23 Super Practical Suggestions to Make You Thin

1. How much is BMI normal?

After BMI is greater than 18.5, it is not absolutely related to body shape. Some people look very fat at BMI 20, while others look very thin at BMI 25. This is related to the fact that muscle density is much higher than adipose tissue.

2. Is it possible to measure the body fat rate by the body fat scale? Is there a simple way for what to know his body fat rate in life?

Hospital is generally used to measure the body fat rate with a body composition meter, a 20-300,000, measured values are only relatively accurate. In fact, or visual inspection is the most practical. Generally, family body fat scales, skinfold thickness forceps, for personal dynamic monitoring, meaning is not as good as pinching the stomach, looking in the mirror practical.

3. Is the lower the body fat rate, the better?

From a medical point of view, it is generally not recommended that body fat is too low. For example, the body fat rate of women should still be above 20%, after all, adipose tissue also has its physiological significance, body fat too low may cause amenorrhea, aversion to cold and other symptoms. Men, the harm of low body fat is not very obvious, 10% is still acceptable.

4. Is basal metabolic rate (BMR) what?

At present, many people have heard of basal metabolic rate, which refers to the energy metabolic rate of the human body in a sober and extremely quiet state (no eating, no drinking, no moving, no thinking). Its changes are related to personal muscle content, metabolic state, etc.

5. Which exercises are conducive to improving people’s basal metabolic rate?

In order to improve the basal metabolic rate healthily, it is generally better to increase muscle strength exercise and resistance exercise.

However, it is unrealistic to expect that after improving the basal metabolic rate, one can not exercise, eat a lot and gain weight. Increasing a certain amount of muscle in a short period of time will not greatly improve the long-term basal metabolism and needs continuous maintenance.

6. Is it possible to practice where you are thin?

The thickness of subcutaneous fat can only decrease proportionally throughout the body, that is to say, if you are fat because of too much fat, you cannot reduce fat locally through exercise.

However, it is still possible to make local muscles develop through specific exercises, and with some body correction, it is possible to look more beautiful in shape.

7. Should I exercise before or after meals?

This has something to do with physical conditions, eating habits, exercise intensity, exercise purpose, etc. On the whole, I personally suggest to take a rest after meals and exercise.

8. If you want to control calorie intake and lose weight, how many calories are appropriate per day?

The specific total calories are 1,500 ~ 1,800 kilocalories for boys and 1,200 ~ 1,600 kilocalories for girls. Of course, if the amount of exercise is large, it can be increased as appropriate.

9. How should calorie intake be distributed for three meals a day? Can we consider eating more extra meals?

If we can ensure that each meal is diverse, fresh and hygienic, high in protein and proper amount of fat, and less refined carbohydrate, it is better to eat less and eat more. It is recommended that the ratio of calories for three meals in the morning, middle and evening should be 3: 4: 3.

If there is no extra exercise or the amount of exercise is small, you can arrange extra meals in the morning or afternoon, such as skim milk and fruit. If you have a gym or jogging plan, you can add fruit milk after exercise as a supplement.

10. Is freshly squeezed juice high in calories? Which freshly squeezed juices have the lowest calories?

The key to being high or not is to look at the picture. For what, freshly squeezed juice, a liquid drink with almost zero fat, obviously cannot be compared with staple food in calories.

Fruit juice is rich in water-soluble vitamins and minerals, and is still relatively nutritious, but there is often a lot of sugar in it, so fresh juice made of low-sugar fruits is more appropriate.

It is suggested that fresh juice with more sugar is only suitable for drinking after exercise, or mixed with half of water.

11. Which foods can be used as office snacks with low calories and satiety?

As a snack, 100 kilocalories at a time is more suitable. A box of low-fat milk, an apple, 10 almonds, a graham cracker and a small piece of dark chocolate are all acceptable.

In fact, drinking a lot of water is also good. Sometimes a person who feels hungry may also be thirsty.

12. Some fried peanuts and other nut snacks, how many calories does a pack have?

There is still a difference between fried and non-fried nuts. Nuts actually have a lot of calories, because about half of them are fat. Take peanuts as an example, 100 grams of peanuts have 567 kilocalories, and if they are roasted with oil, they will have more calories. The same 30 or so nuts, fried about 170 kilocalories, boiled only 90 kilocalories.

13. Some of the calories in sports drinks are quite high. After exercise, should you drink what drinks?

Sports drinks can supplement sugar and electrolyte, which is more suitable for people with high exercise intensity and sweat. However, if they are jogging or walking fast within half an hour, they do not need to drink what drinks specially, and ordinary plain boiled water is enough.

14. During lactation, I am insisting on exercising to lose weight. How much calories should I consume every day?

It is generally recommended to consume about 500 kilocalories more calories per day during lactation than before pregnancy, and about 2,300 kilocalories per day if it is light physical activity.

15. How much weight loss is the appropriate speed per month?

If we really lose adipose tissue, it will take about 7,000 kilocalories to consume 1 kilogram of fat. Under the condition of ensuring health, it is already the limit for us to eat 500 kilocalories less a day, which is almost 2 kilograms a month, so losing 2 kilograms a month is the real healthy speed of losing weight.

16. Can I lose weight without dinner?

The key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. If you don’t sleep so late, insisting on not eating food taken late at night and breakfast and Chinese food can also ensure nutrition. There is no fasting aerobic plan the next day, and not eating dinner is still helpful to lose weight.

17. Can enzymes lose weight?

In addition to weight loss surgery, healthy weight loss requires energy deficit, and other methods are unreliable. If enzymes are enzyme-based preparations, then there is no weight loss effect. Of course, if other things are added to cause diarrhea and lose water, it is another thing…

18. Do you need to take and supplement various multivitamins during weight loss?

In the diet structure of Chinese people, vitamin B1, B2, calcium and vitamin D are generally easy to be deficient. In addition, the vitamin D deficiency rate is relatively high in obese people, and the protein intake and multi-vitamin B6 consumption of fitness people are also high. During weight loss, women are often mainly white meat and are prone to iron deficiency.

Therefore, if the dietary quality is difficult to guarantee, it can still be supplemented by supplements.

19. Can stir-frying and rinsing really reduce calorie intake?

Fat can naturally be less, but in fact, if you make it yourself, you may as well make steamed vegetables.

20. Is it necessary to take in enough protein to increase muscle strength?

Muscle building requires attention to diet and training.

In the diet, in addition to a moderate amount of high protein, enough carbohydrates are needed to maintain training intensity and muscle dimension. In addition, it is more important to carry out consistent scientific training. In addition, if too much protein is consumed and not enough, it will still become fat and be stored.

21. Do you need protein powder to increase muscle strength? Or food supplements?

There is no essential difference between protein powder and food. The former may have less fat while the latter has many other nutrients.

Animal protein as a whole will be better than plant protein, whey protein is the best, and the purity is also better. However, the common soybean protein combined with rice can have certain amino acid complementary effect, and the quality is not too bad.

22. Is chicken breast the best source of protein for muscle gain?

As far as protein is concerned, animal meat provides high-quality protein, which is basically the difference between going to Peking University or Tsinghua University. However, chicken breast has lower fat content than pork or some parts of beef.

23. Can’t you eat all fat during weight loss?

It’s not a big deal for what to indulge occasionally. It’s still the same sentence. The key is to control the total heat.

Responsible Editor: Fu Ting