Eat or not? Listen to what cholesterol says

Hello everyone, I am cholesterol. Recently, nutritionists and doctors have written many articles about me, some saying that I am good, some saying that I am not good, and others complaining about me.

Thank you for your concern for me! Although you still care about whether you want to eat me or not…

Seeing that you are arguing endlessly, I’d better speak for myself and say a few words for myself.

First of all, I would like to present a little poem I wrote:

If you write or don’t write about me, I will be there.

If you eat or don’t eat me, I will be there.

I am a part of nature and a part of your life. I will never leave.

Let health live in your heart, peace of mind, relief, health and joy.

Cholesterol in the Body-Different Fireworks

Do you know? I have different effects on human beings in different places.

Cholesterol in blood

When I am in human blood, I can only wander around if I take a vehicle-apolipoprotein.

These apolipoproteins can take me to different places:

    When I get a low-density apolipoprotein, It will carry me to blood vessels all over my body. Let me deposit it on the wall of the blood vessel, Form patches one by one, It’s called atherosclerotic plaque. When I’m with low-density apolipoprotein, Is the main culprit of atherosclerosis, The doctor also said I am [bad cholesterol]. When I put on HDL, it will collect my brothers all over the body, transport us back to the liver, synthesize bile and metabolize it. It can prevent us from depositing on the blood vessel wall and prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, the doctor also calls me [good cholesterol] with HDL.

Cholesterol in the brain

For the heart and blood vessels, I may not be a good person in what.

But outside blood vessels, such as the brain, I am very important. In a person, about 23% of our compatriots are concentrated in the brain, which is the most concentrated place. The structure and function of the brain cannot be separated from me.

The cholesterol content in brain tissue is 2.0 g/100 g, about 7.5 g, accounting for 23% of the total cholesterol in the body. It is located at the head of all tissues and organs. Like phospholipids, I am the main component of brain biofilm and play an important role in maintaining the normal structure and function of cells.

The Temptation of Delicious Food-Cholesterol in Food

When I am in food, it is attractive, such as crab roe, crab cream, fish roe, animal viscera and brain flowers that some people hate and love … It tastes delicious, and when I eat it in my mouth, my heart can be satisfied instantly.

People have always thought that if you eat me, you will be absorbed into the blood, causing more [bad cholesterol] to make trouble in the blood. However, new research finds that as far as I am concerned, I do not eat more than I eat in the blood. It seems that how much I eat has little to do with how much I have in the blood.

Complex Factory-Human Body Synthesizes Cholesterol

Some time ago, many people complained for me that [cholesterol can only be obtained from diet, and brain nutrition is not enough without cholesterol.]

This is really too ignorant of me and my body. Many vegetarians can’t eat me at all, or they can only eat very little of me. They have not become dementia either.

The human body has a complex system. I am constantly synthesized in the liver and endocrine glands to play a role in all parts of the body. I can also be discharged into the intestines. I in the intestines can also be reabsorbed back into blood.

The raw material for synthesizing me in my body is not only cholesterol eaten in, but also sugar, fatty acid or amino acid eaten in my stomach may become the raw material for synthesizing me.

It is true that some studies say that if there is too little me in the blood, it will also affect the immune function of the body, but it has little to do with how much I eat, and may be related to my own diseases.

Therefore, how much I eat has nothing to do with how much I am in my blood. As for the statement that the brain will not be nutritious enough if you don’t eat cholesterol, of course, it doesn’t hold water!

Enjoy the delicious food? Wait a minute!

The recently issued U.S. Dietary Guidelines and China’s Dietary Guidelines have all removed the restriction on how much I eat.

But that doesn’t mean you can enjoy the delicious food.

Because I often coexist with saturated fatty acids in food, saturated fatty acids need to be clearly limited in various guidelines.

There are also some patients with hyperlipidemia, who often have their own metabolism except problems. I am out of balance in their bodies. If I do not control my diet, it will lead to excessive intake of saturated fat, and saturated fatty acid itself will affect my metabolism, which is even worse for them.

Therefore, there are already people with hyperlipidemia. In addition to taking medicine to regulate blood lipid, diet should still be paid attention to.

Having said so much, do you understand what happened to me?