Blushing and sweating when talking to girls may be a disease that needs treatment.

I don’t know if you have ever met such a shy teenager. When he associates with people, he always blushes to the root of his neck. The more you tease him: Oh, my little face is as cute as a red apple! The more nervous he became until he was sweating profusely or his palms were soaked to the skin. He wiped his trouser legs awkwardly and could not speak with his head down. Sometimes we were embarrassed to embarrass him again and ended the conversation in a hurry to avoid his pain. Later, we just smiled and did not understand why he was so shy.

I once had such a high school classmate, he was originally a handsome boy, but when he talked to a female classmate, his whole head was red. First his face, then his ears and neck, if someone heckled, would be red to his chest. You can watch the big drops of sweat on his forehead come out, and even watch his clothes and armpits get so wet.

In fact, this is red-faced fear accompanied by hyperhidrosis, that is, red-faced fear accompanied by hyperhidrosis. This is a disease that must be treated.

Red-faced fear is not uncommon, It is a form of social fear, Both men and women suffer from the disease. Darwin once wrote in “Origin of Species”: [Blushing is the most unique expression of human beings, It is completely beyond the control of human will.] But, This kind of expression often makes people embarrassed and embarrassed, affecting social and work. In serious cases, it will make people want to avoid social intercourse. Or because of blushing and nervous, because nervous and blushing even more… then sweating profusely, afraid of the world, and blaming themselves, ah, this disgusting life, it is better to squat in a corner and draw a circle all one’s life…

Why do people who suffer from red-faced fear blush badly?

Step 1: Stress

Almost all patients are nervous, which may be due to heredity, personality or some kind of mental stimulation. However, a considerable number of patients said that they were not nervous originally. It was precisely because they blushed that they felt nervous and then fell into a dead circle.

2. There is an inducement that first causes blushing and starts a vicious circle.

For example, I used an inappropriate facial mask last night. I got up early this morning with my whole face red and my capillaries expanding angrily. I was in a terrible mood. How can I go out to meet people? So I went out to see people nervous, nervous and blush… If I don’t adjust my mind all the time, by next year or the following year, it is also possible that I will form a conditioned reflex. Even if my face is well, I will blush at the sight of people.

3. Congenital sympathetic nerve excitation causes blushing and hyperhidrosis

Only about 40% of all patients with red-faced fear blush simply, and nearly 60% will be accompanied by hyperhidrosis, some with full head and sweat, some with armpits, palms and soles of feet… This hyperhidrosis is also the result of sympathetic nerve excitation.

Sympathetic nerve is one of the main autonomic nerves in human beings. Its functions are very broad, including controlling heart rate, vasodilation and contraction of blood vessels, and sweat gland secretion of the whole body, etc.

When the sympathetic nerves are overexcited, Heart rate accelerates, facial blood vessels dilate, sweat gland secretion increases. And this kind of sympathetic nerve of patients is easily excited, usually nothing is excited, people have nothing to take two steps, he blushes. Blushing makes him nervous, nervous and makes sympathetic nerve more excited, issued more impulses, so my heart fawn bump, face like peach blossom blooming, sweat like rain.

The relationship between blushing and hyperhidrosis is probably as follows:

That is to say, there is about a probability of nearly 60%. I really can’t blame the blushing and sweating teenager standing in front of you for his courage and thin skin. This is completely natural. Please don’t blame him, give him more kindness. If you are the teenager, please don’t blame yourself and know yourself correctly.

Blush and sweat, what should I do?

For patients with red-faced fear and hyperhidrosis, there are various treatment methods to improve the quality of life. These include psychological counseling, drug therapy, etc. You can also choose to perform minimally invasive surgery to block thoracic sympathetic nerve, solve palpitation, blushing and hyperhidrosis at one stroke, and end the dead cycle.

If you or someone around you are troubled by this, you may as well go to the local regular hospital for consultation and treatment to obtain a treatment plan suitable for the individual. One day, you can also give your sweetheart a calm, warm and dry hug.