Answering Parents’ Questions: 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Problem Vaccines

Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions today: We must thoroughly investigate the flow and use of [problematic vaccines], be seriously accountable and never tolerate them.

We also refuted the rumor in yesterday’s article. After the article was published, many parents also came to consult. We replied one by one. Now we have chosen the following answers to the most frequently consulted questions:

Is the vaccine toxic and has any side effects? Will it cause additional physical injury?

Gao Fu, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the problem vaccine was not stored in cold storage, which may lead to vaccine failure and failure to prevent corresponding diseases, which is tantamount to saying that the vaccine does not work. However, it does not add drugs or bad things to it, so it will not cause bad effects in what due to vaccination problems, nor will it cause additional damage to the body in what.

Worried about the problem vaccine, do you need supplementary vaccination?

Unless it has been confirmed that the problem vaccine has been vaccinated, routine replanting vaccine is not required.

However, some parents are under great psychological pressure. If they are really not at ease, they can also directly choose an organization that you are at ease for replanting. Or after the case is further clarified, it will be decided whether to replant the corresponding vaccine.

If the delayed vaccination misses the recommended vaccination time, will the vaccination effect be affected?

Late vaccination generally will not affect the effect of the vaccine. Moreover, when children suffer from colds, diarrhea, allergy and other symptoms, vaccination should also be suspended.

Only then did how know whether the antibody was successfully produced after vaccination?

In addition to hepatitis B vaccination can detect antibodies, Most other vaccines do not detect antibodies, Some antibodies can be checked in the laboratory, but the general epidemic prevention agencies do not provide similar services to the public, including Shanghai, Beijing and other first-tier cities. However, some companies may provide similar services. Moreover, even if antibodies really exist, they cannot directly explain that they can definitely prevent diseases. Therefore, don’t think about checking antibodies.

How are Class I vaccines and Class II vaccines divided?

Generally, those who pay for their own expenses are considered as Category II.

There are two specific situations:

In the first case, The state divides vaccines into the first category free of charge and the second category at its own expense. One requires compulsory vaccination, That is to say, every child must be vaccinated. This depends on the country’s economic capacity and vaccine supply capacity. Later, with the maturity of the conditions, those at their own expense will gradually become free. Moreover, it is also related to the local economic strength. Some areas have good conditions and may change some Class II vaccines to Class I vaccines, which are free to the public.

For example, pneumonia, influenza and varicella vaccines are such cases.

In another case, some vaccines are produced by multiple manufacturers at the same time. When the state invites bids, it will set one of them as a Class I free vaccine and the other as a Class II vaccine. If the public needs to use it, it will have to pay its own expenses.

Therefore, some vaccines have not only one type but also two types, such as hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis vaccine and hepatitis a vaccine.

The problem vaccines this time are all Class II vaccines.

Will Class II vaccines continue to be used?

Although the problem vaccine incident has chilled everyone, it cannot upset a boat with one pole. Varicella, influenza, pneumonia and other diseases prevented by the second type of vaccine all pose a great threat to children’s health, and vaccination is still the best means to protect health.

If it is a vaccine used to nip in the bud, such as mumps vaccine, influenza vaccine, etc., we can wait and see, and then vaccinate when the case is further clarified.

If vaccination is urgently needed, for example, after being bitten by stray dogs, immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine need to be vaccinated, do not delay, and vaccinate in time.

Vaccination means 100% won’t be infected with the disease?

No vaccine can provide 100% protection. Even if antibodies are produced after vaccination, Antibody levels may also continue to decline with age. But vaccination is to prevent mass diseases. Instead of individual diseases, for example, if 50,000 people are vaccinated, one person will die, but if everyone is not vaccinated, tens of thousands of people may die. Therefore, vaccination can protect against diseases, and we must not doubt it.

Have you found an increase in abnormal reaction to vaccination?

Xiong Huang, spokesman of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, said on the 23rd that from the analysis of the report of China’s suspected vaccination abnormal reaction information management system, no increase in suspected vaccination abnormal reaction was found.

Is vaccination really likely to cause death, disability and teratogenicity?

There is no clear causal relationship between the vaccination and the reported problems of those poor children. In other words, it cannot be proved that the vaccine caused it. To say the least, although the vaccine may indeed lead to serious adverse reactions, the incidence rate is very low, so the value of vaccination cannot be denied. This kind of vaccine still needs to be planted.

Vaccination may cause adverse reactions, but these risks are very low, especially serious adverse reactions, such as death, disability and teratogenicity.

First, different individuals react differently. Some people fight for nothing. This is an individual difference, but the mechanism of individual difference is what? No one knows; For example, about 10% of the people did not respond to hepatitis B vaccine, and no one knew why.

Second, individuals will have side effects after being vaccinated, such as fever, rash, etc., which are generally relatively mild, which is not common to everyone. In some cases, this side reaction will also lead to death, but the possibility is extremely low.

Third, individuals will have some allergic reactions, which is also true.

There is also a special case where there may also be a vaccine coupling reaction, that is, when the vaccine is administered, someone happens to have a certain disease at the same time, and the disease will interact with the vaccine, eventually leading to death or disability.

Is imported vaccine better than domestic vaccine?

Some vaccines have domestic or imported dosage forms at the same time, Most of the vaccines domestically produced and imported effect is comparable, but the general domestic price is much cheaper, so the cost-performance ratio of domestic vaccines is higher. Moreover, domestic vaccines are also approved to go on the market only through national inspection. They must have reached the standard of disease prevention and are safe and effective.

Therefore, if you don’t care about the price, it is right to choose imported vaccines. If you care more about cost performance, then there is no problem in choosing domestic products.

Moreover, the effect of some imported vaccines is better, which may also be due to different technologies. For example, domestic polio vaccines are oral reduced live vaccines, which may lead to polio symptoms of vaccinators, which is the same all over the world, while injection polio vaccines are fire-fighting vaccines, so of course there is no such risk.

In the second type of vaccine, which is most recommended to be vaccinated at one’s own expense?

In fact, all types of vaccines should be vaccinated, Because in some countries, these vaccines are provided free of charge by the state and recommended for vaccination. However, due to the limitation of national conditions, some of our country is divided into two types of vaccines at our own expense. At present, the five types of two vaccines with high vaccination frequency are varicella vaccine, influenza vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, rotavirus vaccine and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (Hib).

Before, I had two shots of polio inactivation, and then I had a third shot. Do I need to take sugar pills? Or should it be replaced by polio candy pills?

So far, the flow of problematic vaccines is not clear, Can’t be sure whether to appear in your location. But in fact, for every child, the chance of meeting is very small. So still want to continue to fight, but can wait a little bit after the investigation results come out to fight again, as far as possible to avoid the problem vaccine, such as the case is further clear, then vaccination. Late vaccination generally will not affect the effect of the vaccine.

If it is confirmed later that the problematic vaccine has been vaccinated, or the parents are under great psychological pressure, they can also go to replant after a period of time and choose a regular epidemic prevention agency. Otherwise, you can not replant. Even if you have been vaccinated with problematic vaccines, besides being ineffective, there will generally be no harm.

Can self-funded pneumonia vaccine/group A, group C meningitis/varicella vaccine/type B Haemophilus influenzae vaccine (Hib)/hepatitis a vaccine/meningitis continue to be administered?

These all belong to the second type of vaccines, and belong to the list of the problem vaccines, but considering the role of the second type of vaccines in preventing diseases, it is recommended to continue to play, but you can wait for the investigation results to come out before playing, as far as possible to avoid the problem of vaccines, such as the case is further clarified, then vaccination. Late vaccination generally will not affect the effect of the vaccine.

Can pentavalent vaccine/quadruple vaccine/A + C meningococcal vaccine still be administered?

Yes, these vaccines are not among the vaccines in this problem, so you can rest assured.

I have been vaccinated against rabies before, and I am worried that if I encounter a problem vaccine, do I need to take it again?

The onset date of rabies is usually within two weeks after being bitten. If there is no onset after this period of time, the risk of recurrence is very, very low.

Can rabies vaccine antibody be detected?

Basically, the regular epidemic prevention agencies in many places cannot check rabies vaccine antibodies, including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, but do not rule out services provided through other channels. Because this technology exists, it is also possible that some companies will provide similar services.

How is the vaccine produced? For what?

Vaccines are generally made by attenuating, inactivating or genetically engineering pathogenic microorganisms or their metabolites (antigens). When the human body actively comes into contact with these [castrated] antigens, It can stimulate the human immune system to produce certain protective substances. If it really contacts the same antigen again in the future, it will make more protective substances according to memory to prevent the damage caused by these antigens.

Why should vaccines be stored in the cold chain?

In order to ensure the biological activity of antigens in vaccines, most vaccines should be stored in a constant temperature environment of 2 ~ 8 ℃.

No matter whether it is high temperature or freezing, or even long-term illumination, it may affect the efficacy of the vaccine, even lead to inactivation and ineffectiveness of the vaccine, and cannot prevent corresponding diseases.

How did the problem vaccine enter the market?

According to national regulations, vaccines in China are divided into two categories:

The first type of vaccine is what we usually call free vaccines, which are purchased and transported by all provinces and cities, and cannot be handled by irrelevant units or individuals.

The second type of vaccine is a fee-based vaccine, which is more loosely managed than the first type of vaccine. Vaccination sites can be purchased from vaccine production enterprises, wholesale enterprises and county-level disease prevention and control institutions.

In addition, vaccine wholesale enterprises can also resell the second type of vaccines to each other, which is the loophole exploited by Ponzi mother and daughter.

In fact, the state’s supervision of vaccines is far better than that of ordinary drugs. Any vaccine must be inspected in batches and at different levels from the beginning of production. Only after passing the inspection can it be put on the market.

Before the vaccine enters the vaccination site, the vaccination site should check and accept the vaccine on the spot. Vaccines sent by enterprises with unqualified temperature control records and no transportation qualification and wholesale qualification cannot enter the vaccination site.

Moreover, the local Food and Drug Administration Department is also responsible for supervising and inspecting the quality of vaccines in storage, transportation, supply, sale, distribution and use.

But obviously, in this case, all the supervision mechanisms failed.