Can these five things be done during lactation?

For the sake of baby’s health, nursing mothers often dare not eat or do it.

My mother-in-law wouldn’t let me drink coffee, saying that I couldn’t drink it while nursing, but I couldn’t leave it!

My husband wants to snap, but I am still nursing. Is it not very good?

… …

Well, today Dr. Clove will help you sort out some common perplexities during lactation and give parents who are scared a dose of [reassurance].

Can’t you snap during lactation?

Yes is yes, but [can] and [want to] are two different things.

Some fathers began to suppress themselves from pregnancy (in fact, it is really unnecessary, and they can have sex safely during pregnancy). Now that their wives have finally unloaded the goods, they must have started rubbing their hands.

Slow down! Although from a physiological point of view, the recovery is almost complete within 4-6 weeks after delivery, it does not mean that mothers are psychologically prepared.

All of a sudden, there was an extra baby, nursing, changing diapers, cleaning, working, carrying milk… what had to worry about it. During the first half year of the baby’s birth, many mothers wanted to sleep with their eyes closed and their legs pushed every day when they touched the bed! Only when Baba’s father begins to understand and knows that he must also take on some household chores can mothers relax a little.

Therefore, it is not that breast-feeding cannot be carried out, but that many mothers do not want to be carried out. Dads also please be more considerate, taking babies is not a matter for mothers alone.

In addition, don’t think that you don’t need contraception if you don’t come to your big aunt during lactation. Many women resume ovulation before menstruation for the first time after delivery. If you don’t want to feed Dabao, you are pregnant with Erbao, or have a good contraception.

Can’t you exercise during lactation?

Some mothers can’t wait to regain their body through exercise as soon as they give birth to their babies, but some say that nursing mothers cannot exercise, especially do strenuous sports, otherwise they will secrete too much lactic acid and make breast milk taste bad.

At first glance, this statement sounds reasonable, but relevant research shows that:

Moderate exercise does not increase the secretion of lactic acid in breast milk. Although high-intensity exercise temporarily increases the concentration of lactic acid in breast milk, after a short rest, the concentration of lactic acid in breast milk will return to the level before exercise.

Therefore, don’t think that you can turn breast milk into [yogurt] by dancing and running slowly. Mothers who like sports at ordinary times can still take physical exercise during lactation.

Can I drink coffee during lactation?

If you really can’t live without coffee, don’t be too hard on yourself, drink it in moderation, and it is OK to have no more than 2 ~ 3 cups of coffee a day.

Some studies have shown that even if nursing mothers drink coffee, only a very small amount of caffeine can enter the baby’s body through breast milk.

However, after all, every baby is different. If you find that after drinking coffee, your baby feels agitated after eating breast milk, then drink less or choose decaffeinated coffee.

In addition to coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and other foods also contain caffeine, but eating in moderation is no problem.

Can you dye and perm your hair during lactation?

No one wants to become unkempt because of giving birth to a baby. In the afternoon, I went out to have a chat with my friends. Just think about it. However, there is a saying that hair dye contains a large amount of chemicals, which will have a bad impact on the baby. Ah… why is it so tired when a mother is so tired?

In fact, chemicals for perming and dyeing hardly enter the blood through the scalp, let alone affect breast milk.

However, although hair dyeing and perming have no effect on the baby, when dyeing and perming, attention should be paid to the selection of regular and qualified products to protect against allergy.

Can I have an X-ray during lactation?

If you encounter a physical examination during lactation or need to see a dentist, you may need an X-ray examination. Then the question arises, can the breast that has been X-illuminated still produce normal milk?

This kind of worry is also quite lovely. In fact, normal dose of X-ray examination will not have any effect on breast or breast milk.

Because the radiation from X-ray examination is only a matter of a moment, there will be no residue in the mother’s body. Even if the contrast agent injected through blood vessels needs to be used in the examination, there is no need to worry about the influence of the contrast agent on milk.

As for magnetic resonance and B-ultrasound, there is no need to worry. Neither of these two examinations has radiation!

However, if radioisotope scanning is needed, the decision should be made according to the actual situation. There are many types of radioisotopes and the differences are quite large. Please consult a doctor before examination.

In a word, nursing mothers need to be careful, but there is no need to be too cautious and suspicious to add trouble to themselves.

Breastfeeding is already so difficult, so please don’t be too embarrassed. Learn more about breast-feeding, share more responsibility for taking care of the baby, and be less harsh and demanding on breast-feeding mothers. World peace!