Eating meat-like vegetarian dishes, can you really have fine skin and tender meat and live a long life …?

Vegetarianism, for you and me who toss and turn without meat for three days, is really a fierce and clean force on the road of life.

However, as more and more people like to be vegetarian, in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of “saying they don’t want it but being honest in body”, vegetarian dishes have developed their own advanced version-meat-like vegetarian dishes.

However, the rise of new forces is always subject to the double baptism of praise and questioning. Is it true or not that all kinds of statements about imitation meat and vegetable dishes are posted online?

Come on, here’s the answer.

What is a meat-like vegetarian dish?

Imitation meat and vegetable dishes are a kind of vegetarian dishes that use some [vegetarian] ingredients (such as yam preserved beancurd and tofu, winter bamboo shoots and day lily and mushroom, gluten potatoes and konjac) to make their appearance, color, taste and even taste very similar to meat dishes.

Simply put, it just looks like a meat dish and sounds like a meat dish, but it is really just a vegetarian dish.

It is easy to have more oil and more salt?

This is true.

It is originally a vegetarian, have to dress up as meat to cheat the mouth, can not oil more salt more ~

It’s like dressing up as a woman and wearing some makeup, isn’t it?

Moreover, many meat-like vegetarian dishes need to be fried, which will not only increase the fat content, but also lead to the loss of nutrition and even produce a variety of harmful substances. It is also a long story to say. It is still recommended that everyone avoid this cooking method as much as possible.

Does it use additives?

Some meat-like vegetarian dishes do (for example, add some essence, spice, colorant, flavoring agent, etc.).


Additives are also classified. [Food Additives] is not a terrible thing in what. It is called by this name and enjoys the privilege of being added to food.

As long as it is a [food additive] produced by a regular manufacturer and does not exceed the usage amount stipulated by the state, it is safe.

What if the restaurant exceeds the standard? What if it is irregular?

It is estimated that this kind of problem can only touch one’s conscience and try one’s life.

Is it made of frozen semi-finished products?

There are indeed some frozen semi-finished products imitating meat and vegetable dishes on the market, such as crispy duck, vegetarian pork and vegetarian fish.

But that doesn’t mean they are bad.

Apart from the loss of some nutrients and the fact that they are no longer so fresh, if it is safe and guaranteed before freezing, there will be no problem after freezing.

Does it need many times of deep processing?

In order to achieve the goal of “similar in shape, quality and taste”, some meat-like vegetarian dishes are really complicated to make and will inevitably be processed many times.

However, since it is for the sake of healthy vegetarian diet, we should not deviate from the original intention, try our best to maintain the natural state of food, ensure the freshness, hygiene, safety and nutrition of food, and avoid multiple deep processing, do you think?

Can it be eaten healthily?

Have you forgotten who [it] is…

Whether things are healthy or not depends on how you eat them.

1. Safety and hygiene

If you eat outside, you can at least choose a restaurant that looks safe and hygienic, otherwise?

If you do it yourself at home, you can use as little semi-finished products as possible and choose a healthy cooking method.

Step 2: Nutrition mix

Just like eating ordinary meals, eating meat-like vegetarian dishes should also be diversified.

    As you eat less meat, milk and eggs, you can eat more soybeans and other bean products to obtain high-quality protein. It can also be eaten with green leafy vegetables to increase the source of vitamin C; You can also add some nuts.

3. Less oil and less salt

Do you still need to say this… … …


Is it good to be a vegetarian every day?

The question that has puzzled everyone for a long time has finally been answered. However, after reading it, perhaps you just want to say:

Hem, I knew you would say so!

Then I also want to say.

Whether a long-term vegetarian diet is good for your health depends on how you eat it.

If we can ensure the safety and hygiene of food materials, healthy practices and balanced eating, we will not only avoid malnutrition, but also help reduce the risks of obesity, heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

If you eat too single and all kinds of things, it is really possible to basically solve the problem of food and clothing. In the 21st century, when every family is heading for a comfortable life, they will eat themselves malnourished. For example, if women are not reasonably vegetarian for a long time, they will always feel very tired, lose their hair, have loose skin, anemia, menstrual disorders, and affect pregnancy…

Finally, vegetarian people do not lose weight.

If you don’t believe me, look at Elder Martial Brother.