off the lights at home one night and take care of them with the small flashlight of the money detector to ensure that there are many surprises!

Is the fluorescent agent in the facial mask what?

So is what a fluorescent agent?

Its full name is [fluorescent whitening agent], which can significantly enhance the white and brightness of fabrics, make colored objects brighter and pleasing to the eye, and make products look more pleasing or more attractive.

Therefore, fluorescent agents are widely used in many fields such as textiles, paper making, detergents, plastics, cosmetics, etc. In daily chemical washing industry, adding fluorescent whitening agents is an important technological process and one of the important indicators in product safety assessment.

Why should fluorescent agents be added to skin care products?

The Chinese have always regarded white as their beauty. As a yellow race, if fluorescent agents are added to the products smeared on the face to increase the reflection of blue and white light, then it is [yellow + blue and white = white]. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?

Therefore, some cosmetics add so-called fluorescent agents in order to look good.

However, it is worth emphasizing that regular manufacturers will not directly add fluorescent agents to cosmetics, but only in cosmetics-related ingredients, such as some whitening agents, sunscreen agents and some plant extracts, they have certain fluorescent characteristics. Including some facial cleansers, also have such ingredients, so after smearing or washing, immediate whitening will occur.

Feeling is only feeling after all. In fact, it is meaningless to whiten skin and improve luster by temporarily improving fluorescent substances.

However, some illegal businesses, or cosmetics, rely on this immediate effect to deceive consumers.

Toxicological safety of fluorescent agents-there is no need to worry about it.

As early as the 1950s, toxicologists from many authoritative institutions in the United States, Japan and Europe paid close attention to the safety of fluorescent agents.

They have done a lot of research on the toxicity and ecological properties of fluorescent agents: no matter whether mice are injected subcutaneously or fed orally, or microorganisms in activated sludge are detected, or fish in water are observed, they have not found that fluorescent agents themselves are carcinogenic and do no harm to the environment.

According to our national standards, the acute toxicity dose classification table shows that stilbene biphenyl fluorescent whitening agent is non-toxic and belongs to the same level as the acute toxicity of daily salt.

Just think, if you want to eat salt and get poisoned, how much dose do you need?

Therefore, it is unscientific and incomplete to talk about the toxicity of chemicals without dosage.

It is also because of these powerful safety data on fluorescent agents that their use in cosmetics laws or specifications in many countries, whether in developed European and American countries or in our country, has not been done as an important detection index.

Professor Shen Yongjia, a famous chemical expert in our country, pointed out in his book “Fluorescent Whitening Agent”: The fluorescent whitening agent will not be absorbed by the skin, and even if a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent may adhere to the skin during use, it will not react with human skin. Moreover, it is easy to be completely washed off through daily washing activities (such as washing hands, bathing, etc.).

Avoid being the best magic weapon for Green Lantern

Any formal cosmetics enterprise will not specially add fluorescent agents to skin care products or facial masks, but some illegal businesses may add fluorescent agents in pursuit of immediate whitening effect.

Therefore, all beauties must still choose products sold through regular channels, which is the best policy.

On regular products, there are only traceable marks, such as [Wei Zhuang Zhun Zi], [Wei Zhuang Bei Jin Zi], [Wei Zhuang Bei, Special Jin Zi], [Wei Zhuang Special Zi], etc.

Of course, we also expect that more environmentally friendly and safe fluorescent agents will be developed and put into production and sales, which can make us feel relieved to become beautiful!

Therefore, beauties, in the face of fluorescent agents, there is no need to panic, as long as you are a regular purchase of safety mask, feel free to stick it!