Ask your doctor to answer your questions about thyroid nodule diet.

The body appears strange, the first concern is how to treat?

Then, when I got home, my biggest doubt was how to eat.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful question and answer on thyroid nodules. Are there any questions you want to ask?

Lu Zi

What foods can thyroid nodules not eat?

Doctor:Iodine deficiency or high iodine in the body can cause thyroid nodules.

As far as our country is concerned, iodine deficiency is mostly found in poor mountainous areas, and patients in many places do not lack iodine or even have high iodine. Therefore, it is recommended that people with thyroid nodules should not eat too many seafood, especially high iodine foods such as kelp and laver.

If thyroid nodules are accompanied by hyperthyroidism, try not to eat foods with high iodine content, and choose non-iodized salt for salt. After thyroid function is controlled normally, you can occasionally eat marine products with low iodine content such as hairtail and small yellow croaker.

With hypothyroidism or without hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, it is best to check urine iodine. If urine iodine is very high, you need a low iodine diet and eat less seafood. If urine iodine is low, iodine-rich foods, such as kelp and laver, can be properly ingested.

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Nodular goiter has been operated for three years. Can you eat sea cucumber now?

Doctor:You can eat sea cucumbers, but it is good to eat them occasionally. Don’t eat a lot at once.

Chang Le Xiao Du Du

Hypothyroidism with nodules, how to eat? Iodized salt or non-iodized salt?

Doctor:Iodized salt can be selected for salt, and greasy, fried and high-fat foods should be eaten less. Eat more foods rich in vitamins, crude fiber and high calcium.


What can’t be eaten after thyroid nodule surgery?

Doctor:There are not too many taboo foods after thyroid nodule surgery, so be careful not to eat too many foods with high iodine, such as kelp and laver.


Thyroid nodules say broccoli, radishes, potatoes, walnuts, red spots, soybeans and products cannot be eaten, right?

Doctor:Broccoli, radish, potato, walnut, sweet potato and soybean products are not high in iodine content and can be eaten. However, if accompanied by goiter, broccoli and soybean have the effect of causing goiter, it is better to eat less.

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Should goiter eat what? Avoid what?

Doctor:Eat less cabbage, soybean products, broccoli, etc. for simple goiter. Other things need not be paid special attention.

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What food can thyroid cyst eat? What can’t be eaten?

Doctor:Thyroid cyst is a kind of thyroid nodule, so dietary advice is the same as thyroid nodule.

Don’t eat too many seafood in your diet, especially high iodine foods such as kelp and laver. Other diets are no different from normal people.