As the Spring Festival approaches, how will Wuhan deal with it?

In the early morning of today (January 19), the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee issued a briefing on the new coronavirus. The announcement showed that 17 cases of pneumonia and 3 cases of severe cases were newly confirmed to be infected by the new coronavirus.

At 24:00 hour on 17 January, A total of 62 cases of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus have been reported in Wuhan city. 19 cases were cured and discharged from hospital, 8 cases were under treatment, 2 cases died, and the rest patients were in stable condition. All the patients received isolation treatment in designated medical institutions in Wuhan. A total of 763 close contacts were followed up, 681 had been released from medical observation, 82 were still under medical observation, and no related cases were found in the close contacts.

On January 19, in response to the comprehensive prevention and control of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus, relevant experts and local government officials in Wuhan answered reporters’ questions on whether the epidemic can be prevented and controlled and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The following are the key points compiled by Clove Garden according to this press conference:

First, the new cases are due to the development of etiological detection and may continue to increase in the future.

On January 16, after receiving the kit issued by the state, the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention began to carry out etiological tests on the specimens of patients with viral pneumonia of unknown causes submitted by Wuhan City. From January 16 to 17, the national, provincial and municipal expert groups confirmed 4 cases and 17 cases respectively based on comprehensive judgment of clinical manifestations, epidemiological history and etiological test results.

With the further development of testing work, it is expected that the number of new cases will continue to increase.

Second, Wuhan has stepped up screening of patients with fever and pneumonia.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan has strengthened the screening of fever patients with pneumonia in fever clinics of medical institutions. Patients with viral pneumonia who have been excluded from known viruses (including influenza, adenovirus, SARS, MERS, etc.) are immediately isolated and treated. Specimens are collected and submitted for inspection at the same time to carry out etiological detection of new coronaviruses.

The national, provincial and municipal expert groups made a comprehensive judgment based on clinical manifestations, epidemiological history and etiological test results, and finally confirmed the patients infected with the new coronavirus.

Three, the epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled, does not rule out the possibility of limited human-to-human transmission

For this epidemic situation, the initial impression is that the infectivity of the new coronavirus is not strong, which does not rule out the possibility of limited human-to-human transmission, but the risk of sustained human-to-human transmission is low.

With the implementation and implementation of various prevention and control measures, the epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled. Most of the cases are mild. Of the 763 close contacts tracked, 681 have been released from medical observation, and no related cases have been found among the close contacts.

Four, the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia can be treated as a whole

All confirmed new-type coronavirus-infected pneumonia have been admitted to designated hospitals, One person, one medical team, one person, one diagnosis and treatment plan. The state has sent 5 experts from respiratory medicine department and infection department to form a joint medical treatment expert group with 26 provincial and municipal medical experts in Hubei Province. The group adopts a shift system and is on duty 24 hours a day. Wuhan has also transferred a number of key medical personnel to support it.

As of January 17, 19 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital. Pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus is generally treatable.

Five, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic during the Spring Festival, Wuhan has taken timely measures

1. Medical observation of close contacts: To implement [one person, one file, one district, one supervision and law enforcement] for close contacts, Taking the way of “three guarantees and one guarantee” for community cadres, community grid workers and community medical personnel, Close contacts were monitored and managed by classification. Close contacts of family members and other general population were followed up by district CDC and community health service centers once a day, with a total of 12,100 person-times. Domestic close contacts of diagnosed cases in Thailand and Japan are undergoing follow-up and medical observation.

2. Implement joint defense and control:

Body temperature tests are carried out for people leaving Wuhan, and public transport is disinfected and ventilated: passengers with fever are registered, brochures and masks are distributed, refund or change procedures are handled free of charge, referral is guided to medical institutions in the jurisdiction, and registration reports are made.

As of the 18th, a total of nearly 300,000 people had been tested for body temperature, and 16 fever patients had been found, all of whom had ruled out positive cases.

Continue to increase the control of South China Seafood Wholesale Market after it is closed: carry out environmental sanitation disposal of the market and related areas; 24-hour control of the market and its surrounding entrances and exits; Carry out harmless treatment on its waste goods.

The city’s agricultural (gathering) trade markets and all kinds of business premises shall be renovated, and the sale of live poultry shall be resolutely prohibited, illegal breeding, processing and management of all kinds of wild animals shall be strictly prohibited, and illegal transshipment and sale of wild animals shall be severely cracked down. The city’s agricultural (gathering) trade markets and all kinds of business premises shall be further strengthened in cleaning, disinfection and ventilation management.

In addition, measures have been taken to reduce large-scale public gathering activities, strictly manage fever clinics, and intensify patriotic health campaigns.

In the next step, Wuhan will continue to increase the monitoring of fever personnel. Continue to increase the control of the agricultural (collective) trade market, resolutely prohibit the sale of live poultry, and severely crack down on wildlife trade; Continue to deepen the patriotic health campaign; Continue to strengthen the treatment of patients, do a good job in the treatment of severe patients, to minimize the mortality rate; Continue to strengthen the management of close contacts, and effectively protect the health of the majority of residents and medical personnel; Actively carry out health education and popularize knowledge related to epidemic prevention and control.

For this epidemic, medical personnel need to know these

On January 12, the World Health Organization issued guidelines for clinical treatment of severe acute respiratory tract infection caused by suspected new coronavirus infection.

1. Triage: Identification and shunt of patients with severe acute respiratory infection (SARI)

2. Immediately implement correct infection prevention and control measures (IPC)

3. Prevention of complications

Ordinary people need to take protective measures,

The following are WHO recommended protection tips for new coronaviruses:

In addition, in order to strengthen self-protection and reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection, medical surgical masks and N95 masks can be worn when going out for prevention.

It should be noted that no matter what type of mask, the protective effect is limited and needs to be replaced regularly.

The correct way to wear a mask is as follows: