Beware of the damage to the body caused by staying up late.

[Double Eleven] This originally ordinary day has unconsciously become a grand festival bought by the whole people in buy buy. I started from 0 o’clock today, opened several windows and plug-ins to compare prices, and finally finished buying the goods according to the list at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Buyers are enthusiastic, Sellers are naturally very busy, All night long to maintain the [festival] atmosphere, is really very hurt. I still remember last year, there was a young Taobao shopkeeper fell in the late night of preparing for the double eleven, think of this, love to stay up late I also have a sense of guilt. Just finished the double eleven late night purchase, with a deep introspection mood, to talk to everyone about the health hazards of staying up late.

Increased risk of death

Lack of sleep and staying up late are often accompanied by too long working hours and too short rest. Over the past decade, studies have shown that people who sleep five hours or less are nearly twice as likely to die as those who sleep six to seven hours. The sleep time here refers to the continuous sleep from night to the next morning, not the irregular fine sleep.

Increased risk of heart disease and stroke

The risk of heart disease and stroke caused by staying up late has recently been confirmed. A well-known paper published in 2012, Collecting data on 2 million people in 34 large-scale studies, The results show that, Among the people involved in night shifts, The risk of stroke increased by 5%, The risk of myocardial infarction increased by 23%. In Canada, 7% of myocardial infarction can be attributed to the contribution of night shift workers. Other studies have shown that, The regulation of blood pressure and heart rate of people who stay up late for a long time will show a trend of higher load. Abnormal vasoconstriction and immune function regulation will also occur: On the one hand, Increases the possibility of transient heart ischemia, On the one hand, it also increases the risk of coronary atherosclerosis and plaque instability, which may lead to myocardial infarction. Both factors make fatal [malignant arrhythmia] more likely to occur and eventually lead to sudden cardiac death. Therefore, staying up late increases the risk of sudden death, which makes sense in theory and has been confirmed in population studies and cannot be underestimated.

Increased anxiety and anxiety

Many people do not feel at ease when staying up late, They are often accompanied by great pressure and anxiety. For example, a certain period of work and study is approaching. Stay up late to rush to work. Some people stay up late not at work, But has been distracted by online shopping and other things that can be done or not, In order to relieve the pressure of business, Push back the pressure, But in the end there will be no delay, More anxiety needs to be confronted. To paraphrase a phrase in procrastination psychology, We stay up late in anxiety, Anxiety in staying up late, In anxiety and staying up late all day long]. At the same time, Staying up late itself can also lead to anxiety and other problems. A study involving 10,000 subjects found that People who do not get enough sleep are five times more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than normal people. We have long known that stress and anxiety themselves will greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and acute attacks. Therefore, staying up late and anxiety are a vicious circle that will eventually lead to actual damage to physical health.

Increased cancer risk

The anti-cancer diary of Yu Juan, a female anti-cancer doctor who died not long ago, has drawn many people’s attention to the impact of unhealthy lifestyles on health. Although from a medical point of view, Many of her views are based on personal experiences. Lack of scientific basis, There are many unscientific discussions, But [staying up late is associated with cancer], This view is supported by scientific research. For example, a breast cancer study found that Night shift workers have a 50% increased risk of breast cancer, However, the risk of jet lag increased by 70%. This may be related to the low immune function caused by sleep cycle disorders. For example, people who stay up late often have oral ulcers. While oral ulcer is more likely to occur in people with low immunity. The important function of the immune system is to monitor the immunity of cancer cells. The normal immune system can remove most abnormally differentiated cells in time, but when the immune surveillance function is weakened, loopholes may appear, increasing the risk of cancer. At present, Denmark has included cancer patients who implement shift system in the category of work-related injury compensation.

Staying up late for a long time makes people stupid.

A recently published study surveyed and evaluated more than 3,000 people who stayed up late on duty in various industries for more than a decade. Half of these people stayed up late and had to work shifts for more than 50 days a year. The results showed that These people’s memory, reaction speed and overall cognitive ability have obviously decreased. Although their cognitive function problems can be recovered after stopping shifts and entering a long-term normal work and rest, it will take at least 5 years. And their risk of accidents at work is much higher than normal.

Sleep supplement cannot eliminate harm.

After staying up late to catch up on sleep, In fact, it still disturbs the normal circadian rhythm of the human body. Because the body’s biological clock is not set as soon as it wants to, It is closely related to light and habits. Day and night light is transmitted to the body clock of the human body, the supraoptic nucleus in the brain, through visual perception. The supraoptic nucleus accordingly regulates various neurological and endocrine regulation, Including melatonin, which regulates the secretion of the pineal gland, To adjust the circadian rhythm of the whole body. Staying up late is classified as [delayed sleep phase syndrome] in sleep medicine. It is a kind of sleep cycle disorder, Others include jet lag, irregular sleep, non-24-hour sleep, etc. Unless you can fully simulate the changes of day and night light, Otherwise, staying up late will definitely disturb the biological clock. The health problems of shift workers (such as nurses, security personnel and service industry) are a good evidence. Although they can take a rest after a night shift, they are still a high incidence group of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and metabolic diseases.


To sum up, Stay up late to reduce life span, This is not sensational. Staying up late not only increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, It can also make people stupid and more likely to cause cancer and even death. Because of being a doctor, I often have irregular work and rest myself. As a professional and witness, I have to say that staying up late is unhealthy and uncomfortable. During the vacation when I can go to bed early, the whole person is full of energy. However, in those days when they often stay up late, they feel very tired and suffer from oral ulcers.

Write down these words and encourage everyone. I don’t know what kind of staying up late is moderate, but my body is my own. Please take care of yourself.