Can fast food also lose weight? Yes, junk food also has its advantages.

A while ago, there was a piece of news on the Internet:

There is a teacher in the United States who only ate McDonald’s for 90 days and successfully lost 17 kg. Moreover, the menu does not exclude [junk food] such as Big Macs and sweet cones.

What an inspiring story, did you see hamburger wings waving to you?

However, Dr. Clove thinks so… If you want to eat, don’t make excuses.

Just be happy (smile).

What is [junk food]?

In fact, junk food has no official definition and has nothing to do with WHO. However, people all over the world have a very unified understanding of these four words:

High calorie, no nutrition.

Different varieties of junk food also have different characteristics such as high sugar, high salt, low fiber and carcinogenicity.

If the [three noes] attributes of roadside stalls and black workshops are added… it is simply battle garbage in junk food.

In short, these four words have their own narration: unhealthy.

Is junk food really useless?

There are many problems with junk food, but it is not without advantages.

The greatest advantage that must be admitted is:


1. Fast food: hamburgers, pizza, etc.

Problem: High calorie, low nutrition

Fast food, which is likely to satisfy a day’s calorie demand in one meal, is a violation of the law of conservation of energy if it is not fat. Moreover, they are easy to make people [eat a lot and don’t feel strong, and soon they will be hungry again].

However, fast foods such as hamburgers also have advantages. They are mainly composed of staple food and meat, which can fully meet the human body’s demand for calories and high-quality protein.

If the quantity is well controlled and accompanied by a large amount of vegetables, it will be a very good meal.

2. Instant foods: instant noodles, instant vermicelli, etc.

Problems: High calorie, heavy taste and little nutrition

Convenience foods are mainly noodles, porridge, vermicelli, etc. There are no vegetables and high-quality protein, and the nutrition collocation is very uneven. Moreover, in order to taste delicious, more seasonings are usually added, which is truly a large sodium-containing family.

In fact, convenience food is a kind of seasoning [staple food], which belongs to the same category as steamed bread and fried rice.

Don’t take it as a meal any more. You want to be healthy just by eating staple food and seasonings. Instant noodles are also under great pressure.

3. Fried barbecue: fried chicken, barbecue, etc.

Problem: Oil is abundant and contains harmful substances.

Although there are many problems with delicious fried chicken and barbecue, they also have merits.

Judging from the composition of ingredients, they are a good source of high-quality protein.

Besides, it really smells good.

With the invention of oil-free frying technology, the health of this kind of food has been greatly improved. As long as the ingredients are fresh, low in fat and at the right temperature, the fried and roasted food can also be very good.

4. Dessert category: cake, ice cream, etc.

Problem: Sugar, oil and calories

People who have made dessert themselves should be frightened by the amount of oil and sugar.

Yes, dessert is that [simple]. For those who like dessert, it is important to control the frequency.

In addition, try to choose as many milk-containing varieties as possible, such as double-skin milk and frozen yogurt. It is also excellent to supplement calcium by the way.

5. Sweet beverages: carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable juices, etc.

Question: Sugar is especially abundant,

For people who cannot eat fruits and vegetables for a long time, fruit and vegetable juice can supplement some vitamins.

But carbonated drinks… are really not good except satisfying.

If you really want to drink, you’d better choose low-sugar or sugar-free products.

How to eat junk food?

Also eat fast food, some people eat a disease, some people succeed in losing weight.

Heaven is unfair?

No, no, no, the key to health is whether you can [match] and [control].

You know, the teacher who successfully lost weight by McDonald’s not only knows how to balance nutrition, but also strictly controls the calories within 2,000 calories every day and cooperates with 45 minutes of exercise.

Reasonable collocation should follow the principle of dietary pagoda, like this:

A small hamburger + vegetable salad is very good.

As for French fries, cola, sweet cones, chicken rice flowers… if you can control the balance of calories and nutrition, please feel free to order. But Dr. Clove thinks that if you can control it, you won’t eat fast food.

Don’t forget, but also insist on sports.

Therefore, the fault is not food, but your lifestyle.

Do you know why you also eat [junk food] and grow meat when people lose weight?

[I can’t help myself.]