Are these mother and infant products really worth buying? Look at the voting results of 100,000 mothers,

Only when you raise a baby can you know the hardship of being a mother…

Some mothers have calculated an account. In the first year of raising babies, they spent nearly 100,000 yuan on miscellaneous items.

It is said that [women and children have the best money], and manufacturers of mother and infant products are trying to bring forth the old and bring forth the new every day and make their products into flowers. Of course, money can be bought willfully in buy buy, but most mothers live a life of careful budget and thrift, so they inevitably hesitate when facing some products that do not seem to be [must be bought].

Not long ago, Clove Mother selected some representative mother and infant products and conducted a survey. As a result, more than 100,000 mothers took part in the vote.

[If you dig a pit yourself, you have to jump with tears in your eyes], let’s look at the voting results.

Note: Red means not to buy, green means to buy, we have eliminated the result of [I don’t know whether to buy or not].

Chicken Ribs

More than 60% of mothers think they should not buy the following products, which are completely chicken ribs.

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Comments by Clove Mother: The baby’s metabolism is very strong and it is not as afraid of cold as we thought. This wet wipe heater is really a bit exaggerated.

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Comments on clove mother: Diaper table is mainly a convenient product for mother to use, but it is not very cost-effective and quite occupies a position. In fact, where to change diapers are the same, such as mother can use a desk to change, protecting the waist and not spending money to occupy a place.

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Comments by clove mother: monitors are not necessary, as many mothers say, they may also make themselves too nervous. The most important thing is to make sure that adults are with the baby.

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Comments by clove mother: baby’s head shape is not completely determined by pillows, but more importantly, let the baby play on his stomach. Sticking pillows cannot make the baby’s head shape look better, but if the baby falls asleep comfortably, it is also a choice. It is suggested that the baby start using pillows after 3 months.

If you have money, buy buy will buy an article.

The following mother and infant products are basically harmless from what, but more than half of the mothers voted against them. It seems that most mothers still want to save some, because these products can find alternative ways. In short, you can buy them if you have money, and don’t be willful if you want to save money.

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Comments by clove mothers: The price of supplementary food cooking machines is relatively high, and the frequency of use is not necessarily very high. Only 16% of mothers are willing to spend money on them. If mothers do not want to buy, they can use supplementary food grinding bowls, general mixers and other substitutes.

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Comments by clove mothers: The main problem with breast-feeding pillows is that some babies don’t like them and are not honest when staying on them. Most mothers think it is more convenient to hold and feed them with their hands.

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Comments by Clove Mother: Bottle sterilizer is more convenient to use. Of course, if you want to save money, you can also hold the bottle with a clip and put it into boiling water for disinfection.

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Comments by Clove Mother: To bathe your baby, you can actually measure the water temperature with your elbow, which is slightly higher than the elbow temperature.

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Comments by Clove Mother: The milk warmer is quite convenient to use. It is said that [after using it, I don’t want to use the original method any more]. Of course, it is also possible to heat it through hot water, but it will be a little troublesome in winter.

These can be bought

The following products are more than half of what mothers think should be bought, and there is some truth in them.

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Clove mother comments: Although carts can also be used, but it is not very convenient to go shopping and travel with carts. Compared with braces, the advantages of waist stool are mainly not so hot in summer. However, waist stool is mainly suitable for babies aged 6 months to 1 year old. Too young babies cannot sit yet, and too big babies can’t bear the waist of their mothers.

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Comments by clove mothers: Baby sleeping bags can prevent babies from pedaling quilts and are more practical products. However, some mothers said that their babies are not used to staying in sleeping bags.

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Comments by Clove Mother: First of all, baby’s clothes should be washed separately from adults’. Secondly, baby laundry detergent is generally mild, but mothers do not need to blindly pursue [pure natural formula] and pay attention to choosing products with simple ingredients.


Comments by Clove Mother:The result of the vote on the waterproof umbilicus patch somewhat surprised Clove’s mother. More than 30% of mothers think they should buy it. The main problem with waterproof umbilicus stickers is that, It is easy to hurt the baby when torn off. The umbilical cord of the baby usually falls off about two weeks after birth. Before this, when bathing, just be careful not to let the water pass through the umbilicus. It is not necessary to use waterproof stickers. Even if there is slight wetness, you can wipe it clean with clean cotton swabs to keep the umbilicus dry. This thing is not necessary to buy, if you must buy it, please pay more attention when using it.

Source: He Yueting