Can you lose weight without dinner? You must have made these six mistakes, too.

If you don’t lose weight in March, you will feel sad in December 45678911!

Many people’s friends [have been losing weight and have never been surpassed by themselves] may still have fallen into the pit of many mistakes in losing weight.

Quick-acting recipe, lose 10 kg in three days.

If you don’t exercise or diet, you can lose weight by taking medicine.

Girls who do resistance exercises will only become muscular fat people. Jumping exercises are enough.

… …

Do you think [yes, yes, I have heard of all this]?

Myth One: Fast Weight Loss Does Not Rebound

Three days thin xx kg, do not rebound.

Many weight loss methods use a short-term diet of low energy, low salt and low carbon water, which can make the body lose water quickly, creating the illusion of [losing xx kg]. However, most of the loss of these methods is not fat, but water.

Will it rebound? Of course!

If you resume your diet after 3 days, your body will quickly store the lost water back. Fortunately, it is not fat that rebounds at this time.

If you diet for a longer time, your basic metabolism will decrease. When you eat as much food as before, you will rebound more obviously, and many of your rebound weight will be fat.

Correct approach: exercise with healthy diet, slowly reduce, a week reduce 0.5 ~ 1 kg is good.

Mistake 2: Oil Discharge to Loss Weight

Oil-draining weight-loss drugs can block the absorption of oil and fat, and what will not make you fat.

[Blocking Oil Absorption] Drugs do exist, but this does not mean that what will not make you fat.

If you eat a lot of pancakes, steamed buns, rice, noodles and other foods that are not fat but rich in carbohydrates, you will still gain weight.

Growing fat on one’s body is not exactly the same as eating fat.

Correct Approach: What you need is a reasonable diet and exercise to drain body fat.

Myth 3: Losing Weight Without Dinner

The best way to lose weight is not to eat dinner, because eating before going to bed leads to obesity.

If it is to lose weight, not eating dinner is only a means to reduce energy intake, and there is no difference between eating a little less at each meal.

For those who are accustomed to three meals a day for a long time, they suddenly change to two meals a day. It is also possible that the change of eating habits will lead to an explosion of hunger, bad mood and overeating.

In particular, if you let go of your belly for lunch because you don’t plan to have dinner, you may get fat instead.

Correct approach: Don’t limit the meal time, just control the total amount.

Myth 4: Don’t eat XX to lose weight

In addition to not eating a certain meal to lose weight, the most common misconception of losing weight is not to eat certain things.

Weight loss cannot eat carbohydrate, weight loss cannot eat fat, weight loss cannot eat meat…

Maybe you can stick to it for a week or a month instead of eating carbohydrate and lose weight, but can you stick to it for a lifetime?

What’s more, if you cut off carbohydrate and oil for a long time, or choose a similar extreme diet, there are certain health risks: reducing metabolism, affecting endocrine, causing eating disorders, and weight rebound.

Balanced nutrition intake is the most important thing. What really makes you fat is excessive calories.

Correct Method: If there is no food that cannot be eaten to lose weight, it is good to control the total amount.

Myth 5: Eating Protein Hurts Kidney

Can’t drink protein powder, will hurt the kidney.

Losing weight can not only eat meat, but also supplement high-quality protein foods such as meat, seafood, eggs and milk with the increase of exercise intensity.

Excessive intake of protein does add burden to the kidney, but this [excessive] amount is very high for healthy people. Even if you start to put a lot of smelly fart, the problem is not too big.

If the normal diet cannot eat enough protein, protein powder is also recommended. If you never worry about eating meat and hurting your kidney, you don’t need to worry about protein powder hurting your kidney. After all, no one will eat a bucket of protein powder a day.

Correct Approach: Eat enough protein foods.

Myth 6: Lifting Iron Will Lose More and More Fat,

Lifting iron can’t lose weight, and it will make you a muscular person.

[Lifting Iron] means using dumbbells, barbells, etc. for strength training.

When many women lose weight, they either run or jump, and they reject lifting iron. Asked the reason, they were afraid that they would become stronger if they practiced their muscles.

In fact, lifting iron, like running, can help consume energy and is a good choice for losing weight. Due to the characteristics of women’s physiological structure, it is much more difficult to increase muscles than men, so there is really no need to worry too much.

Correct approach: lifting iron is a good carving method, and women should practice more.