Chickenpox is a how experience,

Chickenpox is a disease caused by people’s first infection with [chickenpox-zoster virus]. It is mainly for children under the age of 10, and less than 2% of them will suffer from the disease after the age of 20. In my case, a small probability event occurred.

Here’s the story.


Two days before I was sure I had chickenpox, I was a little afraid of the cold and took my body temperature at 38.7 degrees, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable without what.

The next day, I continued to feel afraid of cold, fever, poor appetite, didn’t want to eat, sore throat, and took a temperature of 38.8 degrees in the afternoon.

I guess I am infected by the virus. I think I should drink more water and have a good rest. It should not be a big deal. Who knows when I got home, I felt dizzy and knew that my body temperature must have gone up. Taking another temperature, it has soared to 39.6 degrees. This is the highest peak in my life that I remember.

I tried to put a cold towel on my head, drink more water, and try to turn out some medicine. At this moment, my companion said faintly, “You don’t cough or sneeze what, it’s not like flu either.” It seems that I really have nothing but fever. When I spoke, I uncovered my sleeves and was blindsided. I had many red rashes on my hands.

The incubation period of chickenpox is about 2 weeks. During this period, there may be no symptoms, or only slight fever, headache, general discomfort, etc.

Act I-Blisters, rashes

I saw many red rashes on my arms, but it is estimated that this is the second batch. Because the rash on the chest and abdomen has blistered, most of which are the size of mung beans. The crystal inside is crystal bright and swollen. It has the feeling of blowing bombs and can be broken. It is flushed around. I didn’t feel uncomfortable before I found it. After seeing the rash, I found it itchy and painful. I couldn’t scratch it again. I had to leave scars if I scratched it.

By the next day, it was already horrible. There were traces of rash on the scalp, face, nose, palm and sole of the foot, more than 100 large and small. There were rashes, papules and herpes without scabs.

After seeing the dewdrop-like blisters on my body, my heart seemed to have 10,000 grass mud horses galloping past me. From then on, all kinds of discomfort came to me. This was Friday night. It was supposed to be a wonderful day, but I was disturbed by a small herpes virus.

This is the most painful time in the whole course of the disease, itchy and painful. I brush myself with calamine lotion from the hospital over and over again. After drying, it seems to have brushed myself with a layer of lime. If herpes is found to be broken, I will also apply a little antibiotic ointment to prevent secondary infection.

Varicella rash, generally in the first 1 ~ 2 days after fever. Varicella rash does not appear at once, will appear in batches, so there will be red rash, blisters, scars at the same time.

Act II-Varicella Pneumonia

On the morning of the third day after the onset of the disease, the body temperature finally returned to normal. However, I just felt chest tightness and shortness of breath for no reason. I wouldn’t be pneumonia, would I?

I hurried to the hospital emergency, the doctor let do lung CT. Sure enough, there were some infection foci in the lung. Originally, I wanted to take some oral medicine, but now I didn’t calm down and silently took intravenous drip.

Varicella pneumonia is the most serious complication of varicella. The incidence rate is about 4%, most of which occurs in adults and is characterized by cough, dyspnea, fever, hemoptysis, chest pain, etc.

Act III-Festation

On the morning of the fourth day of fever, when I woke up, I got a fright. The original sparkling blisters suddenly turned into pustules. I could only wear a hat and mask and then visit a dermatologist. My heart was extremely depressed.

The doctor still said: [Yes, adult chickenpox is relatively severe]. Meowed, can only receive further treatment.

The doctor told me that I must have a good meal and supplement nutrition. In order to fight against the virus, we must reserve material conditions. Because antiviral drugs are metabolized in the kidney, you must drink more water for the sake of the two small kidneys. Have a good sleep and take a sleeping pill when necessary. In extraordinary times, we must adjust our work and rest. The more sick we are, the more we should eat and sleep.

Secondary suppurative infection of herpes: pustules, prolonged eschar removal time, and even scars may be left.

The End-Learn to Accept and Have a Good Recuperation

People who have not had chickenpox feel that there is what. It is not just a virus infection. If you don’t go to treatment, it will be almost all right in 2 weeks.

But the actual feeling is completely different.

First of all, the vacation was forced to be extended, because chickenpox is highly infectious, so chickenpox should be treated in isolation at home until 7 days after herpes is scabbed or erupted.

Secondly, chickenpox becomes the source of infection. Although the probability of adult infection is not high, if you do not live alone, you still have to wear a mask.

Finally, I hope everyone will be kind to every small partner who suffers from chickenpox. They may need to see a doctor alone, cook and eat alone, and have to look in the mirror to take medicine for the rash on their back.

Add a little infectious knowledge about chickenpox:

1. Who will infect me with chickenpox?

The patient is the only source of infection. Varicella virus can exist in nasopharyngeal secretions such as herpes fluid, blood, nasal mucus, saliva, sputum, etc. It is infectious from 48 hours before the eruption to the complete scabbing of herpes. Varicella is very infectious.

2. He sent it to me through what?

Mainly respiratory tract transmission, such as he sneezed at me; Or I touched something contaminated by herpes fluid with my hand and picked my nose or rubbed my eyes again.

What kind of people are prone to chickenpox?

Everyone is easy to get chickenpox. Fortunately, after getting it once, they will not get it again in their life. However, the human body cannot remove the latent virus, so after getting chickenpox, they will get herpes zoster when their immunity is low.