Before buying a climbing mat, you must first look at these 2 points and stay away from [black heart mat]

After 6 ~ 9 months, the baby began to learn to crawl.

Crawling is the first step to explore the world, and has many benefits: it can not only exercise the strength of the baby’s upper and lower limbs and waist, help the baby to stand, but also help to cultivate the coordination of exercise and promote the development of nervous system.

When the baby starts to climb, one thing the mother should pay special attention to: give the baby a comfortable and safe environment for activities!

Crawling at home is full of danger.

After the baby has mastered the crawling method skillfully, the whole house will become his range of activities.

At this time, the hard floor, rough carpet, bare socket holes and randomly placed furniture in the home may cause harm to the baby’s body at any time.

In particular, mothers are advised to be prepared in advance:

    Seal the power jack to prevent the baby from touching it. Remove excess furniture and stick anti-collision strips on the corners of furniture that cannot be removed. Put away all small objects and sharp objects to prevent the baby from swallowing or scratching himself by mistake. Check whether there are ropes, curtains and other ropes left in the places that the baby can reach during crawling to reduce the risk of the baby being entangled; Prepare a comfortable and safe climbing mat.

For many mothers, the first few items are very easy to prepare, and it is especially worrying to choose a climbing mat. Many news reports reported that children’s climbing mats contain a large amount of harmful substances and have safety problems.

How can this be avoided?

Before buying, you should look at these 2 points and stay away from [black heart pad] as soon as possible.

Material safety is the most important thing for products that directly contact baby’s skin.

A qualified climbing mat should contain 0 or within a safe range of formamide, formaldehyde, bisphenol A and heavy metal harmful substances.

At present, most families are accustomed to using foam climbing mats. When purchasing, they must pay attention to these two points:

1. PVC or XPE material is preferred

Generally speaking, foam climbing mats are roughly divided into PVC, XPE, EPE and EVA.

EVA is the cheapest of all materials, but it is the most dangerous for babies. It is recommended not to buy it. Because of the problem of chemical process, it has a serious potential safety hazard of formamide exceeding the standard, and the mat made has a glue odor that is difficult to emit.

From the perspective of safety, PVC and XPE are recommended to be selected first.

In terms of price, PVC is more expensive, but it can reassure mother.

Because PVC is a very environmentally friendly and healthy material, PVC is used in water pipes of the world’s top 10 water purifiers, drinking hot water pipes of large buildings, including infusion hoses.

In a word, my mother asked the merchants more before buying: Is this cushion made of what?

2. Be sure to look at the test report

Asked about the material is not enough, must look at the test report.

Oeko-Tex certification is Germany’s testing certification and is very authoritative. If the climbing mat has this certification, it can be purchased with confidence.

Most climbing mats have SGS certification and 3C certification. Only when the two certificates are complete can mothers continue to choose.

It is suggested that mothers look directly at the SGS test report and keep an eye on the test results. The test results all show [ND], which means that this climbing mat does not contain these toxic substances.