As much as you know about life, children love life as much as you know it.


When I was 20 years old, I often exchanged dreams with Dalin.

I said: Dalin, I will try my best to make money. I hope that one day my parents can move out of the house with less than 100 square meters. I also hope that when I am 40 years old, I can give my child a suite so that no matter who he is with in the future, he will not sleep on the street.

Dalin said: You think so far. My dream is that no matter how big the house is, I will have a good life. It is good to do a job you like and not lose food. Every day when you go out, you must wear good-looking makeup. Occasionally, when you go to the beach, you must also wear bikini and never allow yourself to have excess weight. When she has a child, she will take her to live a good life that she can give her, eat, play and travel around the world.

That year, I didn’t quite understand. Only later did I understand that all those who understand life can be brilliant wherever they live. All those who do not understand life are confined to the Jianghu.


I like her mother better than Dalin.

I think the most thankful thing for Dalin in her life is her mother.

Dalin said: Yes.

Young friends are watching her grow up all the way. However, you finally know that childhood has beautiful colors and when you grow up, you will not be so vulgar.

When I was in kindergarten, Da Lin was in my next class. I forgot what she looked like for the first time, but we all know that there was a little girl named Da Lin who dressed beautifully every day.

The hair circle on her head changes every time. Her clothes are always so special, with lace, patterns and impeccable.

As for her mother, she always wears good-looking lipstick. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, she wears a one-character skirt, twists her waist, and then stands at the door of the classroom and shouts [Da Lin ~].

At that time, we, who were often thrown into kindergarten in pajamas and pajamas, always looked at Dalin with envy and watched her dressed like a fairy by her mother.

Dalin and I met because of an art competition. I went to her house to prepare works together.

It was the first time I went to her house.

[Do you know that the appearance of a family is the quality of life?] I often think of this sentence, and I often think of the amazing feeling of coming to her home at first.

Her house is a bungalow. I have been shopping through the whole room and don’t feel magnificent.

However, their balcony was neatly decorated with flowers and flowerpots of six colors, which were in good order and risked their anger. On their dining table, there is a Jiugong snack box, which her mother folded with waste paper and contained the necessary snacks for Dalin every day. She also has a small desk, and her mother has glued her the window grilles she has cut. Every corner is extremely delicate.

Later I learned that her parents were the most ordinary workers.

On that day, Dalin’s mother gave me a small flower cake that I had never eaten before. She made it herself. She said that she rode for more than an hour and went to the countryside to buy the rice noodles. Making rice cakes is the best.

Dalin and I had a very happy meal. Dalin said that her mother has always been like this and always wants to give [the best].


In her teens, Dalin still existed like a fairy.

She began to learn musical instruments and English.

We watched her perform on stage and looked forward to all kinds of strange things.

She will wear good-looking clothes, even if she starts to have breasts. We hunched back, and she always held her head high.

She said: Mother said, it doesn’t matter, girls will always change.

She will take us to her favorite shop with pocket money. None of the shops she goes to are cheap. We like to eat fried chicken legs with 6 yuan money, but she always likes to take us to search [high-end food shops].

She gave me the first imported jelly I ate, she said, and her mother brought it on a business trip.

She watches all kinds of children’s plays, every time. As long as there are what children’s plays in our city, the next day, we can listen to stories around her, over and over again.

Her parents later started a small business, and then the family moved out of the bungalow.

When I went to visit, the house was already decorated. Her mother planted a large area of flowers, the kitchen was very bright, and every corner was embroidered with her mother’s own little thoughts-patterns or window grilles, not monotonous but interesting.

Dalin said that her mother gave her a huge makeup mirror and dressed her.

The mirror was very large, and her mother said that she hoped Dalin would not be sloppy before going out.


In fact, I didn’t envy Dalin so much before, but later, I discovered that after life, the gap between us became bigger and bigger.

The greatest cruelty of youth is [expiration], and the greatest beauty, you keep, is to commemorate.

We are in different cities at the university. Every time I see Dalin, I always feel that this girl works very hard and will lead a life.

In her body, I found her mother when she was young.

She must tidy herself up in good order every day, even when she is plain, she is not allowed to have a little something wrong with her face. She often uses the money she earns from working to buy expensive clothes and bags. She said that people always learn to love themselves and decorate themselves. She seldom eats junk food. She doesn’t touch fried or barbecued food. She just eats some healthy snacks. She always says, Don’t believe it. Good food will bring good news to your body.

One day, I saw her mother in the street again and finally believed a word: the best education for children is to teach by word and deed.


There is a saying: As much as you know about life, children will love life as much.

And I also gradually discovered that the child’s quality of life follows her parents. She is engraved in her life and falls into the child’s life for a long time.

How delicate parents are, how calm their children’s future will be.

Parents’ quality of life hides their children’s attitude towards life.

For this reason, perhaps we should work hard all our lives.