Baba’s Nurturing Record: The wife is about to give birth. What can the husband do?

At 10: 00 p.m. on March 11, I reviewed my books and massaged my wife to get ready for bed. Because I had to take a very important exam the next day, I was still praying secretly: “As long as I don’t start tomorrow, any day is fine.”

With such a mood, I chatted with my wife and went to sleep.

As a result… it started!

In my sleep, I vaguely felt that someone turned on the light, and then I heard the sound of opening the door: my wife walked into the bedroom and looked at me at the door, with a lot of information in her eyes…

Wait! Isn’t my wife with me before going to bed? With the light on so late and coming in from the outside, my eyes are still very complicated, maybe! ?

Just as I opened my eyes, I was about to open my mouth and ask my wife what was going on when her wife said faintly, “It’s time to go to the hospital. It’s been 2 hours since the labor pains.”

Unable to spit out, the last thing I want to come is just like this!

However, I couldn’t help it. I was mixed with excitement and nervousness. I turned over and got out of bed and looked at my watch. At 3 o’clock in the morning on March 12. When I went out to the living room, I saw my wife had packed the bags yet.

I turned to my wife in surprise and asked, “Did you have labor pains early?” ! ]

The wife was still very calm, but she could see the painful expression that could not be concealed. She said slowly: “Yes, the labor pains have been going on for 2 hours. I didn’t call you if I wanted you to sleep more… Now the labor pains are regular.”

All right, don’t say anything. Facing such a great and calm mother, it is good for a husband to do things steadfastly. So he grabbed the car key, helped his wife out of the house, and slowly moved to the garage…

The waiting room is not for you to enter if you want!

We have made a good reserve of theoretical knowledge for a long time. Attended parenting courses in maternal and child health hospitals (free of charge, It is suggested that everyone go to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital in their own city to learn more about it. There will be some popular science lectures. There is no need to buy courses from outside organizations at all). They have studied < < Sears Pregnancy Encyclopedia > >, so they basically know that the whole production process is like what, which is why they are as calm as my wife above.

Let me tell you here, When mom started it, It usually takes 8 hours for the uterine orifice to divide from 0 cm to 3 cm. Therefore, if there is no what abnormality in the early prenatal examination, amniotic fluid is not broken, red is not serious, and labor pains are not regular, basically there is no need to worry. My wife took a bath and ate something after the labor pains began to be regular and woke me up to go to the hospital after seeing red.

Of course, it is suggested that expectant mothers who are extremely large and lack knowledge should go to the hospital as soon as possible if they feel uncomfortable and conditions permit.

Well, let’s get back to the point. We stopped and stopped. Soon, we arrived at the waiting room calmly.

[Doctor, my wife is going to have a baby! It is estimated that the spectators will expect this to be the first sentence after we enter the door.

No! I said this: [Doctor, my wife started uterine contraction 2.5 hours ago, and started regular uterine contraction half an hour ago, accompanied by red and unbroken amniotic fluid. It is estimated that the uterine opening is 1 cm, please help to check it.]

Before, some noisy outpatient offices suddenly quieted down. Doctors and other parents-to-be were looking at me. At that time, I held my head high and looked ahead proudly. After all, there was no need to explain the life of pretending to be X.

However, this X-like posture was smashed by the doctor’s words before it was kept for more than one minute: [Wait at the door! There are too many people here! ]

Indeed as expected pretend X died quickly. So I held my wife and went out despondently… it took most of the day before we were called in to make records, examinations and appointments in the waiting room.

Yes, because of the large number of expectant labor personnel in general public hospitals, The waiting room is reserved. Therefore, if the uterus has not been opened and there is no emergency, the expectant mother should be prepared to be returned before going to the hospital-the waiting room does not necessarily have a vacancy, and it must be given to the expectant mother who needs it more (such as the uterus has been opened, the amniotic fluid has been broken, or other emergency).

If it has not been started, the parturient may be advised by the doctor to go home first and come back several hours later. My wife did start it, and the uterus was opened by 1 cm, which met the conditions for entering the waiting room.

What can my husband do when I struggle with waiting in the waiting room?

The time in the waiting room is not easy, and the pains will get worse and worse. At this time, as a husband, do you need to be a what?

In fact, not much, but very important, just three things: 1. Eat 2. Go to the toilet 3. Sit beside

Step 1 Eat

The expectant mother eats no more than usual.

The popular drinking of honey water, bananas, cakes and Red Bull have all been rejected.

Honey water is sweet and greasy, expectant mothers are very painful and may vomit. Bananas will destroy the electrolytes in the mother’s body. It is too early to drink Red Bull at this time. It is better to sleep for a while between pains.

What about what at this time?

Fluid food, pasta. It absorbs fast and has enough energy. Fortunately, there is generally no shortage of these at the gate of the hospital. I bought white rice porridge and soup powder. However, because my wife is too painful, we still choose to sleep first to recover our strength during labor pains so as not to vomit.

Step 2: Go to the toilet

After spending so long in the waiting room, it is inevitable to go to the bathroom. However, it is important to tell expectant fathers that when expectant mothers want to go to the bathroom, they must inform the nurse. If the nurse allows them to go to the bathroom, expectant mothers should remember that they must not go to the bathroom! Too! Use! Li! Consider the fragile amniotic fluid in your stomach.

Step 3 Sit next to

I was very anxious when I saw my wife’s pain in the waiting room. At first, I would ask for warmth and warmth and walk back and forth to take care of her, but at last I found that my anxiety would make my wife more uneasy and agitated.

Some husbands may not understand, let me give an example: if someone kicks your little brother every other minute and someone keeps nagging you to be caring and attentive, do you think it will make you feel better? It’s good not to hit him, isn’t it?

At this time, the general husband does not need to speak. After everything is ready, the best strategy is to sit quietly beside him and hold her hand so that she can sleep peacefully as soon as possible to prepare for the next pain.

How long will it take to stay in the waiting room?

It’s really hard to say.

As mentioned earlier, it may take about 8 hours for the uterus to open from 0 to 3 centimeters, but my wife only took 2 hours to open to 3 fingers. The next day, a colleague’s family stayed in the waiting room for 18 hours before pushing into the delivery room.

So don’t worry about the length of time, don’t worry, just follow the doctor’s instructions.

What can my husband do in the last battle in the delivery room?

The last battle may need to be faced by expectant mothers themselves.

Because of psychological shadow and legal problems, public hospitals generally do not allow expectant fathers to accompany childbirth. Although expectant mothers and expectant fathers are separated by one door, they are equally anxious. But at this time in addition to waiting, in fact, expectant fathers still have some things to do:

STEP 1 Soothe other family members

Often, the whole family will be touched when it is launched, and the seven elder sisters and eight elder aunts will come and say a word to each other outside.

When everyone is nervous, they will be very upset. At this time, reliable relatives can be arranged to take everyone to eat or relax and appease them. After all, there are too many people outside the delivery room, and the prospective father himself will be more anxious, which is not a good thing in what.

Step 2: Send food and keep warm

Although accompanying labor is not allowed, things can be sent to the delivery room outside.

Just now it was said that Red Bull, which drank too early, can come in handy now. Generally speaking, Red Bull and chocolate are standard in the delivery room. Some of them should be sent in, and nurses will feed them to expectant mothers.

In terms of warmth preservation, because the air conditioner in the delivery room will be fully turned on, and the expectant mother must change into the hospital’s thin maternal clothing before entering the delivery room. A blanket sent in by the expectant father at this time may keep the expectant mother warm.

The wife’s childbirth went smoothly, and 10,000 words were omitted here…

At 9: 30, my little princess was born!