The truth, a hot towel, has so many magical effects?

Recently, a series of articles are about the magical effects of hot towels, which are quite popular on the Internet.

Hot towels were placed in 10 parts, and miracles happened ~

It turns out that a hot towel can hold half an old Chinese medicine doctor.

All you need is a hot towel, so many effects scare you to death!

… …

Ahem, guess, after the truth of the last time [hair dryer is good] was revealed, how divine can hot towels be?

Prevent shoulder and neck pain, relieve lumbago and cramps?

Towel hot compress actually belongs to one kind of hyperthermia in physical therapy.

The principle of hyperthermia is to use heat sources to raise the temperature of the affected part, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and achieve the effect of relieving chronic inflammation. It can relieve muscle spasm by stimulating warm sensory nerves and relieving pain, and is widely used in chronic muscle strain, degenerative arthritis, etc.

It is usually recommended to directly apply a hot towel at 40 ~ 45 ℃ to the affected part 2 ~ 3 times a day for 15 ~ 20 minutes each time, but applying a hot towel is not suitable for everyone.

It is not suitable for patients suffering from acute inflammation (symptoms of redness, swelling and heat pain in the site), dermatitis, wounds on the affected part, loss of ability to distinguish cold and heat due to severe diabetes, inability to understand instructions (e.g. People suffering from severe senile dementia) or limited mobility (e.g. Paralyzed people).

Treating stiff neck?

Stiff neck is mainly related to inappropriate pillows and poor sleep posture.

When the neck muscle ligament fascia is in an abnormal posture for a long time, it will be continuously pulled, resulting in swelling and even congestion, pain and neck muscle spasm.

For improving stiff neck symptoms, the most commonly used method is indeed hot compress to improve local blood circulation, relax tense muscles and relieve pain.

Note that hot compress should be carried out after 24 hours (acute phase), and ice compress is recommended before to reduce swelling and pain.

Relieve throat discomfort?

Throat discomfort, always feel foreign body but cough, these manifestations are likely to be many.

It may be acute and chronic pharyngolaryngitis, gastroesophageal reflux, allergic reaction of throat mucosa, and even early laryngeal cancer and hypopharyngeal cancer…….

It is easy to delay the illness by applying a towel alone. It is better to seek medical treatment as soon as possible for diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.

Protect your eyesight?

If you stare at the electronic screen for too long, you will easily feel dry and tired. For example… you now?

Hot compress with hot towel on both eyes is mainly to let the eyes rest and relieve symptoms.

But what you need most is to put down your cell phone, leave the computer and relax your eyes.

Relieve dark circles?

First of all, we need to popularize science. There are actually three types of dark circles under the eyes.

    Pigment type: mainly due to heredity, sun exposure, drugs, etc. Causes skin pigmentation around the eyes. Shadow type: with the growth of age, due to pouch under the eyes, eye groove what to form shadows. Vascular type: that is, people (party) who use their eyes excessively lead to microvascular block around the eyes, siltation and edema, local blood oxygen content reduction, hypoxia hemoglobin purple red, appear like dark circles under the eyes.

See here, you may also understand:

Only vascular dark circles can improve symptoms by hot compress with towel.

Of course, the most important thing is to work less overtime! Don’t stay up late!

As for the first two, there is no way to apply boiled water. Do a good job of sun protection, prevent skin diseases around eyes, make up a cover, and even have to do plastic surgery.

Replenish water on the face and delay aging?

The article said:

When the weather is dry, you can apply a hot towel to the surface, which can [lock in moisture] and delay aging.

In fact, after applying face, water only stays in the outermost stratum corneum of the skin and cannot enter the skin. The absorption of water by the stratum corneum of the skin helps to reduce the evaporation of water in the skin to a certain extent, but mainly depends on the lipid in the stratum corneum to seal the water.

Don’t repeatedly apply hot towels to your face.

Repeated hot compress will elute sebum’s protection to the skin, making the skin lose more moisture and drier than before.

Soften the dead skin of your lips?

It is suggested that:

If the lips are chapped and peeled, apply a hot towel to the lips for a few minutes, soften the dead skin and gently peel it off.

This way is very wrong.

Lips will be chapped and peeled because there is too much water loss. After applying hot towel, it will cause faster surface evaporation. The drier the application, the drier the application… forming a vicious circle.

The correct approach is:

Gently wipe with warm water, then dry with paper towel, choose a moisturizing and single-ingredient lip balm to apply, massage with finger abdomen from lip peak to lip angle until the paste is completely absorbed. At the same time, avoid sunlight, air conditioning or irritating food, and wait for the lips to repair themselves.

Dispel cold and cure cold?

The reason why people catch a cold is not because they catch cold or cold, but because of virus infection.

The common cold is generally [it takes a week to take medicine, but it takes seven days to recover without taking medicine], which means there is no need for treatment. Taking medicine only relieves symptoms at most and cannot promote recovery.

Can hot compress towel make people feel more comfortable? It doesn’t hurt to try, it won’t hurt anyway.

To sum up, hot towel hot compress is a good life helper, but it is definitely not a panacea for what, and it is not a good thing to apply it to what. It is still necessary to suit the remedy to the case and treat it scientifically.