Danger! Adults must not tease children like this.

There are many parties of relatives and friends, and when people see lovely children, they will inevitably tease them.

Although adults have no malice, please don’t use these seven dangerous ways to tease children, and don’t let others tease their children like this.

Prohibit 1: Throw and receive

When the baby is thrown high, the sensory stimulation can often amuse the child.

However, if the body and head of the baby cannot be caught at the same time after the baby is thrown up, the fragile neck muscles and cervical vertebrae of the child cannot bear this pressure under the action of inertia. Once the head and trunk are dislocated, serious injury may be caused.

Prohibition 2: Circle

Parents grab their children’s hands and turn around or [swing] after lifting them, which is also very dangerous.

The child’s bone and muscle development is not perfect. Adults pull his arm. Excessive force can easily cause accidents such as dislocation of elbow joint, injury of shoulder joint or fall injury.

Prohibition 3: Feeding

Some adults will let their children open their mouths and then throw peanuts, beans and other foods into them for him to eat.

Whether it is feeding or the child’s action of catching the food, it may cause the small food to enter the trachea, and the light food can cough and be discharged, but if it is very serious, it may even cause the child to suffocate and die.

Prohibition 4: Pinch Cheeks

Many adults like to pinch the baby’s cheek when teasing the baby.

However, there are salivary glands on people’s cheeks. Frequent touching will cause repeated stimulation to salivary glands, causing increased saliva secretion and causing children to drool all the time.

Prohibition 5: Drinking

We all know that alcohol is harmful to health, and alcohol is more harmful to children.

Children’s physical development is not perfect, and their metabolic ability to alcohol is even worse. Even alcohol bathing may cause poisoning, let alone drinking it.

No matter how much wine (including alcoholic beverages) you give your child, it is not safe. Wine is not nutritious, even if you dip it in chopsticks and lick it for your child, it is harmful and useless, so never give your child alcohol.

Prohibition 6: Scares

Children in their development period are still in the cognitive stage of things, and any words and deeds of parents in front of their children will affect them.

No matter whether it is to tease the child or to prevent some bad behaviors of the child, you should not frighten the child with such words as “your mother doesn’t want you anymore” [if you don’t obey again, you will * * *]. These wrong inducements will make the child form a wrong understanding. Over time, they will virtually aggravate the child’s fear and form a painful impression.

Prohibition 7: Forced Performance

No other mistake adults from making is to let children [improvement] at parties.

First of all, adults may ignore their children’s feelings. They may as well ask themselves: “Would you like to dance or sing a song for your children now?” ]

Secondly, in this case, the child has not been prepared in advance. If the child likes this kind of challenge, it is also good. If the child is in a hurry and fails to perform well, making the child feel very defeated and wronged, it is likely to hurt the child’s self-esteem.


Although it seems that these behaviors are not very conspicuous, they should never be done.

If there are relatives and friends who are preparing to do this to their children, they should stop them in time so as not to hurt them. If it has already happened, we should find ways to remedy it. If we are scared, we should appease them in time. If we are wronged, we should encourage them. In case we are injured, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible.