What kind of physical examination can be considered good?

Did you go for a physical examination this year?

Physical examination can let us know our health situation more clearly. Many diseases can be found early in physical examination before symptoms appear. Timely intervention can obtain better curative effect. Early prevention and treatment are the most economical methods.

If no problems are found in the physical examination, it will give us a reassuring health protection.

But can we be satisfied with every physical examination?

Are these projects I have done the most cost-effective?

Does the result on the medical examination report mean what?

Do I need to make adjustments in my daily life?

Should items with arrows be reviewed?

In Dr. Clove’s view, physical examination should be conducted in at least five aspects before it can be considered as a high-quality physical examination.

  1. Personalized physical examination program;

  2. Detailed explanation of matters needing attention before physical examination;

  3. Excellent environment for physical examination;

  4. Professional interpretation of physical examination report;

  5. Perfect follow-up system.

Personalized Physical Examination Program

Each person’s physical condition is different, different ages, living habits, in the physical examination of the emphasis will also be different. Therefore, according to the characteristics of each person, customized personalized physical examination package, can make the role of physical examination play to the best, save time and money.

How to choose the physical examination items?

Of course, you don’t need to choose by yourself. In Hangzhou’s clove clinic, doctors will refer to international and domestic standardized guidelines, choose different emphases according to different genders and ages, and select sensitive and specific indicators to help early detection of chronic diseases and malignant tumor alarm factors closely related to health.

Details of matters needing attention before physical examination

When it comes to precautions before physical examination, besides fasting, do you still know about what? Many small details, if not noticed, will also bring problems. For example:

To do electrocardiogram, one has to expose one’s ankles. As a result, the woman wears pantyhose and takes it off, which is very inconvenient.

Patients with hypertension and diabetes are very tangled with whether to take medicine or not on the day of physical examination.

During the physical examination at Clove Clinic, you will be given a detailed note through WeChat before the physical examination: the dietary note is accurate to the hour; For patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, medication suggestions are also given. For women, it also gives very considerate dress advice.

Excellent environment

No matter whether the doctor examines the body or carries out some examinations, it is a relatively private situation. In addition, it is closely related to our bodies. Everyone will inevitably be nervous during the physical examination. If the environment for physical examination is not good, it will be an unpleasant experience.

After drawing blood, one hand pressed the eye of the needle and the other hand was carrying a lot of things. It was really a mess to queue up for other events.

Abdominal B-ultrasound should be on an empty stomach, and gynecological B-ultrasound should hold back urine, which makes people at a loss.

If there are many people for physical examination, they will be empty all morning, hungry, dizzy, flustered and even worse.

What kind of environment is good?

This kind of matter involving privacy, of course, it is best to have a personal clinic.

Clove Clinic implements an appointment system and strictly controls the number of people. During the physical examination, everyone has a special clinic. Inquiry, physical examination, blood drawing and gynecological examination are all completed in the same place. There is no need to run around. The above mentioned avoid confusion and embarrassment.

Interpretation of Professional Reports

Every time you get the medical examination report, do you feel this way:

Seeing all kinds of arrows on the test form and words that cannot be understood on the report form, my heart is always uneasy and I always want to find a doctor to ask?

In the clove clinic physical examination, there is no need to worry about this problem.

You can view your report online through WeChat client. At the same time, the attending physician will explain the results of the examination to you by phone or WeChat and work out the next plan with you.

If the phone and WeChat communication are not detailed enough, you can also make an appointment for the attending doctor’s in-class time, which will be interpreted face to face by the doctor and you. Within two weeks after the physical examination report is issued, no additional fee will be charged for answering the physical examination report and handling related questions.

Complete follow-up system

Is it over after the physical examination and the report? Of course not, the purpose of physical examination is to find physical problems and make the body healthier in later life.

After the physical examination at Clove Clinic, you can discuss with your doctor and get a detailed health plan.

If you have further needs, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, diet adjustment, etc., you can further communicate with your doctor and get more detailed suggestions. Let you know clearly what to do next to make yourself healthier.

Friends in Hangzhou, come to Clove Clinic to experience this kind of physical examination!