Are diabetics addicted to insulin?

In the treatment of diabetes, there are too many misconceptions about insulin, and many advertisements for ill-intentioned drugs even sell “farewell to insulin”. Today, Dr. Clove answered all the questions that everyone cared about. Is insulin addictive? Many patients will ask: Will insulin be dependent and addictive? Dr. Clove can responsibly tell you: Insulin itself is a hormone normally secreted by the human body. There is no dependence on insulin. Also not addictive. In some patients with acute pancreatitis, insulin secretion is also affected, and insulin is also needed to control blood sugar during treatment. After the pancreatitis recovers, insulin is no longer needed, which is the best evidence that insulin is not dependent. Insulin is only used in the late stage of diabetes? Of course not, Diabetes itself does not have what’s theory of early or late stage, Controlling blood sugar is fundamental. People with diabetes either do not produce enough insulin, Either the insulin secreted by oneself cannot function normally. For the situation of insufficient insulin secretion, Therapy with insulin can be very effective. Formerly known as insulin-dependent diabetes, Maybe this is where the rumors about insulin dependence come from. It’s all because the name is not good. In addition to this, doctors use insulin to patients in several situations: for patients newly diagnosed with diabetes, they use insulin for a period of time first, in order to make islet cells rest, preserve their functions to the maximum extent, and then use other drugs after blood sugar control is stable. The use of insulin can control blood sugar more quickly and finely when the human body is in certain special periods, such as pregnancy or emergency of diabetic patients and needs rescue or surgical treatment. Some patients with poor kidney function cannot afford more oral medicine and can also use insulin as adjuvant therapy. Insulin is very painful? The biggest problem with insulin use is the need for injections. It cannot be taken orally. Because insulin is essentially a small molecule protein, If taken orally, Like meat, it will be digested by gastrointestinal tract and lose its function, so it can only be injected with injections. Many patients are unwilling to use insulin because they are afraid of pain. In fact, the injection equipment of insulin has developed very mature now. As long as you master the correct use method and do not reuse it, it will hardly cause strong pain. Insulin has what side effects? Insulin is not without any side effects, The biggest side effect is hypoglycemia, Especially the irregular diet, Patients with poor blood sugar control. So, Patients with diabetes should pay attention to blood glucose monitoring, So that doctors can choose the appropriate dosage form and dosage of insulin, At the same time, we should also develop good living habits. If the doctor suggests that you use insulin, please put down your worries, under the guidance of the doctor, standardize the use of drugs, monitor blood sugar, and stop the development of the disease in time. Don’t trust all kinds of health product advertisements that can [cure] diabetes, so as not to delay treatment.