Be alert to the midlife crisis, and men should not neglect their menopause.

Forty seems to be the “golden age” for men, rich in experience, mature and wise, successful in career and happy in family.

However, from a physiological point of view, his forties are also an important turning point for men. Careful family members will find that he seems to have become a little strange, and he is getting familiar with his work, but he will be tired, depressed or irritable at home. What is this all about?

In fact, like their female compatriots, men of this age have also entered menopause.

What in men’s menopause?

Let’s compare it first. Do you or his family have the following performance?

    Easy fatigue, memory decline, attention is not easy to concentrate; Hot flashes, hyperhidrosis, chest tightness, shortness of breath, easy numbness of hands and feet, poor sleep quality and obvious blood pressure fluctuation; Muscle mass decreases, fat content increases, and fatigue is easy. Hypolibido, erectile time and hardness decrease, and sexual frequency decreases; Emotions are easy to fluctuate, mental stress, depression, irritation or irritability.

Men with the following conditions are more likely and will have climacteric symptoms earlier:

    Bad living habits such as smoking and drinking; Overweight or obesity caused by imbalance of diet and exercise; People who are engaged in mental work and seldom exercise their bodies, or those who have been engaged in intense sports before but have suddenly stopped; Existence of chronic diseases; Living conditions are too difficult.

On the contrary, those men who have a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, moderate exercise, good social intercourse and harmonious family relations come late in menopause.

What is menopause for men?

As early as 1938, western scholar Walker put forward the concept of “male climacteric syndrome” to describe discomfort symptoms occurring in middle-aged and elderly men.

In 2002, the International Institute of Older Men renamed the syndrome [delayed hypogonadism].

The name looks very complicated, but in fact, in short, it is because of the growth of age, the decline of organ function, the slow decline of androgen secretion level in men, and a series of physiological and mental changes brought about by this.

Female menopause has obvious signs, such as menstrual disorder until menopause.

Oh, I’m in perimenopause.

Male menopause has no similar obvious signs and is difficult to judge by oneself.

Androgen levels in men slowly decline, climacteric symptoms show more gentle, and feelings are not very significant.

In addition, most people always think:

Men, how can there be menopause performance of mother-in-law and mother-in-law?

As a result, men’s menopause problems have not received enough attention. Even if there are related problems, they are often taboo.

How to successfully pass male menopause?

First of all, if the above situation occurs, it is recommended to go to the urology department or andrology department of the regular hospital first for symptom screening and evaluation, serum testosterone determination and experimental testosterone supplement treatment reaction, and listen to the diagnosis opinions of professional doctors. That is, excluding the possibility of other diseases, it is determined that it is because it has entered menopause.

Secondly, the original chronic basic diseases should be actively treated. Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid and uric acid should be well controlled. Middle-aged men have not yet learned to be responsible for their own bodies?

Thirdly, it is necessary to establish a healthy life model. Diet balanced nutrition, weight control, active participation in physical exercise, quit smoking, don’t drink too much alcohol. You know, obesity is a major risk factor for male climacteric syndrome, and exercise is of great help to relieve male climacteric mood.

Finally, if accompanied by severe osteoporosis or mental symptoms, you should seek professional guidance and help from a doctor. Some people may consider hormone replacement therapy, i.e. Appropriate androgen supplement. Of course, it must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Androgen supplementation for climacteric androgen deficiency individuals can improve testosterone level in the body, improve various symptoms to a certain extent, improve the quality of sexual life, reduce fat content and increase bone mineral density, and even improve depression and other adverse emotions.

However, like hormone replacement therapy for women, androgen supplement is not suitable for every middle-aged and elderly man and needs to be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

Male menopause is the transitional stage of life, not the end of happy life and youthful vitality. Like female menopause, correctly understand, scientifically face, happily and calmly accept the arrival of this period of time, and adapt to another new stage of life.

We said that what is female menopause, how to deal with female menopause, and today we also talked about men’s [middle-aged crisis]. After watching it, how do you think menopause should be spent?