Child Constipation: Organic Constipation

After being a parent, the children’s eating, drinking, pulling and scattering have become the top priority of the family, and the children’s stool problem has also become the trouble of many parents. Either don’t pull for a few days, or pull the stool bleeding, the child cried with pain, all kinds of methods have not worked well, which is really big.

In fact, stool problems have always been the focus of our pediatricians. Whether it is internal medicine or surgery, for our general surgery and neonatal surgeons, many diseases are related to stool. We have been dealing with stool problems since the first blister of stool after birth. Today we will talk about constipation.

First stool after birth

After the baby was born, Intentional parents will pay attention to the fact that what pulled the child’s first defecation after giving birth, It’s like what, This is very important to eliminate some congenital diseases. More than 90% of full-term infants will excrete dark green thick stool within 24 hours after birth. This is normal stool. If the first stool is delayed, Especially for more than 48 hours, or the stool color and character are abnormal, such as only some white or yellowish mucus, then pay close attention to whether there are other combined symptoms, such as belly distension, vomiting, especially yellow green vomiting. If there are these symptoms, you need to check with a neonatal surgeon to see if there are any surgical diseases.

Surgeons report delayed defecation and vomiting in newborns, It is generally recommended to have an X-ray examination of the stomach, Some congenital malformation caused by intestinal obstruction, need emergency surgical treatment, such as intestinal atresia, meconium intestinal obstruction, protracted will lead to intestinal perforation and other serious problems. And some intestinal obstruction symptomatic treatment after symptoms disappear, such as meconium is too sticky, through bowel washing, laxative treatment, stool gradually normal.

Beware of Organic Lesions

There are also some intestinal obstructions that have eased after symptomatic treatment. But after a while, the stool could not be pulled out again, At the same time, there will be belly distension, vomiting, Such as hypothyroidism, Thyroxine is needed to improve the symptoms. Of course, Hirschsprung’s disease, A congenital disease with intestinal nerve abnormalities, a section of intestine near the anus is short of ganglion cells, which leads to intestinal spasm. It is difficult to discharge the stool when it reaches the diseased intestinal canal. The result is constipation and belly distension. The famous [Bamaomen] child is this disease. Once the disease is diagnosed, it also needs surgical treatment.

There are also cases where the child’s defecation is quite normal when he is just born, I can pull it every day, However, after adding supplementary foods, it is found that children often suffer from constipation, Once in a few days, And when he pulled it, he turned red. Later, he came to the hospital for examination. Only to find that the child did not reach the anus normally, The anal orifice is particularly narrow or not in its normal position. Some openings close to the scrotum, some openings under the vagina. These children have not had constipation symptoms before because they have been eating breast milk or formula milk, stool is thin paste, anal opening is small and smooth, and once the stool becomes hard and thick after adding supplementary food, it cannot be discharged. These situations also need surgery to solve.

Not long ago, I met a 10-month-old child, I saw many doctors because of constipation, After taking a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, it did not relieve, Finally, I ran to the surgery department to see, When I looked at the position of the anal opening, the shape was completely normal. But it is a good habit for our general surgeons to do anal finger examination routinely for constipated children. As a result, when your finger reached in a little, you found an obvious narrow ring inside. Like a ring stuck fingers, this kind of rectal stenosis is rare and hidden, not through finger diagnosis is difficult to find. Even less common are some intractable constipation that appears only after growing up, accompanied by urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, lower limb spasm, and nerve damage caused by spinal deformity found by examination.

There are many functional problems that can also lead to constipation, please continue to pay attention! (Please click Child Constipation: Functional Constipation)