Are you fully prepared to fight heatstroke?

How prevents heatstroke, I believe everyone knows: Appropriate drinking water, pay attention to supplementing salt and minerals, avoid going out at high temperature, and take measures to prevent sun and cool down during outdoor activities… However, even if you notice the above points, you will unconsciously begin to suffer from symptoms of heatstroke such as dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, which link is not in place? The following points are for reference. The air conditioner is not used properly. 1. The body can hold up, In the summer season, especially when the temperature rises suddenly, there will always be several elders who will not turn on the air conditioner in order to save a few electricity bills-this is actually very uneconomical, especially for the infirm, which poses a huge risk of heatstroke! 2. Excessive greed for cold, On the other hand, Young people are greedy for cold, Turn the air conditioner temperature too low, Even below 24. D egree. C., Causing the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor to be too large, As a result, the physical reaction cannot keep up with the drastic changes in temperature when entering and leaving the room, It is a great burden on the body. Apart from the problem of setting the air conditioning temperature, When in use, do not blow the air outlet of the air conditioner directly to people. In order to prevent the blown cold air from settling near the indoor floor all the time, You can also put a small electric fan on the floor to promote indoor air convection. Avoid the winter with your feet, The head is still in the summer. Keep reminding yourself to replenish water frequently when you are not hydrated. Drink less, drink more, don’t wait until you are thirsty, supplement about 1.2 liters of water every day, and remember to drink water after getting up and before and after taking a bath. Consider drinking salt soda or other sports drinks when work and exercise cause a lot of sweat. However, it is suggested to select the type with salt concentration of 0.1% ~ 0.2%, Also don’t drink too much. Because drinking a lot of water at one time will lead to hyperperspiration of reflex, Resulting in further loss of water and salt, It aggravates the state of water shortage. Some people in poor health have to work in high temperature environment (such as open air). You should always pay attention to your physical condition, eat healthily and avoid bad living habits. When your physical condition is not good, you need to work in high temperature, and you will suffer heatstroke if you are not careful. Therefore, you need to check the following items when starting work: How are your physical and mental state recently? Did you get enough sleep? Have you drunk too much and had a hangover? Did you eat breakfast normally? Do you have a bad cold or diarrhea? If it is not suitable to adjust the work in time, And always pay attention to their physical condition. Employers should also take care of the well-being of employees as much as possible. Try to shorten the continuous working time, increase the frequency of rest, increase the number of shifts, etc. Cold drinks should also be prepared in advance at the work site (5 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ is preferred). In addition to replenishing water, Salt supplementation should also be considered. The reason why the vulnerable elderly are the most likely victims of heatstroke is that, It is closely related to its physiological characteristics. Low water content: The water content in the elderly is low, About 50 percent of the body weight, 60% for young adults. Poor adjustment function: The ability to regulate body temperature will decline with age. As the temperature rises, the amount of sweat and the increase of skin blood flow in the elderly will decrease. And the rate of increase will also slow down. The elderly feel diminished: Not so sensitive to heat and thirst. Even if dehydration has begun, Nor do you realize it. These are all risk factors for heatstroke in the elderly, We need to be very vigilant. Studies have found that the elderly who maintain good exercise habits when they are young have almost the same degree of heat tolerance as the young. This shows that exercise can delay the decline of body temperature regulation ability. The elderly maintain appropriate amount of exercise all the year round. Such as a slightly sweaty exercise once a day, It is helpful to prevent heatstroke. Children, infants and children who are not good at expression are not yet mature in their thermoregulation mechanism. It is also a high-risk group for heatstroke. Children have poor expression ability, Uncomfortable and unable to express it clearly, Nor can we find a way to relieve the symptoms of mild heatstroke by ourselves. Therefore, it is more necessary to focus on protection. The key points of prevention are: Pay attention to the child’s face and sweat. If the child’s face is red and sweats like rain, It means that the body temperature in the deep part of the body is rising sharply. You should immediately move to a cool environment to rest. Cultivate good drinking habits from an early age. At ordinary times, you should often and moderately take your children for outdoor interaction. Let them slowly adapt to the hot environment. Parents should choose light-colored clothes that are conducive to heat dissipation for their children, and teach them to increase or decrease clothes according to the temperature. Adults feel hot, children may be hotter! Many parents will ignore this point. In summer, the height difference between children and adults may lead to completely different ambient temperatures. There has been such research in Japan: In midsummer in downtown Tokyo, the temperature measured at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground is 32.3 ℃, while the ambient temperature of children only 50 centimeters tall is as high as 35 ℃. Never leave infants in the car!