Love her, please send her cancer screening,

Hearing my wife’s exclamation, I forgot the bacon still frying in the pan and walked to the bedroom, only to see my wife saying calmly while thrush: “I have a white hair on my left sideburns, help me pull it out.”

While carefully searching for white hair, I couldn’t help laughing in my heart. Women are still women, taking off their aura outside and returning home, still worrying about the first white hair.

How often does cancer screening take place?

Looking at my silence, my wife looked back, but she still couldn’t put the white hair down in her heart and said, “Am I old?” ]

I saw my wife Jiaochen, but I didn’t respond. I turned around and searched through a pile of cancer screening coupons in the bedside table. I finally found a breast cancer screening that had not expired. I said to her, “Physical screening, you are going.”

My wife has been too busy over the years. In Japan, women over the age of 30 receive free breast cancer and cervical cancer screening vouchers from the district government every year, but she never has time to go. This time, even if I drag her, I will drag her to the hospital. Before the examination, I must drive her directly to the hospital, just like taking her to the execution ground.

However, the breast should be fine, right? When I turned back to the kitchen, I recalled the warm touch of nephrite and looked down at my surgeon’s hands. I still thought with confidence.

How to do cancer screening and how often to check, Dr. Clove tells you:

An ominous substantial mass

When I picked up the mail from the mailbox downstairs, I didn’t pay too much attention. Most advertisements were in the mailbox. The really important postman would deliver it directly to the mailbox. After taking it up, it was put directly on the tea table.

At dinner, my wife was uncharacteristically silent and put the light blue envelope under my eyes.