Does the waist ache with the baby? 5 Ways to Make Your Waist Comfortable

If you let everyone list the most painful thing after becoming a mother, waist pain will definitely enter the top three.

This waist hurts, and I can’t do anything: standing hurts, sitting sour, holding the baby has no strength…

Today, Dr. Clove will tell you about postpartum waist pain.

Why do you always like to find a precious mother due to waist pain?

Why is postpartum waist pain inseparable from Baoma? This is related to the physiological characteristics and bad habits of precious mothers.

Due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy, it would have led to laxity of ligaments and muscles around Baoma’s pelvis and spine. In addition, lack of exercise after delivery, muscle weakness, and many Baoma standing, squatting, sitting for a long time every day, overworked, but also aggravated the pain of waist pain.

In addition, incorrect breast-feeding posture is also the main cause of waist pain.

Defeat waist pain, use these tactics

If the cause of waist pain is found, it will be easy to manage it.

1. Prenatal prevention

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention not to eat too much by mending their bodies and eating too fat themselves and their babies, which will increase the burden on the waist and even cause damage to lumbar muscles and ligaments.

2. Start exercising 24 hours after delivery

For mothers who give birth smoothly, if their physical conditions permit and there are no complications such as hypertension, postpartum hemorrhage and heart disease, they can do some simple limb movements.

For example, lying in bed doing chest enlargement exercises, shoulder joint lifting and lowering exercises, fist clenching exercises, wrist and ankle movements, etc.

For mothers who have caesarean section, special attention should be paid to the exercise intensity not to be too high to avoid abdominal incision dehiscence.

3. Core Strength Training

Two months after delivery, we can start core strength training and exercise the waist and abdomen. Strengthening the muscle strength of this area can help us relieve waist pain.

Dr. Clove recommends everyone to do these three sports: bridge sports, swallow sports and flat support.

Of course, everyone should do what they can, try one or two at the beginning, and don’t force it.

4. Pay attention to the correct feeding posture

The nursing posture is very important. For the correct nursing posture, please refer to the following picture:

If you correct your bad posture or feel uncomfortable with waist pain, then you can go to the hospital to see if there are any other problems.