Another doctor friend? Doctors are exhausted!

Have you ever had the experience of [a relative’s fellow countryman’s classmate] coming to you [for help]? This kind of medical treatment is always annoying-refuse, and fear that the introducer will not look good. Don’t refuse, but I’m too busy to help…

These days, if you can’t marry a doctor, then you can’t be wrong to know more doctor friends. After all, in the circle of friends, the profession of [doctor] is often more useful than other professions.

What is not embarrassed to help each other among friends, but as ordinary people really lack understanding of the cruel situation faced by hospitals and doctors, as an honorable doctor’s family member, I need to remind you that when looking for help from doctor friends, you must pay attention to the following four points.

Clove Garden (Micro Signal: dingxiangwang) gives doctors and friends a trick. When someone asks you later [I have an acquaintance, can you take a look at it for me], you may as well take out these four points first…

Help do big things, don’t do small things.

Please listen to the question. When calling the doctor directly for help, which of ABC’s three situations is inappropriate?

A. My family has a sudden illness. Help me contact the emergency department/a department.

B. I don’t feel well somewhere on my body. Help me see if it’s what’s problem.

C. Help me get a diagnosis result or prescribe so-and-so medicine in the hospital.

In ABC’s three situations, A is a big event, B is a big event that needs to change contact information, and C is a small event that should not be opened.

The big and small things mentioned here do not refer to serious illness and minor illness. The physical condition is not from people, and ordinary people have no ability to confirm how serious the same kind of discomfort will be. The size of the problem should be confirmed as soon as possible. In case of an emergency, such as the need to send the emergency immediately, of course, you can call your cell phone directly and cannot wait until tomorrow to ask again.

For the remaining matters that are not urgent, try to choose the contact information that can be delayed and do not directly call your cell phone. For example, you can use WeChat, don’t ask such stupid words as [are you there], enter a paragraph earnestly, and explain your situation and the problems that need to be solved clearly. Your doctor friend will find time to reply to you after seeing it.

For those who do not work in hospitals, it may be difficult to understand whether doctors and nurses can be as busy as what-even if doctors and nurses work hard, how much busier can they be than others? It’s really not on the same level.

My daughter-in-law makes patient rounds every morning, 24/7. The best situation on Saturday and Sunday is that you can quickly check the room in the morning and have a complete rest for two afternoons. If you want to leave completely for a day, you must ask for leave. You must have other doctors working for you. What is more terrible is that there is a night shift in four or five days. This night shift is not a night’s sleep. If you encounter emergency surgery, you cannot sleep a wink all night.

What’s more, The hospital seems to be a corner forgotten by the labor law. After the night shift, it still needs to go to the next day shift normally. There is no good thing like taking a rest at all. Under this kind of work intensity, I hope she can have as much rest time as possible. If there is no big deal, don’t call her cell phone directly. Help to take things or prescribe medicine. Such small things should not be opened at all.

Don’t look for many people for the same thing.

Suppose such a scene: after a relative is ill, relatives and friends begin to find all kinds of people they know to say hello, from the dean down to the little doctor, eager to say it again. Will the effect of finding someone like this be good?

Simply put, the same hospital thing, Please take care of 10 people 10 times, will not increase the effect 10 times, will only let the same responsible doctor listen to the same 10 times, is likely to have the opposite effect. Often people with rich contacts make mistakes in this matter, and strong ability can directly find the largest leader to handle it once and for all, repeatedly looking for a group of people to say hello is still the work of a few small doctors.

Although the current medical system is hardly satisfactory and hospitals do have various irrationalities, doctors as a whole are still an industry that relies on their skills to eat, and gaining respect from their peers depends on their own level.

The result is that you should not rely too much on the influence of [leaders]. Today’s hospitals are like a group. The state does not give sufficient subsidies to hospitals. Each department is like an independent small company that needs to be responsible for its own profits and losses.

If someone is generous at the expense of the hospital, the Government will not cover the bottom for the public hospital, nor will the hospital erase the cost for the department, which is tantamount to the doctors and nurses in this department using their bonus income to subsidize.

Usually illusory human feelings here will have cruel price, and someone must pay the price of these costs-patients do not pay, is the medical staff to pay. Doing good is always worth encouraging, but the premise is to do good with one’s own money, not others’ money.

Third, don’t force doctors to evaluate their peers.

Such scenes must often occur: I have seen a doctor in a hospital and got a complete treatment plan, but I always feel uneasy, so I want to find other doctors to see if the plan is unreliable.

This is a large category of consultation with doctors and friends. It is human nature not to be at ease, but unfortunately doctors are not convenient to directly evaluate their peers.

If you really have doubts about the current results, the best way is to go to a higher hospital for another examination.

It is inevitable that there will be differences in level between doctors. Otherwise, there would not be so many patients running to Beijing. However, the level difference between doctors is not as great as expected. For the diagnosis made by one doctor, it is difficult for another doctor to give a judgment simply by turning over the case. After all, there are many specific situations that may only be known by the doctor concerned. If doctors in other departments are separated by mountains.

If it is obvious that the hospital level is not enough or there is a problem with the plan, you are usually advised to go to a higher-level hospital for another examination. You can also use [to ask a doctor] to consult famous doctors in top hospitals.

Only in the vast majority of cases, in addition to answering questions, [following the doctor’s advice] is indispensable in the reply.

Be polite in the hospital

This seems a bit ridiculous. Do you still lose your temper when asking others to do things? Unfortunately, all kinds of embarrassing scenes often happen in hospitals. At present, the departments of the hospital are divided into very small parts, and few doctors and friends who come across please happen to be in charge of the disease. They often need doctors to ask other doctors.

For example, a doctor was entrusted to ask the patient to another department. When he visited him again in a few days, he found that the patient had been discharged from the hospital without saying a word. Perhaps there were too many people entrusted to say hello one by one.

There are also patients who regard doctors and nurses as waiters. In the process of treatment, they are all kinds of outrageous and unreasonable. It seems that they have suffered losses if they use doctors and nurses less several times. Although the hospital often meets importuns, it has caused so much trouble to colleagues in the hospital. Obviously, it is necessary for the entrusted doctor to pull down his face and compensate for human feelings.

Doctors and nurses in different departments of the hospital, even if they are not familiar with each other at ordinary times, usually take care of each other very kindly.

In my opinion, this kind of goodwill is the same disease in this difficult industry, and there is no situation where anyone is afraid of whom or who owes whom.

Don’t think that you have a relationship with others, so you can regard the hospital as a service industry such as hotels and hotels, and play the little temper of [customers are God]. It’s okay not to trust a friend, but anyone who loses after trusting a friend will be counted on this doctor’s friend. This is a very shameful behavior among colleagues.

Perhaps private hospitals will one day become a kind service industry. But today’s public hospitals are definitely not. China’s fragile public hospital system, It is due to the overwork of doctors and nurses in public hospitals. Even if there are only so many resources equally distributed to each patient, the goal is to cure as many patients as possible. In order to provide high-quality services, there are already many private hospitals to choose from. Don’t expect public hospitals to be able to respond to requests at the current price and number of patients.

In a word

The hospital is a small society that highly concentrates the joys and sorrows of life, not to mention perfection. It is still far from normal.

We all hope that there will be a group of sleepless workers in the hospital who do not care about their income. However, doctors need to become ordinary people in ordinary families before they become angels in white. Doctors will be tired even after night shift, and will get sick if they do not rest well for a long time. Home loans will not be reduced or exempted because they are doctors.

Let go of the fantasy of angels in white and let doctors become normal jobs that can support their families first, so as to make it easier to see pathological changes.