These 7 truths satisfy your appetite and curiosity about durian.

In the food industry, in addition to the dispute over the sweetness and saltiness of various foods, there is another kind of food for which supporters always stop, while disgusting people are eager to retreat for three feet and even cause the two camps to fight. It is durian.

1. Why is durian so smelly/fragrant?

As an open [king of fruits], how can one stand in the world without domineering taste? It can be [fragrant] floating for half a mile. However, for the wonderful smell of durian,

    People who don’t like durian will feel like [sewage], [skunk], [vomit], which makes people have no appetite. However, those who like it will say [where does it stink, clearly it smells so good]!

Scientists are also curious about where durian’s great smell comes from. After research, they found that durian contains many volatile substances, the most important of which are three categories: esters, ketones, and sulfur compounds (the main source of odor). However, it is difficult to say which category dominates durian’s complex and highly recognizable smell.

As for why some people love and others hate, there are two main reasons:

(1) Intimacy with durian

People who often come into contact with durian are more likely to distinguish the sweet taste from its complicated taste, while people who meet durian for the first time are more sensitive to its rotten smell.

Therefore, try to contact durian several times more, and maybe you will turn durian black into powder.

(2) Genes determine whether you love durian or not

If your cognitive program for durian smell has been written to death at the genetic level, then it is suggested that you should accept your fate.

2. One durian and three chickens?

Durian is not only unique in smell, but also different from common fruits in taste and nutrition. In some parts of China, there is also a saying that [one durian has three chickens].

Mature durian has soft and smooth taste, with oil content above 5% and sugar content not low, reaching 27 g/100g. Due to its high fat and sugar content, durian’s calories reach 147 kcal/100g (the calories of common fruits do not exceed 50 kcal/100g), which can be said to be a kind of fruit with considerable presence in taste and calories.

In terms of micronutrients, durian is rich in vitamin C, B vitamins and mineral manganese, and also contains a certain amount of nicotinic acid, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Durian is regarded as a small expert in vitamin supplement in the fruit industry.

From a caloric point of view, durian and chicken can really draw, but the overall nutritional ability [top three chickens] is not reliable. After all, the main nutritional contribution is different. The protein in chicken cannot be equated with the sugar in durian.

3. Eat durian, will you get angry?

As a tropical fruit, many people have a little doubt about durian: will eating too much [get angry]?

To tell the truth, [excessive internal heat] is a very complicated and difficult concept to define. However, some related symptoms can indeed be explained by science.

For durian, the main culprit causing excessive internal heat is most likely the source of its sweet honey-high sugar.

On the one hand, a diet with hyperglycemia load will lead to acne aggravation, and its mechanism may be that blood sugar level is positively correlated with androgen level.

On the other hand, too sweet and greasy taste can also make people feel flustered. The most typical symptoms are dry mouth and throat discomfort.

Therefore, if you have acne or feel thirsty after eating durian, eat less next time and drink more water to moisten your mouth.

Can durian be eaten with XXX?

A few days ago, there were many statements on the Internet that eating durian and some foods at the same time could cause death.

(1) Durian + Milk Poisoned Cobra?

Denial: Durian has no caffeine! There is no caffeine in milk! ! Durian + milk has no caffeine! ! !

(Durian Milkshake: Let me cry for a while…)

(2) Durian + Coke Poisoned Cobra? (Can I change the snake …)

Denial: Coke contains about 9 mg/100 ml of caffeine, which is not high, and durian contains no what substance that will hinder caffeine metabolism. Do you want to reach the toxic dose? We need to have a stomach that will not be burnt by carbon dioxide.

(Coke: I am to blame for the problem anyway…)

(3) Durian + wine = arsenic?

Denial: Compared with the above two, there is finally one that is slightly more reliable.

Some studies have found that fruits with high sulfur content (such as durian) can inhibit the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and reduce the metabolism of alcohol by the body.

However, these experiments are only in vitro experiments and animal experiments, and there are no relevant studies and cases in real life, which can prove that drinking after eating durian is life-threatening.

What’s more, talking about toxicity without dose is hooliganism. For alcohol metabolism, individual differences are also very large.

At ordinary times, if you eat a few durian pieces and drink some wine, the vast majority of people will not have what problems and do not have to frighten themselves.

The news said that the cause of death was alcoholism… so, are you sure you didn’t drink too much alcohol?

(Durian: I don’t carry this pot…)

5. Eat durian and find out about drunk driving?

There are reports that driving just after eating durian is likely to be found [drunk driving].

This is not a rumor. Durian is high in sugar. If it is overcooked or stored for a long time, it will produce alcohol, creating the illusion of drunk driving. However, the amount of alcohol is not high and will quickly volatilize with breathing and talking.

Therefore, in case of this kind of situation, it is no problem to calmly explain it to the traffic police, take another test every other time, or directly apply for a blood test.

6. Durian is covered in treasures!

For ordinary buyers, durian meat, which is directly eaten by nuclear energy, is a real delicacy. But for experts in food, durian is delicious from top to bottom and from inside to outside!

Durian meat: Besides eating directly, it can also be used for fried rice, desserts, snacks and ice cream.

Durian Shell: People in some places use it to smoke fish; You can also remove the sharp spines on the outermost layer and use the white part inside to stew chicken to make soup, which tastes delicious.

Durian kernel (seed): It’s good to cook, stir-fry, fry and bake, but it must be cooked.

In addition, fresh durian tender leaves and flowers can be added to vegetables. Knowing that you can’t buy it, just imagine.

7. How to choose delicious durian?

It is said that durian has the best taste within 2-4 days after falling from the tree. Of course, this kind of durian is usually eaten by the local people… … …

For durian in China, durian can only rely on imported food. These selection experiences can be referred to:

    Looking at the appearance, it is best not to choose those with large openings (easy to deteriorate); Look at the spikes on the durian shell. It should be Microsoft, with yellow color and a little green. Smell, there is a special smell of durian, but there will be no alcohol smell; Lift it up and shake it. If you can hear the fruit moving, it means it is ripe or too ripe to store again.

The selected durian is brought back to the household newspaper and wrapped in a cool and ventilated place. After about a day or two, the shell starts to crack slightly and you can eat it.

If you just buy one petal to relieve your appetite, then gently poke it with your finger through the plastic wrap. The pulp is soft but not rotten, and the aroma is rich and has no peculiar smell.