Can you lose weight by kneeling for 10 minutes after dinner? You need to breathe differently

Recently, a friend from Taiwan successfully caught my attention! She asked:

Can you get thinner on your knees? One of our Taiwanese hosts said that she lost weight just on her knees!

What! If you want to be lazy and kneel, you can be thin? Friend, are you kidding me? After asking the host’s name is Yu Meiren, he searched the Internet. Mama ah! There is! A lot of content came out! And it is already the old news of 2014!

According to Taiwan media reports, well-known host Yu Meiren shared her secret recipe for keeping fit with fans on Facebook, claiming that as long as 10 minutes after meals, there will be significant effects, and there is no need to be afraid of getting fat when eating and drinking. It can be called a magic effect!

At the same time, she attached a photo of her own demonstration to the article, showing that when she was traveling to Japan, she also used this method to eat buckwheat flour crazily, so as to avoid the crisis of obesity.

Wait, Yu Meiren… Who is it? (I must not be the last to know)

This is after losing 12 kg in 3 months!

The important point is… she is over 50 years old!

Because the beautiful photos she exposed at that time were all very slim, in great contrast to the previous ones, which made this [kneel down to lose weight] very convincing and naturally made many people eager to try.

Can you really [kneel] thin?

This [kneel down to lose weight] is said to have been learned from Xu Tianlin, a well-known gourmet:

Kneel down for 10 minutes immediately after meals every day. Your feet must be flat with your feet turned upside down and your upper body must be straight, which will have the effect of slimming down.

However, many smart people shot directly in the news messages at that time:

If this method is so effective, why hasn’t Xu Tianlin’s stomach disappeared?

The weight loss method of breaking away from diet and exercise is not very credible. Moreover, if you just kneel down, you will not be able to lose weight, but you may also hurt your knees. If you can lose 12 kg in 3 months, you must have made efforts in diet control and exercise.

How to kneel correctly?

Therefore, if you just can’t afford to kneel lazily and kneel for a long time, it is impossible to lose weight.

However, it is helpful to lose weight if you can cooperate with certain activities and change your breathing style while kneeling.

1. If you want to get a good figure on your knees, of course you have to move. You have to practice kneeling and kneeling.

When walking on your knees, it is recommended to lay a soft cushion on the floor first, or wear [easy to kneel], that is, knee pads. Then move slowly forward with your knees.

There is also a way to bow down, bending over-getting up-kneeling down-bending over-getting up-kneeling down…

2. Kneeling is only useful if you practice [abdominal breathing].

It is impossible to really lose weight by kneeling in a daze. In addition to the above-mentioned posture, kneeling should be supplemented by [abdominal breathing]-breathing methods commonly used in yoga and Pilates.

What is abdominal breathing?

In short, when breathing, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles should be actively forced.

    Consciously carry out abdominal muscle exertion exercises, Helps promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, Help relieve constipation, defecate regularly and reap unexpected surprises. Especially for those friends who don’t look fat, but their stomachs are a little prominent and a little big, it can help you form a good habit of tightening your abdomen hard, and you can have a better posture and a more tall and straight posture when sitting, standing and walking in daily life. In the long run, it will have the effect of closing waist and small belly.

The exercise steps are as follows

Sit upright, or stand upright, with your left hand above your navel and your right hand on your chest.

Slowly inhale through your nose into your abdomen, which slowly bulges. Feel that your left hand is pushed outward by your abdomen little by little, expand your abdomen outward to the maximum extent, and pay attention to keeping your chest motionless.

When the abdomen can no longer inhale gas, use the mouth to exhale the gas, feel the left hand collapses inward with the abdomen, the abdomen moves closer to the spine as far as possible, contracts hard inward, and the chest remains motionless. After feeling all the gas exhaled, hold it for another 1-2 seconds.

After proficiency, you can also use kneeling or kneeling posture to practice. Each time for about 10 minutes, you can take free time every day and practice many times.