Buy Buy Buy Guide: Super Practical Mother’s Products

In the “Buy Buy Buy Guide: Time-saving and Labor-saving Artifact with Babies”, Dr. Clove recommended the most practical and irreplaceable good parenting products. So, besides baby products, what other worry-saving and labor-saving mother products are worth buying? 1. A backpack with large capacity and labor-saving design has a variety of mommy bags on the Internet, which are good enough to store, but most of them are portable. For a stay-at-home mother with a baby, how many can carry a big bag in one hand to be cool and go shopping with a baby in the other? So an ordinary backpack is more practical. Carry everything on your back, Hold the baby with both hands is the real need. 2. Breast pump is not only necessary for working mothers, For stay-at-home mothers, it takes a lot of time to get up and milk manually every night when the balance of supply and demand has not yet been reached at the beginning of breast-feeding. A fast and easy-to-use breast pump can help you earn more precious sleep time. 3. Breast-feeding blanket Do you remember the news that [mothers were abused for breast-feeding in public] was fired some time ago? A fashionable and generous breast-feeding blanket can make it not embarrassing for you to breast-feed at any time and anywhere. 4. Sufficient number of clothes hangers is the author’s exclusive secret recipe. If it is a family of three with children, It takes a lot of time to fold clothes every day. It is suggested to put away all the clothes that are not seasonal. All seasonal clothes are placed in the visual range of the wardrobe. Prepare enough hangers, Don’t fold the clothes that dry each time, Hanging directly in the closet, Save the trouble of folding clothes, When taking it, it is clear at a glance that there is no need to rummage through the wardrobe. 5. Children’s Interesting Things Book takes some time every day to record Xiong Haizi’s interesting things. When it is tortured beyond measure by Xiong Haizi and is going crazy, it can make you smile through tears. 6. As long as a super dad is used well, it is definitely better than any parenting artifact. Responsible Editor: Fu Ting